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  • Moving to Las Vegas | Real estate market of Vegas    By: Jessica

    Things to know before moving to Las Vegas. Advantages, disadvantages, crime rate, practical tips and a look at the real estate market of Vegas. Life in Vegas including the Strip and surrounding areas.
  • Greatest Inventions of Humankind    By: Ramki

    Necessity is mother of Invention. I have captured 10 most important and greatest inventions of mankind / humankind.
  • Environmental ethics: From unsustainable to sustainable development    By: soup

    Environment affects our life style, culture, social components etc. Technological developments also have great environmental impact on our social and natural resources. Though the natural environment undergoes continual change but man also produced some changes like domestication of animals, introduction of agriculture, development of industries etc.The consequences of human activities on environment today are wide ranging.Therefore, the need of sustainable development is urgently felt.
  • You won't believe (Potterman)    By: yogi

    Actually summary to summary of what I write is something very hard (Potterman). What I mean to say is, what I have written in an article body itself is a summary of what every living entity sense and their relationship knowing or unknowingly they create with each and every other living as well as non living entity.
  • Nature is beautiful and God's gift    By: Sreeni

    Nature is a wonderful and awesome creation of God. The beauty of nature mesmerizes every human being. That’s why when you see a beautiful scenery or a greenery filed, mind just forgets all other thoughts, eyes never avoid looking at it and you will enjoy that pleasant nature to the maximum extent. Beautiful greenery of trees, extraordinary heights of mountains of ice and rocks, various cute colors & structures of flowers, growing agriculture forms, gardens, banks of rivers
  • The Rainbow With No Name    By: wenax

    I love the sky and all it's wonders and especially the spilled rainbow colors. From sunrise to sunset, the twilight and star lights, the sun, the moon-- everything about the sky is miraculous. I believe that Science is just a part of the many explanations about it. And I believe that the greater explanation lies within our hearts and our faiths.
  • Girl Rag Pickers: Struggle for Survival    By: preeti soni

    This research paper is an endeavor to closely study the situation of rag picker girls in India and other developing nations. An effort is made to understand their work conditions, impact of the present occupation on these girls and the problems faced by them. In other words, this paper provides an overview of their lives in totality. The presenter looked at the situations these girls faced in every day life and understood that everyday is a struggle for them and they have to survive .. (cont..)
  • Globalization and Society    By: swadesin

    Globalization is not new, but the present era has distinctive features. Shrinking space ,shrinking time and disappearing borders are linking people’s lives more deeply, more intensely, more immediately than ever before. Globalization is a complex process which changes as well as has the potential to change the various events in the world at multiple levels.
  • Difference between village, town & city lifestyles in India    By: Sreeni

    A look at different lifestyles in India (village, town and city). Indian culture and lifestyle are very rich and diverse. People give respect to their traditional values and hence its greatness was recognized all over the world. Lifestyle of people living in Village, town and city levels differs a lot.
  • Employee performance evaluation criteria in Multinational companies    By: Sreeni

    Performance evaluation for employees in multinational companies is a very important activity which will be initiated to evaluate and appraise the performance of every employee in the organization. This process can be done twice a year and few companies do the same process for every quarter. Majorly, employee performance can be evaluated based on 5 categories; those are Productivity, quality, communication skills, interpersonal skills, professional behavior & initiative.
  • Don't get demotivated in searching job and overcome the financial crisis situation    By: Sreeni

    Getting job is a challenging task now-a-days. As we now every year number of students who have completed their studies and getting ready for job search are increasing a lot. But if we compare the number of job seekers with number of job vacancies, the ratio of job seekers are high due to which unemployment is increasing. In this situation, financial crisis of recent days made the present condition bit more critical. This crisis affected all over the world and lakhs of experienced people as well
  • Tasting the delicious food is enjoyable    By: ankarao

    TASTING THE DELICIOUS FOOD IS ENJOYABLE Cooking is the process of preparing food by applying heat, with sufficient ingredients in an ordered procedure for producing safe and edible food in order to be very tasteful. The process encompasses a vast range of methods, tools and combinations of ingredients to alter the flavor or digestibility of food. Factors affecting the final outcome include the variability of ingredients, ambient conditions, tools, and the skill of the individual doing the actual
  • Our Journey To Oblivion, India. Author: Rhea C Dhanbhoora    By: Guest

