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  • You can achieve whatever you desire!    By: maftab

    People from all walks of life, especially young students come up with so many issues and they want to improve themselves. They want to improve their self image or self esteem. They want confidence building and improve their presentation skills. They want to get rid of performance anxiety. They want to improve their communication skills. Young students want to improve their memory and concentration. They want to improve their study skills and want to achieve good grades.
  • Commitment – means big stuff Boss!!!    By: GalUR0ck

    The winner is the one who uses commitment as his tools and emerges as a leader. A fine example of commitment. Today as I sit to write this article at 10:54pm, I have just done with my MBA lecturers, had dinner and just thought of putting down my thoughts. I am thoroughly impressed by my Prof – Mr Iqbal Jiwani.
  • Make Things Happen    By: Manisha Rana

    'How to make things happen' is an article bringing forth the message that everybody carries a worth of its own. To think yourself as somebody who cannot do anything or who do not hold any place worthy of in your office or ur organisation or your own life is something a false illusion and it need to be overpowered by self-confidence and courage to strive hard to make things happen.
  • The Blessing of Facing Challenges In Life    By: bulu

    Have you ever noticed that every challenge also contains a blessing in disguise? If not, you may not have been looking closely enough! It’s true that challenges often seem like inconveniences when they get in the way of something you want
  • How to maintain Work life balance    By: David Prakash M

    This article deals with the pressures of life and how to strike a fine balance between the two.
  • Tips for self improvement. Author Kiran chandra    By: Guest

    Really this are experienced because people would convulse at first but now they i look smart.
  • Teen Pregnancy And How -To Reclaim Your Life    By: macmiky

    Statistics shows that one in three girls in America is estimated to get pregnant at least once before they get to their twenties. Teen parenting is very difficult and ha such consequences on both the mother and baby.Most often these girls are not able to acheive their goals ,such as graduating from high school.This article provide some action steps to be taken to reclaim their lives so as to be able to achieve whatever goals they might have had before getting pregnant.
  • Amazing Mind and Phothographic memory. Author Naveen Sanghvi    By: Guest

    Article about amazing phothographic memory of Virendra Mehta. A man who was below average in his schooldays can now tell you the meaning of any word from oxford dictionary along with page numbers .. it's Amazing !!

    With all the models in the magazine covers looking all stunning like they have never breathed any dust from earth, plus all the beautiful women and young girls on TV screens, it is becoming much harder for the low self-esteem beings to find a place to fit in to this world and survive. Here are a few tips on how you can feel beautiful inside out without having to worry about how others see you.
  • Criminality Society and Identity - Author: Rakesh Neelakandan    By: Guest

    Article elaborates on the societal intervention required to wipe out criminality. Also, how an identity make over can really change a deemed criminal.
  • The Magic of Five Seconds of Silence    By: Chastill

    There are many teachers of the power of silence and you can buy books about the benefits of silence.
  • With God all things are possible - My CA foundation exam    By: bharrs

    Come on lets chase our dreams with God. It is about my CA (certificated accountant or chartered accountant) foundation examination. My personal experience which I had and thought would share with you. Hope you guys may find it useful and rejunevating. Please feel free share your comments in this regard.
  • Why did I Quit Software Industry. Leaving stress and my IT career    By: Guest

    Quitting a high paying software job was not an easy change. After working in Bangalore's IT industry, I have finally decided to quit the stressful software industry for a good life. I am now pursuing my PhD and will become a professor after a few years.
  • Power of words and thinking positive    By: nikis-misc

    This article emphasizes benefits of positive thinking and the power of words. Do you ever see those people that are always happy no matter what? I often wondered how they got that way and thought that it was just plain strange. Throughout my life I think I have met only 5 to 10 people who were like that...How do they get this way? I think I might know some ways to get there!
  • Take a break from your daily boring routine!    By: Deepz

    When you tend to stick to the same daily boring routine for days and weeks, life becomes so mechanical and you want to take a break. It feels as though all the energy has been zapped out of you.An urge to leave everything for a while and go hide somewhere begins. At times, it feels as though,it is the end of the life and nothing seems to exist beyond your work.But,as the earth revolves,when so does your work seem,little changes in the daily routine can bring a huge difference.
  • How to behave as a guest    By: chitracs

