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  • How to keep Eyes Healthy - Avoiding old age eyesight problems    By: Swati

    Keeping eyes healthy is extremely important, tips to maintain a good eyesight. Following are a few tips to keep eyes healthy with old age, avoid strain and delay problems especially which come naturally as we get old.
  • Worm in the brain (Neurocysticercosis), Cysticercosis and epilepsy    By: Guest

    Does eating cabbage cause worms or parasite in the body and epilepsy attacks or seizure. Cysticercosis in brain can be caused by eating uncooked or under-cooked food and due to improper washing of vegetables and fruits.
  • Autism - Developmental disability of a physically challenged    By: JNLakshmi

    Autism is a developmental disability, that affects a persons social interactions and ability to communicate or interact. There is no particualar cause of this, but the genetic and environmental factors are the supects. Early diagnosis and intervention lead to significantly improved outcomes.
  • Seasonal allergies - How to reduce the pollen level at home    By: Swati

    Seasonal allergies are the biggest problem when the pollen level is high, like the spring and fall seasons. To reduce the level of allergies at home you can take some precautions and make some smart changes in your regular lifestyle.
  • Green tea health benefits - Making green tea at home    By: chitracs

    Everywhere there is a talk about green tea and many people want to know the health benefits of green tea. Green tea comes from the leaf of camellia sinensis plant. The youngest two leaves and bud plucked from the plant, are used for preparing green tea.To get full benefits of green tea, it should be processed properly. The leaves are to be steamed briefly, to prevent oxidization of epigallo catechin gallate. Green tea fughts against many diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart diseases.
  • Excessive misuse of Antibiotics. Bad side-effects on immune system    By: Swati

    Can antibiotics be bad for health? Over prescription of antibiotics causes immunity (natural body resistance) to drop. Advantages, disadvantages, harmful side effects and facts about over use of antibiotics. Antibiotics do not treat viral infections they only treat bacterial infections.
  • Plastic surgery - Burn, pediatric, hand, cosmetic and microsurgery    By: chitracs

    Advantages, disadvantages and precautions in plastic surgery. The plastic surgery is classified under various categories: cosmetic, hand, burn, pediatric and microsurgery. Everybody wants to look young and beautiful. Due to old age or accident, some people may lose their beauty. By nature, some people may not be having an appealing look. These people are interested in going for plastic surgery.
  • Say goodbye to smoking in a gentle way. Ban on Cigarettes in public    By: chitracs

    Ban on smoking in public places in India - It is really welcoming announcement in India, on the day of Gandhi Jayanthi (October 2), that smoking in pubic place is banned. The person who smokes spoils his health. Not only that, the environment will get polluted by smoking. The non-smokers, who stand nearby the smokers in public place will also be get affected by this habit. If the smokers think about the benefits by quitting the habit of smoking, they will say goodbye to smoking in a gentle way
  • Awareness about donation of organs - Organ donors needed in India    By: chitracs

    It is really a welcoming change that everywhere there is a talk about donation of organs and it is the hot topic in the internet also. The donor of organs should intimate his wish to others before death. Helping others when we live is a great thing but there are no words to appreciate those who help others after death. When it is confirmed that brain death has taken place, the doctors will remove other organs from the body which can be transplanted into the body of those in need.
  • Stimulate Your Body And Soul With Incense - Agarbatti sticks    By: Mach

    The incense sticks (Agarbattis) find a permanent place in temples, mosques, churches due to its sweet and pleasant smell. It makes the atmosphere very serene and pure. It is used in AROMATHERAPY to cure many known diseases like nervous problems, sleeplessness, constipation, depression, and stiffness.
  • AYURVEDA, - The science of life. Alternative system of medicine.    By: Mach

    Ayurveda approach is prevention of disease rather than its cure. Ayurveda uses plant based medicines for effective treatment of kidney disorders, arthritis, diabetes, alzheimers diseases and other degenerative diseases, minor conditions like digestive disorders.INDIAN HERBAL CARE PRODUCTS particularly AYURVEDIC products.
  • Keep away from internet addiction- A serious health risk    By: chitracs