    An article about the constant regression that my country faces rather than the progress that has been so welcomed by the rest of the world. It's about protests to change and disinterest in basic human rights.
  • Increasing consumerism in pre teens    By: cool

    A 12 year old wanting a real gun! 14-Year old feeling inferior because he does not own a branded pair of sneakers.
  • Helpful Tips in Vegetarian Cooking Meals for Kids    By: sanjdeep

    Vegetarian meals entails are meatless. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers. Find ways to incorporate vegetarian meals in your children's diet to make them grow healthier and stronger..
  • Tips for buying a used car or truck    By: Pye Chevrolet

    Buying a used vehicle should be an exciting time and as worry free as buying a new vehicle. Here are some tips to ensure that your used car purchase is a worry free event.
  • History of Perfumes    By: john mercyeser

    Perfumes have been used by humans since thousands of years. Different cultures like Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Chinese, Arab & French have contributed towards the history of perfume that we have today.
  • WHO IS A FOOL? you think you know who a fool is?, who are those the bible regards as a fool?    By: eric d mentor

    THE scriptural MEANING OF A FOOL. Anyone who does not believe the word of God is a fool. The root of foolishness stem from hatred or dislike for the word of God, Jehovah prescribe his own standard from the beginning of the world, the argument in some quarters that times have change is irrelevant as the word of God do not change with times. Only those who obey the word of God will be cover by grace and forgiveness, the disobedient will remain as fools like Satan and its host of agents.
  • Economic and regulatory requirement    By: OLADOKUN

    The political and economic changes of nation is a big factor that maneuvered and created dynamic emerging economy in and generated needs and perspectives for more trade and transport along the river in Europe and the United States. Such economy analysis and environmental analysis which is being dealt with in this research cold bring assurance to drive the Transport policies that promote modal shift.
  • Architecture speaks    By: aks

    Its little awkward but architecture does speak, but can we hear it. Humans for long have built monuments and buildings for reasons many.Many architectural accomplishments have been achieved on earth to this date. But do we know them all. Do we know their purpose of existence, their specialties? Taj mahal speaks for love. Great statue of liberty speaks for liberty. Palaces speak about the fame and splendor the kings enjoyed those days. It speaks about their rule, the luxury. So do all the million
  • How the youth misusing the freedom given by parents.    By: nari

    Misuse the freedom by modern youth. Freedom is the word we often hear, it means getting a chance to do the interested task without the interference of others and without being obstructed by anyone. Nobody can reach their desired target until and unless they are given freedom.
  • Rise of the Supernaturals    By: Blue Depths

    Everyday, nowadays, we are faced with the consequences of decisions made time past, even now... We are faced with the supernatural effects of our individualism and our natural thinking mode of : MYSELF... Now is the time to get up, come together and clamor for a change for the better. This is just a brief insight into the workings of a crazy mind (smile). I hope you all read with an open mind and let me know what you think...
  • Interesting facts about caves. How are caves formed?    By: Jessica

    What are caves and how are they formed? Interesting facts, answers, types of animals and plants live in caves. Longest cave system, deepest cave and their historic significance.
  • The Psyche and the Existence    By: buiya

    Our current day notions about psyche present before us only the superficial character of reality. In our search for the reality of the existence the lies all around us, we come across landscapes that never seem to end in a credible answer. The ultimate nature of reality is a distant dream if we continue with the monistic approach we adopt today. A deeper and unbiased analysis of existence yields the desired answer.
  • Life is more precious than money. Never commit suicide.    By: JNLakshmi

    Suicide and killing due to financial losses is increasing due to economic meltdown. But, life is much more precious than money. The brutal act of the NRI techies has posed a serious concerns to the people in India.
  • My funny experience in Calcutta    By: chitracs

    When my husband got transferred from Chennai to Calcutta, I also moved with him to Calcutta with my little son aged one. The house owner’s surname was Bisi. He welcomed us saying,” Having come to our house, you will also become Bisi(busy)”. While doing shopping, I used to take sample of ingredients and show it to the shop owners and made purchase of items.After living in Calcutta, I cried a lot when I had to return to Chennai. That was a golden period in my life that I will never forget.
  • Waste pickers - Graduates in waste management    By: JNLakshmi

    Waste pickers collect several types of waste materials and involve in segregation, recycling, composting and recycling recovery. Waste pickers are active in waste management but their work is rarely recognized. Despite working in inhuman conditions and facing several health hazards with no proper protective clothing, they make a merge money. By collecting filth, they have no respect in the society. They should really be appreciated as they earn for their living and not just beg for their living.
  • Real Estate in Coimbatore    By: chitracs

