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  • Are You Lonely? Tips to be happy    By: Swati

    Are you bored, lonely and stressed - Loneliness is a feeling that comes from within, its a desire to have somebody in your life that will be there for you no matter what, a person that you can talk to and rely upon. This somebody can be anybody including a friend, relative, next door neighbour, morning walk pal or just anybody.
  • How to keep a wife happy - Living a happy married life    By: Bharat

    The biggest question among men is how to keep their wife happy. What do women expect from men that will help a couple to lead a happy married life. Simple tips of having a great relationship.
  • Self-respect and esteem - The Art Of Creating Self-Esteem    By: Ms Royce

    Self-esteem is a confidence and satisfaction in oneself. Self respect is considered an important component of emotional health. To have a sense of personal worth and the ability that is fundamental to an individual's identity. What does your inner voice say about your self-esteem?
  • Women and Flirting - Enjoy flirting in your relationship    By: Princess

    So why do women fall victim to these flirting predators? And why is it that when a man acts the same way with women; flirting as if it were a full-time career, we brand him a creep that just wants action?
  • Fighting for your life - Drug abuse and saving my baby girl    By: Princess

    The abuse of drugs has always been around from the time our parents were growing up, however in the 20th Century there seems to be a lot more drug use and a lot more addiction. I want to share my story of survival from drugs when I gave birth to my daughter.
  • Are relationships between gay and straight any different?    By: Ms Royce

    Gay men and lesbian women relationships. In summary, the word relationship means the state of being related or interrelated. The relation connecting or binding participants in a relationship. A kind of kinship. A romantic or passionate attachment. This equation is prevailing in both heterosexual and gay relations. There really are no differences.
  • Is A Person Born Gay? Lesbian and Gay community experience    By: Ms Royce

    Are people born gay by birth? They always ask, at what age does a child know they are gay. That is really the question here. In other words, can a child differentiate between the labels straight & gay? I think not. I would like to inform the reader that there is only one answer to that question. Perhaps by sharing my life experience, one might come to a conclusion for him or herself. So consider this.

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