    All of us might have visited our friends and relatives, staying at different places. Are we bothering about our behavior as guests? Our behavior signifies our dignity and self-esteem. There is a saying, ”Guest in house is a God in house”. It is believed that we are blessed with God to have guests at home. The guests should behave properly so that they would be invited again and again, by the family.Behaving as a guest is really a social skill which should be practiced by everybody.
  • How to face criticism    By: chitracs

    Ways to face constructive and destructive criticism. Criticism is the activity of analyzing the facts and express it to the concerned person. Criticism is not actually fault-finding alone. The feelings of the person making the criticism and the person who is being criticized should not be affected.The making of criticism, facing criticism and accepting criticism pave way to success and these are the important leadership qualities a person should possess, for becoming a leader.
  • Cost of missing an appointment    By: chitracs

    The appointment means fixing a particular date and time for meeting an important person or VIP. It is a mutual agreement and the concerned two persons should be ready to meet at the scheduled date and time at a particular place. It is actually an arrangement for saving time and cost. What is the cost of missing an appointment? Is there any loss due to non-keeping up an appointment? If we are having the habit of missing appointments often, we should correct ourselves as the loss involved is high
  • Survive a layoff - How to keep my job during company layoffs    By: Jessica

    Tips and tricks of survival during a layoff in your company. How to increase your chances to save your job and avoid layoff. Survive layoffs and prevent job cuts.
  • Self esteem - Key to happy and successful life    By: JNLakshmi

    Self esteem is the opinion you have about your self. It is how you like and respect yourself. It helps you identify the great qualities inside you. Developing self esteem is crucial to your well-being. Self esteem originates in the environment that you constantly move with; like your family, school, neighbors, work place, community etc.
  • Ego is unnecessary. Disadvantages of being an egoist person in life    By: chitracs

    What is ego? Ego is the state of mind of giving self preference and thinking that we are the right persons to do anything in the right manner than anybody else. Many people succeed in life, by getting money and fame but they could not maintain relationship with others, due to their ego. If the ego comes between husband and wife, there won’t be peace in the family. Many people want that they should be praised by all, in the family and at workplace. Try to shred ego and be happy.
  • ART Of Living (Activation, Rhythm, Transformation)    By: purvi

    Living is an art and how you live life is like how an artist makes his art. ART stands for Activation, Rhythm, Transformation, not just because initials fit here but I am telling you the utmost and the only truth.
  • Presence of mind    By: chitracs

    What is meant by presence of mind? Let us see whether the intelligence alone helps us to succeed in life. Even if we are most efficient in performing our works, the presence of mind is often required. It is the capacity to think quickly, to act wisely and solve the problem, in case of emergency. The self-control is very much necessary, to act with presence of mind.Thinking in the right path and doing the right thing are most important, to act with presence of mind.
  • Improve your soft skills and step out of the box    By: JNLakshmi

    Soft skills are the combination of all intrapersonal and interpersonal qualitites of a person. You can also incorporate strong soft skills in your resume. Think about the attributes that make you a strong employee, person and friend. Plan to be able to elaborate and describe these skills in an interview.
  • Developing soft skills to get and retain a good job    By: chitracs

    What are the soft skills and how to develop them to retain your current job. The ability to convey the ideas, to make others to get involved in the work by motivating words and to directly go hand in hand with others to solve the issues are some of the qualities come under soft skills. The team spirit is the most required quality. Next, time management is most important.The positive attitude and desire to learn are some of the soft skills. Possessing interpersonal and motivational skills..
  • Inner beauty is the real beauty    By: chitracs

    The inner beauty represents kindness and good deeds and is truly the real beauty. The inner beauty is more valuable than physical attractiveness. With the passage of time, the outer beauty may go but the inner beauty will last for ever as it is the beauty of the soul.The inner beauty is measured by character but not by appearance.When the mind is beautiful, that is the real inner beauty.The mind should always blossom with contentment and happiness. The ageless beauty is the inner beauty.
  • Suicide among youth    By: chitracs