    In the year 1998, due to bomb blast threat, many people left Coimbatore, closing their business. At that time, there was a sudden decline in the field of real estate in Coimbatore.Even the residents of Coimbatore had not shown interest in purchasing new properties.Gradually, the situation improved. After the year 2002, small mushroom IT companies started their business in Coimbatore.There was a talk of opening IT park in Coimbatore. Suddenly the real estate started skyrocketing in Coimbatore.
  • Does Insurance Industry runs on Scare Tactics    By: Swati

    I think that insurance is he biggest fraud that we are almost forced to participate. The scare tactics of the insurance industry force us to use their services. There should be just one emergency fund run by a non-profit institution.
  • Awareness about consumer rights. Consumer forum disputes redressal    By: chitracs

    All the consumers should know their rights and when to approach consumer forum for complaint or redressal. A customer is the person who actually makes the purchase and a consumer is the person who uses it. By purchasing goods or accept services, we become a consumer. The consumer should be given the product of good quality and right quantity. If there is a deficiency or harassment in getting the proper service, the consumer could approach the consumer forum. March 15 is National Consumer’s day.
  • Event Management    By: chitracs

    People who wish to enter a challenging job could take up the profession of event management. Event manager is such a thrilling job and people involved in this profession will be busy all the time. The event management is a technique of organizing an event to satisfy a particular group of audience. There are many courses and degrees for the study of event management. Some people enter this field and succeed by their practical knowledge, without studying anything.
  • Using cell phone while driving – Is it dangerous ?    By: chitracs

    It is said that using cell phones while driving is more dangerous than drunk driving. We notice that many young boys and girls driving vehicles are talking over cell phone, all the time. Many business people like to have business talk over cell phone, while driving also.The using of cell phone while driving curtails the automatic driving skills of the driver and impair his traffic skills.The media should popularize the adverse effects of using cell phone while driving vehicles.
  • The Positive and Negative Effects of Media    By: chitracs

    Our life will remain incomplete without the media, and its positive and negative effects. The radio, television, newspaper and internet are some forms of media through which we get information. They have to cover important happenings, in all the fields, around the world. There is no use in creating emotional feelings among public by exaggerating the happenings and giving sensational news. The media persons should be cautious in giving unbiased news to the common persons.
  • Tired of Email Spam - Protecting your email address from spammers    By: Jessica

    Email spam is a huge problem faced by internet e-mail account holders. Spammers try to steal personal information or sell items to you for money. Tips to fight email from spammers. Junk email may even try to steal your private information and take loan on your behalf. Fight back and beat the spammers !!
  • Wildlife week and the elephants day. Wildlife preservation in India    By: chitracs

    The wildlife week is celebrated to remember the wildlife conservation in India. In Tamil Nadu, elephant day is celebrated in Mudhumalai forest in Udhagamandalam and Topslip in Pollachi. The elephants day is celebrated as part of wildlife week celebrations in India. The wildlife sanctuaries and national parks are established in various parts of India. Everyone loves elephant. Elephant is an intelligent animal and it amazes us by its strength.
  • Economics of happiness - Is being rich the only way to be happy?    By: chitracs

    We believe that having more wealth brings more happiness in life. The happiness economics states that happiness will not increase as and when wealth increases. But, is it true in real life? Is there any way to measure happiness? There is a vast growth in the field of economics and economists are trying to find a way to measure happiness. Happiness comes not only from material goods; non-material goods also contribute to happiness.The economics of happiness defines happiness in a quantifiable.
  • Views about Cloning Humans - Genetic reproduction of species.    By: chitracs

    Cloning means reproduction of a similar organism genetically. Advantages, disadvantages, pros, cons and controversies of genetic cloning. The normal reproduction process is bypassed and the cells are reproduced in some other way. Is it necessary to try this process on animals and human? The research on animal cloning is being done by some scientists. Some scientists say that cloning is one of the methods to try to save the dying species. What about cloning humans?
  • Green IT - Information technology for a cleaner environment    By: chitracs

    The term "Green IT" sounds nice but what does it mean? We can put into simple words and say that green IT means using the resources efficiently, without any wastage. All the nations are making green movement in all the fields. The corporate IT companies also waked up now and apply these principles in IT field.Now, an awareness in created in the big IT companies and they are ready to switch over to Green IT.
  • Outsourcing risks: Loss of personal data, Stolen identity, ID theft    By: Tim