    Are you addicted to the internet. Overdoing of anything is harmful for health, we should keep away from internet addiction. The doctors express that internet addiction is a serious health issue. When we get addicted to internet, we will start neglecting all the other best things in life. By engaging ourselves, we can come out of this addiction to internet. Use internet as much as required and keep away from internet addiction. Adding values to life is more important.
  • How young is your heart? World's health day - Keeping heart healthy    By: chitracs

    The term, “how young is your heart”, is the theme of world health day which was celebrated on 28th September of this year and every year it is celebrated on the last Sunday of September. The need for periodic medical check up is being insisted by World Heart Federation. More than 100 countries are members of this organization. They do many social activities to impart the importance of keeping away from heart disease and stroke. By balanced diet and exercise we can save our health.
  • Dieting and Weight loss - Lose weight to become slim and sexy    By: Swati

    Tips for successful dieting - How to lose weight effectively and get that perfect figure and waist line. Losing weight will make you look smart, slim and sexy. Dieting will change your life and you will feel better and confident about yourself.
  • Mood swings - Fluctuation in mood - Causes, Treatment and Recovery    By: JNLakshmi

    When a person experiences extreme or abrupt fluctuations in mood for no reason, then it is mood swing. Mood swings generally refer to rapidly changing emotional states from euphoria to depression. Mood swings are normal and depression is appropriate at times, but an out of balance biochemistry can cause mood swings and depression to become so extreme that they interfere with normal activities.
  • High blood pressure. Hypertension, the silent killer.    By: ajs

    Causes, effects, Symptoms and treatment of Hypertension or high blood pressure. With the stressful life each one of us is exposed to in todays world, we must all go for an occasional check up of blood pressure to avoid its deadly aftermaths. A mild headache or occasional giddiness, palpitations or awareness of one's own heart beat, easy fatigability etc. may be the only initial presentations of this dreadful syndrome which in itself is a mother of many deadly consequences.
  • Is it necessary to be a workaholic? Work addiction is not good    By: chitracs

    A hard worker is appreciated by everybody but a workaholic is not liked by many. The person who has got an addiction to work is called a workaholic. The workaholic wishes to work for 24 hours a day as a machine. He is not at all interested in other activities. He won't believe others and think that he alone can work perfectly. There are ways to control and come out of this habit. The workaholic person should learn to allocate time for everything in life, as each moment of life is important.
  • How to control joint pain? Reasons of pain and Natural ways to cure    By: chitracs

    When we work more, we get pain throughout the body, especially our joints will ache more. Reasons and natural treatments of joint pain. To keep our joints fit, we should take balanced diet. Doing regular exercise is also required for smooth functioning of muscles and bones. We should practice yoga and meditation to keep our mind and body fit. We should not take over dosage of medicines, since it causes the side effect of pain in joints. Drinking enough water and having good sleep also helps.
  • Immune system - Understanding how human body defence system works    By: Swati

    Immune system is a very complex and sophisticated immunity system our body to fight unwanted bacteria, infections, viruses etc.. Most of our immune system cells responsible for our defense are called white blood cells, they help to destroy infected cells and coordinate the overall response.
  • Are all energy drinks good for health?    By: chitracs

    Energy drinks are soft drinks advertised as providing more energy than a typical drink. The energy drinks are sold in shops, grocery stores, bars and nightclubs, in mixed drinks. Most energy drinks are carbonated drinks that contain large amounts of caffeine and sugar with additional ingredients, such as B vitamins, amino acids e.g. taurine, and herbal stimulants such as guarana. Many energy drinks are not good for health. Addiction to energy drinks should be avoided.
  • What are Kidney stones made of? How are stones formed in Kidney?    By: Swati

    Kidney stones are masses of crystals, protein or other substances. There are four major types of kidney stones. How Do Kidney Stones Form - Diagnosis and treatment.
  • Brain Training - Play brain games to mind your sharp and agile    By: chitracs

    How to keep our brain and mind sharp with age? Just like engaging ourselves in doing various physical and training activities, it is essential to do brain training. The creative thoughts and stimulation sharpen the brain related activities and brain training helps to increase the speed. There are many brain training methods to follow. The online brain training methods are also available. The brain training strategy demands using different parts of the brain simultaneously.
  • How to maintain a healthy dark hair? Prevent hair fall and graying.    By: bubbly

