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  • Tips to decrease your blood pressure - Decrease risk of heart attacks.    By: David Prakash Kumar

    Lifestyle modification is very important in reducing the risk of a heart attack and also in controlling hypertension. This article presents a few simple methods of modifying the risk factors. This will help the individual to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Exercise to health: How to exercise to lead a healthy lifestyle    By: David Prakash Kumar

    Healthy lifestyle is an important aspect of healthcare. Exercises play an important role in a person leading a healthy lifestyle. Exercises need to be done in a proper way to have the beneficial effects. This article talks of the proper exercise sequence.
  • Reducing the risk of heart attacks: Simple tips everyone can follow.    By: David Prakash Kumar

    Heart attacks are a conmon occurence nowadays due to the drastic changes in lifestyle and increased risk factors. Here are a few tips for people at high risk of getting a heart attack to modify their lifestyle and lead a healthy lifestyle which will decrease the risk of a heart attack.
  • Some Health Tips to Keep the Body in Good Shape    By: lenlen79

    These are some health tips useful for everyday use. Ingredients are available in the house and supermarkets. These health tips keep the body in good shape.
  • High risks for heart attack. Are you at risk of getting a heart attack?    By: David Prakash Kumar

    Heart attacks are very common nowadays. This article highlights a few common risk factors that lead to heart attacks. Hope knowing these risk factors will help the readers in modifying the risks (if any) and lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • SELECTION OF FOOTWEAR    By: David Prakash Kumar

    Tips on selecting a good and comfortable footwear. Footwear selection is as important as selecting the dress we wear. Here are a few tips to select the right footwear. This can provide comfort as well as makes you look smart.
  • Foot care in Diabetes    By: David Prakash Kumar

    Foot Care and Diabetes - Feet are very important and integral part of the body, but it is also one of the most ignored parts of the body. Diabetic patients should never ignore their feet as a simple problem may become complicated leading to the loss of legs. This article tells a few simple tests to identify problems in the foot. Identifying these problems go a long way in preventing major foot problems.
  • Save yourself from Hypertension The silent killer. Tips to identify hypertension.    By: David Prakash Kumar

    Hypertension is one of the most commonest killer diseases. It also leads to several other fatal diseases. It is also one of the most ignored diseases. Her are a few tips to identify the disease before it gets you!!
  • What is Tinnitus    By: Noddy

    Tinnitus is a condition in the ears. It is a real threat to everybody. A ringing noise in the ear that could last for a lifetime to the unlucky ones.
  • Low back pain: Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention    By: David Prakash Kumar

    Back pain is a common problem seen in people of all ages. This article tells the cause, symptoms, treatment, prevention and ways of dealing with this condition. It also talks about some of the signs and symptoms of this problem.
  • Common complications of Diabetes    By: David Prakash Kumar

    Diabetes complications - This article deals with the commonest complications seen in diabetic patients around the world. The reason for the article is to help people reading this article to identify the complications early and seek appropriate treatment.
  • Neck pain: Symptoms and Treatment    By: David Prakash Kumar

    Neck pain is a common ailment seen in people of all ages. Symptoms and treatment of Neck pain. This article tells the causes and ways of dealing with this condition.
  • Diabetes - Facts everyone should know.    By: David Prakash Kumar

    Diabetes is one of the common diseases that is on the rise. Here are a few basic facts that everyone should know about the causes of diabetes, types, signs and symptoms of diabetes.
  • The Beauty of Sleep    By: sneha4u

    Sleep well - A good night sleep is indeed needed in order to relieve us of all tensions, stress and other disturbances caused by our daily routine. Sleep relaxes our body, rejuvenates our mind and spirit so as to make the coming day a great success!!
  • Health insurance is important, think and insure your health    By: Sreeni

    Health insurance is a policy which will provide medical coverage and bare the healthcare expenses of insured person. It is a contract between insurance company and individual or employer for a certain opted period of time to provide the insurance coverage based on the type of plan, premium amount and coverage of services. Contract can be renewable at
  • Exercise is a must    By: Wesley

    The use of exercises or running laps to penalize a participant is totally ridiculous. Allowing an incompetent performer to be heckled in a physical education class is intolerable. It is no wonder lots of people will not participate in sports or exercise. Who wants to do something that is related with pain, punishment, or embarrassment? Apparently, not all people can do extremely well in athletics or even make the team. Possibly you have a negative attitude with respect to exercise.
  • Importance of Physical Fitness    By: Wesley

    Research polls shows that people today are turn out to be more health centered. As a result, people are becoming more concerned in making fitness exercise an integral part of their life-style. This article will introduce you to the importance of physical fitness. You will discover all about exercise and its benefits and will also learn how to make a personal exercise program that is safe, reasonable, effective, and, most important, rewarding and enjoyable.
  • Choose multivitamins wisely - Supplement multivitamin selection    By: devk