    Loss of personal data, bank accounts and identity theft risk are one of the biggest concerns of outsourcing. After the privacy is breached (customers or employees), it can cause a significant loss to the victim. We should ensure that corporations follow excellent security practices to eradicate this issue.
  • Impact of industrial growth towards global warming    By: Muhammed Haris

    Global warming has become an alarming warning for the mankind. There is a huge impact of industrial growth that is contributing towards global warming. Destruction of forest in one more factor resulting in global warming.
  • Adaption to globalization    By: chitracs

    Due to globalization, there is a steady growth in the global economy. The well developed countries reap the benefits of it, rather than the underdeveloped and developing countries. The global business cycle can be made strong, if all the countries cooperate. Many changes have taken place in the life of business persons and common people, due to globalization. The local government and people also now start to think about adapting themselves for globalization but there is long way to go.
  • Life and times in Bangalore. Information about Bangalore city.    By: Oasis

    Life in Bangalore (or Bengalooru), the silicon valley of India. I was born and brought up in New Delhi and spent 28 years of my life there. I moved to Bangalore 2 years ago when my husband got a high paying job with a reputed firm here. Although not very keen initially to leave the city that I spent my entire life in, I am now hooked to the Bangalore life.
  • TERROR STRIKES BACK!! Terrorist attacks in India.    By: Rohini Upreti

    Terrorist activities in India and recent bomb blasts in cities like Jaipur, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Delhi. Gory sights, wailing people, destruction galore.. Has this become a way of life??? Is this the modern world we strive for where life has no value? Who are these people? What can anybody achieve by killing? Today's world we are living in has become a live volcano which can erupt anywhere, anytime..Who where when is just a matter of destiny..Or is it just Destiny??.
  • What is Sterling Silver    By: Swati

    Sterling silver is an alloy which contains 92.5% pure silver and remaining portion of other metals. Pure silver is too soft and cannot be used common uses like dinner sets, flatware, jewellery and plates.
  • Waste Management System for Mumbai    By: sonu

    Health related problems due to waste in cities like Mumbai (Bombay) has been a common and a major problem for days. Public participation in a democratic society is invariably essential; at the same time it requires a lot of effort to bring about a sense of inclusion. Public participation on development programs is fundamental in achieving effective and reliable solutions. Modern democratic life requires an active role from the population in the form of participation from members of the community
  • Is it possible to avoid anger at work place?    By: chitracs

    We know that not everyone at work behaves politely. Stress is also a passive form of anger. Some people may unnecessarily get angry and shout at us for the faults not at all committed by us. Is it possible to avoid anger at work place? When the behavior of the other person is not polite, how to tackle it? We have to decide whether his behavior impacts our performance in anyway. We can just ignore the person. If the person can understand, we can make him to realise the fact kindly.
  • The role of media , information and communication technologies in developing a peaceful world    By: sonu

    Highlighting Peace Building Process - Building of peace urges need to build and preserve democracy which in turn creates need to maintain a proper balance between government and its people. The process of peace building cannot only rely upon the government to make decision . I strongly believe that allowing people to interact, listen, vent and learn helps in creating a lobby and a space for peace and thus a supportive atmosphere of dialogue.
  • Moving people - Understanding Brain drain or human capital flight    By: aniket

    We are living in era of science and technology and people are provided with all kinds of knowledge and awareness and hence if they are not provided with opportunities to prove there capabilities they opt to migrate to foreign countries where opportunities are waiting for them.And this phenomenon is known as 'BRAIN DRAIN'.
  • Science and Spirituality - God does not play dice!    By: Debashis Barah

    There are certain things that even science cannot explain. You need to trust and accept them as is, this is the difference between science and spirituality. Science starts with a doubt and spirituality starts with a trust. May be there is a point of contact between the two. Probably falling into that kind of a junction one day, those words that "God does not play dice with the universe" came out of the mouth of Albert Einstein.
  • PILLOW TALK - A pre-trainng for spy work.    By: chi

    Pillow talk was always associated with intimacy. Be it is between intimate friends or lovers. It is an instant where one mostly share the most intimate details of any stuff with his/her partner. It would not be wrong if we argue that if any partner do not share certain secrets in those intimate pillow talk, maybe he/she never planned to share in this lifetime. Isn't this all what spying is all about? About getting the target to trust you so that he/she will tell you everything?

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