    With the growth of fashion and metro culture youngsters lack interest in maintaining their health and healthy hair. Natural ways to improve hair quality. Moreover people into the Information Technology sector find less free time. Therefore it becomes really difficult to avoid stress from their life. This in turn leads to a lot of health related problems. One such serious problem is the ill health of their hair.Hair is a person’s asset. just like ones dress, shoes, belt, etc..
  • Almond - The natural pain reliever. Health benefits of Almonds.    By: Oasis

    Two days in a row I got up with a terrible headache. I had an occasional headache and popped a pill to relieve the pain. But recently the headaches were getting more frequent and less relenting. Even my tried and tested pain killer could not alleviate the pain until my father recommended Almonds. Read on if you are also struggling with frequent headaches and are tired of popping pills.
  • Blood donation - A noble act. The World Blood Donor Day.    By: JNLakshmi

    June 14th is celebrated universally as the World Blood Donor Day. There are millions of people who loose life world wide, without getting blood on time. Blood donation is a noble, life saving act. Blood donation can really make a big difference to a person who is in need. Study says that every 2 minutes someone needs blood.
  • Signs of Depression. Symptoms of stress, depression and tension.    By: Swati

    Depression is a common but a serious illness and many women never undergo psychiatric treatment. What are the signs and symptoms of depression (Stress or tension)? Reasons of depression include death of relative ( or spouse), divorce, jail term, injury, stress at work, marriage depression, retirement, pregnancy, loss of finance or insecurity due to lack of money, mortgage ..
  • Vegetarianism - Health benefits. Vegetarian diet advantages.    By: JNLakshmi

    Have you heard that people are changing to vegetarian diet lately? Yes, It is true. Vegetarian diet has wide range of health benefits. The reasons may be, meat getting expensive, concerns about the killing of animals, religious believes and also due to increase in the awareness of vegetarian diet benefits.
  • Stress management - Causes and Symptoms of stress    By: chitracs

    In the modern world, everybody has become busy. Due to work pressure and commitment, all are facing the problem of stress. There are some stress management techniques which solve this problem and keep us healthy. We should have regular exercise, meditation, balanced diet, time management, habit of relaxing in between the hard work, engaging the mind in hobbies and having the mind of accepting failure/negative results. When we have positive approach, the stress will not come to us.
  • How does AIDS-HIV virus spreads. Facts, prevention and safe sex    By: Christine Torcato

    When to do Elisa antibody test. About 90% of AIDS infections are due to unprotected sex i.e. without the use of condoms. Goa ranks seventh statewise for the prevalence of HIV. Social contacts are like kissing, hugging, talking, sharing clothes, sharing toilets, shaking hands, sharing of food or plates, light coughing or sneezing, traveling together, mosquitoes and other insects and finally working in the same office do not lead to transmission of AIDS virus.
  • Understanding AIDS - Facts, Myths and How AIDS virus spreads    By: chitracs

    We all might have heard about AIDS infection, but many of us may not be knowing the full details about aids. AIDS (Acquired immune deficiency syndrome) means a set of symptoms and infections caused due to damage to the human immune system. The virus known as “human immunodeficiency virus”(HIV), causes this disease. The aids is not spread through touching, hugging, drinking or eating from utensils used by aids infected person. We can move well socially with the aids infected persons.
  • Women healthcare - Components of fitness and health in women    By: chitracs

    In the olden days, nobody cared for women healthcare. Due to advancement in the field of science and technology, the usage of medicines for all the diseases has become common. The society and family members started to care for women healthcare also. The women should take care of their health properly. They should eat well and drink 8 glasses of water daily. They should engage in activities like exercise, yoga and meditation also. The girls should be educated well from childhood.
  • Oriental Medicine Series - Part 1: Egyptian medicine and mummies    By: Hueman

    Effort has been made through this small compilation, to bring before the learned brethren of medicine, before the wise critics of various practices, before the suffering populace and the entire human race, without prejudice, but with a just intention to present the facts and features of TRUE SYSTEMS OF HEALING the human body, mind and soul in its entirety.
  • What is Acne - Types of Skin Acne    By: Marilynn Syrett

    Information about Acne - It is the most common of all skin disorders and all women have faced it and some or the other points in their lives. If you are in your teens, then it is as normal as can be.
  • Old age problems - Health issues and keeping a positive attitude    By: chitracs