    The growth in the market of multi vitamin products is growing more and more, each claiming to be the best. It is important that you choose the best multivitamin product for you and your lifestyle. But with thousands of them you might not know which the best is. Choosing multivitamins wisely will only improve your health, but choosing unwisely will have no benefits at all.
  • Tulsi: Herbal medicines for good health. Tulsi plant (or Basil)    By: ramukavis

    Tulsi is a wonderful herbal medicine with many health benefits. Tulsi is considered to be an excellent home remedy. Wealth without health is waste in the world! So maintaining health is very important for everyone to live a happy and long life.! Herbs and herbal medicines are available to mankind to cure many chronic diseases! Herbal medicines have no side effects and not harmful.! Know about simple herbal remedies!!
  • Texas Medical Transcription    By: DrRaymond

    Texas Medical Transcription invites you to extend us the opportunity to show you why TMT should be YOUR service provider. TMT offers you quality, and efficiency. TMT employs stringent quality control measures in compliance with HIPAA regulations with proof readers that deliver 99 % accuracy as well as data security like no other thanks to our In-House Tech Support team.
  • HEALTH plus WEALTH equals to HAPPY LIFE    By: DR S

    Wealth is very important part of life but not at the stake of good health. People tend to run after wealth. When small they aspire to be something. They grow up. They try to attain their goals. Though they achieve them partly and still run after them. Sadly enough in this long run the most neglected part is their health. Once they achieve wealth by toiling hard ,they spend most of it remaining healthy. So a proper balance of mind spirit and body is the most essential part of a happy blissful..
  • Beat the dandruff trouble    By: David Prakash M

    Dandruff is a common problem. It causes increased hair fall and also reduces the confidence of people. Here are a few tips to beat the dandruff trouble for good.
  • Quick to make and Nutritious Recipes - Wanna try!!!    By: GalUR0ck

    I am glad to share some amazing recipes of Protein Uttapams, Coconut Chutney, Protein Dosas, Mint refreshing Drink and Panna (Raw mango refreshing Drink ); which are easy and quick to make and also have high protein content and are extremely nutritious.
  • Healthy is wealth - Your good health is your true wealth    By: senorita

    We should not ,we must avoid fast food, alcohol, smoking if we want a good health. In the ancient time people eat a healthy and Desi food like home made makhan bajree ki roti chhach milk etc they eat food without any preservative ,and as we all know they live so long rather today's people. Those people have the real beauty too ,without makeup they look so real and good ,they use real product rather artificial for enhancing beauty, ie besan for bathing so avoid harmful product to stay healthy.
  • Lose weight fast: Some Tips to help you learn!    By: Neelmani

    Here are 5 tips to help you learn how to lose weight fast and keep it off. So many people want to lose weight and put in an honest effort to do so, yet the results are less than satisfying. Although the person has very good intentions without the proper guidance or knowledge it is likely the intentions will not prevail, only disappointment.
  • Dental Oral Surgery Supplies and Equipments    By: denmedpro

    Do you specialize in oral and maxillofacial surgery? Are you up to speed on the latest advancements in dental equipment and supplies for treatment and surgical procedures of problems related to the teeth, gums, jaw, or neck?
  • Tips to Shed a Few Extra Pounds!    By: davinder mb

    The Christmas season is a time when most people tend to let go, throwing caution to the wind. Overspending on credit cards, overindulging on alcohol and just eating a bit too much are some of the outcomes. Come January/February and we get a huge shock when we see the credit card bill, or step on the bathroom scale. I can't help you with the credit card bill, but can help loose those extra pounds.
  • Compounding Pharmacy    By: Michael Bustamante

    Compounding pharmacy is the process of mixing drugs by a pharmacist or physician to fulfill the unique needs of a patient. This is mostly done for necessary medical reasons, such as to change the solid form medication pill to a liquid, to avoid such ingredients that the patient is allergic to, or to obtain the exact dose needed. It may also be done for voluntary reasons, such as adding favorite flavors to a medication.
  • World Diabetes Day - Number people with diabetes in India    By: Mach

    World Diabetes Day is for the people with diabetes and improvements in diabetes healthcare and prevention. It also brings awareness about diabetes care among children and to raise funds for Diabetes health care.
  • Health Guide for Computer Users. Dealing with aches and pains.    By: Mach

    We do spend most of our time with our personal computer and often get backaches, headaches, eye pain or stress, sore neck, other aches and pains. It is inevitable fact. We cannot say BYE BYE to computer. Can we? So what happens? Staring at a monitor screen for a long time is responsible for many computer related health problems.
  • Dattatray Barve becomes first Punekar to get NobleGuide treatment    By: B D Narayankar

