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  • Steps to Build Healthy and Happy Relationships    By: maftab92

    How to a build healthy and happy relationship - Why do we have relationship problems? We usually blame the other person. The other person will try to clarify his or her position, will give justifications and either we will refuse to listen to him or her or we will keep blaming. This blame game will keep going on and on but no one will accept the responsibility. Eventually, in most cases the relationship will break.
  • Condolence - How To Behave When Visiting Bereaved Family    By: GalUR0ck

    The Topic of Condolence Seems Irrational But Believe Me Many of Us Donít Know How to Behave When We Meet the Relatives of the Expired. Its Said, Wise People Learn From Their Mistake, Genius Learn From Others. I Am Wise But I Sincerely Wish You Should be a Genius, Learn From our Mistake and not Feel Miserable After You Did Your Duty Half Hearted.
  • Love.. Make it survive...    By: Shivani

    Love demands understanding to survive otherwise it will die. Love should be pure and unconditional, only then its innocence can be maintained.
  • You have bewitched me, body and soul    By: wetink

    Is it the natural competitive nature of human beings that leads them to finding the significant other we all spend years looking for?
  • Pain - Heart Break    By: Sachin Chandran

    Why every morning when I see my face in mirror i witness eyes full of pain and unfulfilled dreams? Heart break is the only wound a person gets which refuse to die out with time or medicine. Its like a broken mirror which can never mend back no matter how hard you try. You still feel the excruciating pain from the sharp edges of the secluded box full of old memories and times hidden in the dark chambers of your heart.
  • Some words for those, who got pain in love    By: restless

    Dr. Adem says madness and wisdom is two part of one coin but people describe and understand that wisdom is natural and moral and good. But when wisdom get broken and love gives pain, we get depression.
  • Valentine Day - to be enjoyed for lifetime    By: Sachin Chandran

    Valentine Day - love, care, and respect loved ones selflessly till eternity. Valentine is not for a day but for lifetime
  • Jealousy in Relationship    By: Mala Parikh Shroff

    We tend to love a person immensely but get caught up in a web called jealousy and then degrade that person in our thought process; ever thought that being jealous could mean the above?

    She was in love with a man who loved her back or so she thought. He was on drugs while she was the sweetest girl he ever met. Despite the fact that the girl forgave his every mistake, he still went back to doing the same mistakes he had confessed just the other day. It was a very unbearable situation but she stuck in there hoping and praying for a change. That never came and finally it was too late when she decided to leave. She had cried everyone's tears.

    Life as a house maid is the hardest ever. As much as we take our house maids for granted just because they get paid for what they do, not even half of the work done by them can be managed by someone who does not understand what it feels like to work when others seat around and wait to see everything done perfectly. I went through an experience of taking care of everything at home for about a months. It broke my heart not to have a normal life like having extra hours of sleep in the morning.
  • Is Irritation the Appetizer?    By: Mala Parikh Shroff

    We all experience some kind of irritation throughout the day, but some of us linger on it for a few moments and then can move on, some feeds on this emotion and can ruin a perfect day.
  • How important is KINDNESS in our daily life?    By: Mala Parikh Shroff

    Kindness is very important in our life. Why we are courteous and display perfect manners to strangers but when it comes to our loved ones we donít display the same politeness...
  • Who is the maid in your house.Lets really get to the bottom of the maid issue.    By: sardarni

    Our lives in todays world are controlled by maids.Maids are a must in every household to run smoothly. Our lives are controlled and manipulated by our maids whims and fancies. There are two kind of maids, the first is the kind which does part time work .ie. comes in the morning, evening, this kind is the worst of the lot because they charge you according to your locality rate not taking into consideration whether you are a single person,or a family but the live in maids take over our house.
  • Manipulation in Love    By: Mala Parikh Shroff

    Could there be manipulation in Love?
  • Love Language of Man and Woman    By: Mala Parikh Shroff

    Men mostly think from their minds and women think from their hearts.. The love language of man tends to be more on a physical aspect while the love language of a woman is more on an emotional level
  • Man and Woman Relationship    By: Mala Parikh Shroff

    Success in Relationships. Most of the time a relationship between a man and woman requires understanding and appreciation for it to nurture and be successful.
  • Life, being married.    By: Samyuktha

    Is it time to get married in life? This is the first question popping up on everyone's mind when one thinks of getting married. The right age, right time, and of course the right partner is very important . But then things don't end there. Once married you have accepted a deal on life long sacrifices, fights and misunderstanding. But then again it is also a deal of life long love too.
  • How to have a Perfect First Date (Lunch or Dinner)    By: Jessica

    Make your girlfriend crazy about you by having a perfect first date lunch or dinner. Dating tips that will make a girl remember the first date she had with you.
  • Catering to the offline nuptial needs of Indian Americans    By: B D Narayankar