    Some people believe that getting old itself is a disease. If planned correctly, all the old age problems can be solved and every moment during old age can be spent in an enjoyable way. The biological, physiological, emotional and functional problems come definitely during old age. If we face all the problems with courage, the old age will be gold age. We should cultivate the habit of helping others during young age and middle age. This will help us to solve our old age problems.
  • Obesity prevention - Healthy habits to prevent and cure obesity    By: chitracs

    We see many people suffer from obesity. What is this obesity? In general terms, we can say that obesity means overweight. Because of obesity, many people getting isolated from the society and lost interest in social activities. They also suffer from many diseases like heart attack, diabetes and pain in joints etc. The irregular food habits is the main cause for obesity. The lack of exercise is another reason for obesity. Sometimes, heredity reasons also cause obesity.
  • Why Are Americans Fat And Obese - Who Is Responsible?    By: Jessica

    America is the fattest nation and we have the worst lifestyle in the world. Our commercial food industry is also responsible for our fat and obesity problem.
  • Myth broken: Drink 8 glass of water every day for good health?    By: Swati

    Drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water (more than 2 liters) of water is required for good health is just a myth according to a recent study. Drink water when you feel thirsty is good enough.
  • Veneers and teeth whitening at home – cosmetic dentistry that you can trust    By: Clint Jhonson

    Cosmetic dentistry creates what most of us truly long for: the brightest and whitest smile to steal the eye of whomever we meet.
  • Is A Low Carb Breakfast For Hungry People Like Me    By: Gnubas

    In this exciting article about low carb breakfast, we hope to share you the numerous aspects that this important subject has to give you.
  • Recover With Help From Anxiety Support Groups    By: Gnubas

    After reading our de scriptive article about anxiety support groups, you can impress your friends and family with the large amount of information you have got on this subject and about mental disorders in general.
  • Remedy for knee pain - Osteoarthritis tips, exercises and symptoms    By: David Prakash Kumar

    Knee pain is common especially for older women and it (osteoarthritis) causes a lot of suffering. Here are a few tips and exercises to reduce the pain caused by osteoarthritis. Menopause can also lead to the bone becoming brittle.
  • Understanding Alcoholism - Substance abuse and alcohol addiction    By: Ms Royce

    Alcohol abuse and alcoholism are associated with a broad range of medical, psychiatric, social, legal, occupation, economic and family problems. In summary, it is my goal to inform the reader what it means to have an addiction to alcohol. The word addiction means the compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance characterized by tolerance and by well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal. Addiction is the persistent compulsive use of a substance known to be harmful.
  • Keep fit and healthy    By: vinchand

    Health and fitness have to go together. Though used together often, they have different meanings. Both together make the body and mind better.
  • Slimming down - Get slim by doing exercises    By: David Prakash Kumar

    Exercising is the best way to get slim and reduce the weight of a person as it helps build up the muscles and burns up the excess calories. Exercises can be done by people in any age group,but older people need to take some precautions to prevent collapsing leading to other complications.
  • Natural way to treat allergies    By: Swati

    Allergy relief and natural treatment of seasonal allergy without medicine. Ways to treat spring allergies naturally. Natural allergy relief for itchy eyes and congestion. Fight pollens without taking medicines.
  • Asana Yoga Benefits and Information    By: Swati

    Yoga meaning "union" is truly the combination of mind body and the spirit. Yoga has been practiced in India from last thousand of years. The most common form of Yoga is the Asana yoga which refers to the distinct postures of the body. Asana Yoga is a way to boost strength, flexibility but also bringing mental and emotional strength from inside ones body.
  • Various Types of acne    By: Swati

    Eighty percent of all teenagers and almost twenty percent of all adults suffer from acne at some point of time. Acne is a term used for a variety of symptoms such as pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads. It's a condition where the pores of skin become clogged and the person gets inflamed and non-inflamed lesions.

    There may be a lot of things that we know about acne but are all those true? Here are some common myths about acne that will help u to learn some facts about the problem and treat it better.

    Acne is a common skin disease causing pimples mostly on the face, back, neck, chest and shoulders. Anybody can suffer from acne, but it is most common in teenagers and young adults. However, if right measures are taken, acne can easily be done away with. Here are some ways of taking care of acne.

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