    Why the youth commit suicide and ways to prevent the suicide among youth. Due to confusion and anxiety, the youth can not withstand very small disappointment or failure, which results in suicide. They think that they can do anything and everything, without fearing about consequences. If the result is negative, they may not be able to accept it. They choose suicide as a means to escape from everything. They should develop the habit of facing any challenge.
  • Can you conquer your Moods? Yes or no?    By: Mach

    Can you take control of your mood? If you are a moody person fluctuating from euphoria to dysphoria, better watch out because a stable mood is the benchmark of a sound personality. This article gives you some hopes to switch on your good mood.
  • Token Economy    By: chitracs

    What is token economy and what are it's advantages? A token economy sets some targets for an individual to meet positive behavioral goal, which can be exchanged for the things they need.The tokens may be accumulated for a longer period and allowed to spend later on.The pieces of paper, coins, stickers, metal or plastic chips of various shapes may be used as tokens.The token economy should be used for positive and motivational purpose only.
  • Magic mantra of success - Desire, Determination and Commitment    By: adonais

    How to achieve success - Success is dreamed by everyone but achieved by a few. We may be just a few steps short of success, but we will never know. Here are a few tips to bring you onto the path of success.
  • Where has my childhood gone - Best stress busters    By: Bharat

    We often remember our stress free childhood and wish if we had a non-stressful life once again. Thinking like a child is the ultimate stress buster, it helps you to observe things in a simple way. A tension free life is good for your health, mind and body.
  • The Right Pair of Shoes - After my pain came my sweet success.    By: wenax

    Sometimes a test of determination is given to a person to measure his commitment to what he is aiming for. One day, I took off the shoes and saw my pinkies, big toes and ankles blistered. I soaked my feet on cold water and felt so relieved. After my pain came my sweet success.
  • Definite Mindset And Positive Destination (Are you confused in life)    By: Mach

    Our mind says one thing and we do another thing. We remain unhappy and confused in life. Now this happens only when we are not sure about our immediate goal and near future. This article shows that if we have definite mindset and positive destination then our success will come automatically and happiness comes in our life.
  • Is philosophy just an armchair theory?    By: chitracs

    Is philosophy is just an armchair theory or in anyway useful to our day to day life. We can just relax and reap the benefits of philosophy, by following simple principles in life. How philosophy can be applied in day to day life? Be a self-critique, analyse yourself, correct yourself and walk in the correct path. Philosophy is not a dry subject. It can be practiced easily. Philosophy is not just an armchair theory; but can be practiced in day to day life for attaining success.
  • Tactful survival during a layoff    By: chitracs

    How to survive a layoff? There are many practical ways of survival at the time of layoff in your company or if a job is lost. When the situation of a company reaches a worst situation and the employer feels that he can not control the declining of revenue, he analyses the areas of expenditure cut off. The first thing he gets in mind is to reduce the cost of employees which results in layoff.While joining a company itself, employee should make up his mind to quit off very gracefully at any time.
  • Taking revenge is not so sweet    By: chitracs

    Revenge is an expression of emotional hatred shown by us, when others do something harm.When we have got the mindset to forgive, we can keep away from all diseases. To keep the mind and body healthy, we should not think about taking revenge for the harmful acts of others. We should not hate anybody and make us weak. By taking revenge, we are corrupting ourselves.We can surrender everything to God and ask him to decide. Taking revenge is not so sweet and fogiving others is a divine quality.
  • Face Reading Basics - A study of human face and its characteristics    By: Mach

    Getting started with face reading, this article examines some typical faces and how the individual features show one's nature. Learn face reading and then we can determine the best possible way to influence him or her by making the most successful verbal communication to his or her particular nature.
  • How to apply lateral thinking techniques in real life?    By: chitracs

    What is meant by lateral thinking? Edward De Bono's 6 thinking hats. While solving a problem, if the traditional and conventional method of problem solving is not working, we can think innovatively in a different manner with new ideas to solve the problem. This is called lateral thinking. We can also say that thinking in an unexpected way to solve a problem is lateral thinking. The first person to coin the word lateral thinking is Edward De Bono.
  • Unique qualities of a Journalist - Responsibilities in Journalism    By: chitracs