    Taking advantage of not a single publication in the US focusing on the nuptial needs of NRIs living in America and Canada, marriage portal BharatMatrimony has launched a glossy magazine "BharatMatrimony Times' recently. With this, the company is expecting a huge business opportunity, staggering Rs 5 lakh advertisement revenue per issue.
  • Make right choice with trained matchmaker's help BharatMatrimony    By: B D Narayankar

    BharatMatrimony introduces "BM Privilege", in this era of competition, we get hardly any time to attend to our needs. One of the basic and most important decisions of our life is to select a right life partner. When you begin your efforts, you pity your amateurism in finding a partner. Under the circumstances, it's advisable you hire a matchmaker, who is trained and matchmaking pundit.
  • Love versus Attraction (Infatuation)    By: nari

    Difference between love and physical attraction or infatuation. Love a small word of four letters, it shows a great affect over crores of youths. Is love equal to attraction?
  • Have we lost the charm of Joint Family in India?    By: chitracs

    What is a family? More than one person living together is a family and there should be blood relation among them. The charm of joint family. In olden days, everybody in the family would respect and obey the words of the eldest person in a family. Whether right or wrong, his decision would be final. Many joint families broke into smaller separate families with a father, mother and children. In India, have we lost the charm of joint family?
  • How to make a first girlfriend. Dating advice for beginners.    By: Jessica

    Practical tips on how to make a first girlfriend. Dating 101- Useful advice on how to score well while dating with your first girlfriend. Boys and girls are two different genders with different thoughts, priorities, emotional level and expectations, therefore the rules which hold good for making a boyfriend do not hold good for making a girlfriend.
  • Common dating excuses and mistakes. Tips for successful dating.    By: Jessica

    Things that matter most while dating. What are the most common dating excuses and mistakes. Tips for successful dating. I am single and want to know things that matter most during dating.
  • Advice for daughters - Relationship between mother and daughter    By: mandeep

    Once a daughter becomes an adult and establishes her own independence, a mother-daughter relationship tends to evolve into more of a friendship.
  • Is marriage in woman's life end of all other relationships?    By: Deepz

    Life after marriage - Getting married is definitely the biggest make over in an woman's life and her relationships in India. Right from the location to lifestyle, from eating habits to thought process everything undergoes a significant change.When she is busy grabbing and making space for new things, the old relationships that are on hold, gradually can fade and vanish completely!
  • Mom-daughter relationship    By: chitracs

    The bonding between mother-daughter is more strong than the bondage between mom-son. When the child learns to speak, the first word comes from his/her mouth is "mom". The mom feeds the child, teaches the child to talk, walk, play and perform activities. The daughter gets the unconditional love from her mother. The mother always wishes her daughter should get everything which is denied to her.The mother should make the daughter feel that she could come to mom for guidance and help.
  • FATE !! ... Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)    By: Harikrishnan

    An interesting story about human fate. The unknown creator of his body gave him that 'Four words' as a gift - Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome', the real AIDS, its just the fate.
  • Marriage: Is it safe to marry a Software Engineer amid IT Slowdown    By: Bharat

    Recession and Marriage: Most parents of brides are no longer searching for IT professionals for marriage for girls because of slowdown, job losses and layoffs in software. Software engineers who were one the most wanted bride grooms are losing their elite status.
  • My Man from Himalayas    By: just4u

    That one look, that one touch, that one smile....it captivated me. A child of four and half yrs was when I came across the man who was there to stay in my life forever and ever. It was a hot summer evening and my delicate little body could not tolerate the heat of the fiery summer which gave way to sobs and later loud shrieks. My aunty came to my rescue taking me out for a visit to someone who touched the chords of my life and played that beautiful song......
  • Learn to move on - Overcome a broken heart after a break up    By: Deepz

    Accept the facts and learn to move on in a love relationship / broken heart - Megha woke up in the morning and checked her mobile. She hasn't got any new messages. She drew herself close and cried again like yesterday morning. Everyday Sanket would send a love message to her. Now that they broke up. She can't expect a message from him,but, she still dwells in the old memories making her mornings miserable! We often come across the situations where we do not have anything to cling on but continue
  • Why people have Extramarital affairs. Cheating your husband or wife    By: Swati

    What is an extramarital affair? Reasons why do people engage in adultery/cheating their existing partner. Extra marital love affair is an ongoing physical (sex) relationship of a married person with an outsider.
  • Live-in relationships may be treated as marriage, India.    By: Bharat

    In a dangerous proposal Maharashtra government, a couple who is in live-in relationships may be treated as legal husband and wife. If a man and a woman are living together as husband and wife for a "reasonably long period", the man shall be deemed to have married the woman according to customary rights of either party.
  • How To Add Romance In Life    By: jane82

    Adding romance and spice in life can really change your life. Just follow the simple love rules and you win over your life, it is important that you spend some really quality time with your special person.
  • What is the right age to get married? Things to look in a girl-guy    By: Jessica