    The duty of a journalist is to find out the truth and inform it to the society. Many skills, responsibilities and qualities is required to be a journalist. In the inner mind, he should have the thirst to serve the mankind. The journalist must have mission, vision and goal in life. There is always a risk in the life of a journalist. The journalist may be threatened for exposing the facts. He should act boldly at times of grief. He should never misuse his position for gaining some benefit.
  • You have only 24 hours - Master the art of time management.    By: Mach

    How to master the science and art of time management? Oh God! Please give me another 24 hours to finish my work. How often do we wish there were 48 hours in a day. Very often, don’t we? Success will come if we sort out work, fix minimum and maximum time slots for different activities and manage them within a day. We have to use the time judiciously within 24 hours.
  • Approaching with a smile will make things easier. Laughter therapy    By: chitracs

    The power of smile - we should spend each day with a smile on our face. The laughter therapy helps a lot for physical and mental fitness. Laughter is a gift given by God to mankind. If we learn to shake hand with problems, the problems will say “Good Bye” and leave us.
  • Power of dreams - Dreaming is living    By: nids

    Dreams are part of your conscious reality. They are the only expression where you can be yourself. Dreams give us freedom of living a life which is content and at peace. They take form for endless eternity and life we live from the active reality. Like dreams, every moment of life should be lived to fullest. The power to believe in your in them gives you the power to live an extraordinary life.
  • Failure to succeed - People always learn from their mistakes.    By: nids

    Why is failure important? Failure is not end of world, it is a road to success. People always learn from their mistakes. It is same in case of failure. Once you lose something in life, Next time you have double urge to get that particular thing.
  • How to deliver a good speech in a meeting?    By: chitracs

    Practical tips on delivering a good speech in a meeting. Many people will be talking all the time but speaking in a meeting is different. Here, we should follow certain rules. Our speech should be relevant to the topic. We should not forget to address anybody in the dias. We need not be very serious. Our speech should be interesting and make the audience to think, laugh or react. We should begin the speech with a smile, talk about relevant points and end with a smile.
  • How to accept failure? Be bold, don't get dragged down - Try Again!    By: chitracs

    How to handle failure - Suddenly we may face to face failure in any deed which we do with much enthusiasm. How to overcome this situation and make failure as success? First, we should accept failure, whether we are responsible for it or not. Then, we should find a way to make it a success, by trying once again. Failure in anything is not the end of life. If one door is closed, many doors will be opened for us. We need not get dejected for anything. So, accept failure with a smiling face
  • Positive attitude - Benefits and power of positive thinking    By: JNLakshmi

    "Your attitude determines your altitude". This is a famous quote on positive attitude. Practicing this makes a person more self confident, focused and enthusiastic in life. Positive thinking affects the body vibrations in a positive manner and help to lead a harmonious life.
  • Discover Your Colour. Colours reflect character, taste and attitude    By: Mach

    What is my colour? Well, each one of us have a favourite colour which signifies our individual personality, character, taste and attitude towards life. Colours can summarize our personality. This article shows the trends, the impacts and the meaning of different colours which can bring new dimensions in your life and to your individual personality.
  • Move out of comfort zone. Life means more than living and existing    By: Debashis Barah

    Getting out of the comfort zone and living in the middle of all insecurities. Our life means more than just living and existing. To exist is to survive. But to truly live is to be able to die for a great cause. By the word "die" I do not exactly mean "death", but to have that kind of a spirit in us to do something extraordinary at the cost of anything at all, even our life. Living with this kind of a spirit is important.
  • Communication skills - Importance of good conversation    By: Muhammed Haris

    The communication skill defines the personality of a person. It is main factor which decides what others can do for you or what you can get it done by others. It is not just about public speaking, even about the conversation with the individuals too. The best speaker will always be a good listener.
  • Success versus security    By: Debashis Barah

    Many people in this world are confused with the word "success". They normally interpret "success" as "security". If they can attain a secured job in their life they feel successful. You are a very special person in this world. You have got a great purpose to fulfill, very different from the rest of the people in this world. You just cannot follow the mass. If you do you will simply end up at the exit point. Majority must always not be granted.

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