    Getting married is one of the biggest decisions in life. What is the right age to marry, things to look in a guy or a girl for a successful marriage. Confusion before marriage is common but there are a few things one should look for. Apply brains and heart equally.
  • Best dating ideas - Things to do on a date - Ways to impress a girl    By: Jessica

    Expert dating - Best ways to impress your girl friend or a boy friend on a date. Things to do on a date and best dating ideas. Don't let your next date be a boring one. Money is not everything, its all about being creative.
  • Benefits of crying - Why do tears come when we cry - Do men cry?    By: Jessica

    Crying opens the lungs, cleans & exercises the eyes and softens the temper. Crying/tears helps release tension and emotional feelings. Crying and laughing are beneficial to us both emotionally and physically.
  • Do we need anyone in life, someone special to share our feelings.    By: khwaish

    Everyone needs someone in their life with whom they can share their moments of happiness, sorrow, their secrets and any of her secrets of their life that they want to share with someone special.
  • There is pain everywhere, in our expressions, words and deeds.    By: Christine Torcato

    There is pain and grief surrounded in this world of sorrow. There is pain everywhere. Pain is in our thoughts, expressions, words and deeds. The thing which touches my mind is that how can we enjoy moments of peace, joy calmness and love when we i.e. the majority of the people are succumbing to temptations i.e. each moment thinking of how to hurt the other be it a enemy or friend to pursue are own self interests.
  • Me and my Maid. Bangalore life and local language interpretation.    By: Oasis

    Born and bread in Delhi, Bangalore was a pleasant change. But when I heard my house maid saying "I will not come for next 5 daysĒ, all too familiar a dread over whelmed my system. Who will mop the floor, clean the utensils, wash the clothes. With a job and a family to tend to I already have my hands full. I bet it is a familiar story for so many working women across the country. But my reasons for being so despondent at the thought of my maidís impeding absence are all these and more.
  • Joys of becoming a parent. Beautiful bond between parents and child    By: khwaish

    A relation of a child and parent is totally different. A newly born child is a part of a body of their parents. When a mother gives birth to a new life not only she but a father is also at the seven sky. We, the kids can't even imagine how its feel when you see true "astitav" of your life in you own hands. It is said that a mother loves her baby more than a father, but its not the truth. Each of them love their child equally. When a baby gets hurt it equally hurts the mother as well as father
  • Marriage, A beautiful relationship. Are marriages made in heaven?    By: khwaish

    It is said that "marriages are made in heaven". Someone somewhere is definitely made for you and you share a beautiful relationship with him/her. Who is waiting for you or its you who is waiting for him or her. God has sent us on this earth with our life partners.
  • Women in Pain - A woman's sacrifice for her family and children    By: khwaish

    Its a real story of a woman who sacrificed everything for her family and children and in return her own children made her mad. How they treated her and what forced her to accept that she is mad.
  • Living Together    By: logicalthinker

    Is routine part of a loving relationship or a means to an end? We've all been there. The first flush of love, flirtatious comments in a bar on a Saturday night. Should I give him my number? If I do, will he call? He calls, we go on a few dates, we get to know each other and like what we see.
  • Avoid Extreme Criticism For a Healthy Relationship    By: vision

    An important rule to to have a healthy relationship with your partner is to avoid extreme criticism. How couples can handle this situation and work towards improving their mutual understanding.
  • Can a man live with just one woman. Should a woman change herself?    By: vision

    Can just one woman satisfy a man without changing herself. Women go through many changes in life, should she drastically change herself to her mate happy and close to her?
  • Getting out of an abusive relationship.Women, stop your abuse early    By: vision

    If women do not watch for early warning signs then you can be a victim of abuse in a relationship. An abusive relationship can harm you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Online marriage and matrimonial - Advantages and Disadvantages of internet marriages    By: Swati

    Online matrimony and marriage: How to create a good matrimonial profile (internet Shaadi biodata). High divorce rate and best internet websites. Visit SimplyMarry, BharatMatrimony and JeevanSathi to find a match. Finding a bride/groom online has many benefits & disadvantages.
  • Putting yourself in other people's shoes    By: Jane

    One often hears about idioms like 'Put yourself in other people's shoes'. Think first and then speak. Do we really do that in our day-to-day life? Nobody has time and patience to do so. Relationships are more costlier than money. Words uttered cannot be recalled back. One needs to think before speaking harshly to an employee, younger siblings, parents and/or life partner. Keep yourself in that position and analyze how you would feel if you are at the receiving end of these words.
  • Married life - Is the love for parents creating marriage problems for you?    By: Jane

    Married women who have a strong bonding with her parents after marriage can often create problems. Wife should balance the two relationships. There is no difference between a girl and boy. Illiterate people still believe and practice this, so says the modern society. Is this really true? How many times, a modern household has taunted her daughter-in-law for matters like, your father did not give this, your parents have not treated us well, why are your always going to your parents house etc.

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