    Sporting a beautiful and wonderful set of working teeth is everybody's dream, including elderly people. They would certainly love to get the smile back on their faces. This wouldn't have been possible a few years back as there were hardly any hi-tech dental solutions. But with Nobel Biocare's dental solutions there is now a good chance for even septuagenarians to get back their smiles on their faces.
  • Metropolis plans pathology labs across globe    By: B D Narayankar

    Diagnostic chain Metropolis plans to make its presence felt in international market by setting up its pathological labs in Thailand, South Asia, South-East Asia, West Asia, Africa, Latin America, Bangladesh, Nepal and China.
  • How to keep brain healthy and active    By: Swati

    Things to do for keeping our brain healthy with age. Brain exercises, healthy diet and being active are best ways to maintain our brain power as we become old. If you think you have been too forgetful lately, then consult your doctor.
  • Excellent tips for getting good sleep during tough times    By: adonais

    Are you desperately longing for a good sleep without any stress? Here are some tips that will help you to get a good sleep specially during tough times.
  • Please donate blood. Benefits and facts of blood donation.    By: Jessica

    Benefits of blood donation, facts and reasons why you should donate blood regularly. Donation of blood is a simple and easy process. Types of blood groups and products derived from whole blood.
  • 10,000 steps a day for complete fitness    By: JNLakshmi

    Everyday we need to try to increase our activity level, so that we stay fit and healthy. Walking 10000 steps a day is the best way to stay fit and away from overweight and obesity. We need to slowly work to reach this target. See if you can invest in pedometer which is around $10, the basic model that counts the step you take. For a normal person, who does not exercise much it might take months to reach the target of 1000 steps. But that is really fine.
  • Different Skins need different type of skin care    By: books_freek

    Different types of skin and taking care of your particular skin type. Check what your skin type is; At times it is not the weather or region which is the reason for skin problems but it is understanding your own skin, so the following article explains about each skin type and their needs. therefore check what your skin type is? Different Skins need Different Care..!
  • Simple skin care tips during winter. Prevent skin from getting dry.    By: chitracs

    Winter makes our skin dry and gives a miserable look. So, proper care should be taken to maintain the skin during winter / cold season. There are simple ways by which we could keep our skin normal. The natural home remedies would help a lot to save our skin and hair from extreme cold.In winter, by drinking plenty of water, the moisture content in the skin would be maintained properly. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables would also serve the purpose. We need not fear about winter.
  • Interesting facts about Sleep. What happens when we sleep?    By: Bharat

    Sleeping is a natural way for body to relax. Sleep deprivation, microsleeps, health risks of less sleep and other facts about Sleeping. A healthy average adult person sleeps between 7 to 9 hours each night. Do we need less sleep as we grow older? Very interesting facts about human sleeping.
  • Weight loss - 5 easy exercises to lose weight fast    By: Swati

    The best way to lose weight is combination of watchful eating, doing regular exercises and determination. Weight loss is not a simple, fast and easy procedure, but frankly little changes in your lifestyle and some easy exercises mentioned below will help you get rid of excessive fat, cut your fat bit by bit.
  • Health hazards of Particulate Matter and interesting facts of SPM    By: shiv

    Presense of Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) in the air we breathe leads to health hazards. Particulate Matter leads to premature mortality, chronic respiratory disease, weakening of eyesight, pre existing heart of lung or asthmatic patients are very much sensitive to particulate matter as these minute particles is inhaled at constant rate .
  • Aerobic Exercises health benefits - Healthy heart, lungs and body    By: chitracs

    Aerobic exercises is a form of physical exercise to strengthen muscles, control obesity by increasing fat burn, promote healthy body and other health benefits. In the present day life, to do the daily work at home, we use all sorts of machines and the physical work is only minimum. By eating fast foods and junk foods, the carbohydrate content would increase causing weight increase. Everybody wish to live as long as they could and remain healthy until they die.
  • OSTEOARTHRITIS - Pain in joints and bones, prevention and exercises    By: Rohini Upreti

    Osteoarthritis is the inflammation of joints between the bones, painful ailments and often starts in old age. However, there is little that people actually know about it apart from the fact that it comes with old age. Osteoarthritis, in fact has got nothing to do with age !!! Its just a state of functioning of the body which is reached due to wear and tear over a period of time. It can happen to anybody at any age and on the other hand can be completely avoided by taking proper care.
  • Physiotherapy (or physical therapy through exercises)    By: chitracs

    What is physiotherapy and who is a physiotherapist? The study of physiotherapy is a branch of medicine to deal with therapeutic treatment of doing physical exercises and other activities that help to promote health and ensure proper functioning of our organs. The physiotherapy treatment helps for restoration of the body to the normal condition. The physiotherapy treatment is a form of treatment used for curing and prevention of diseases.
  • Antibacterial Soap - Ingredients, dangers, facts and myths    By: Jessica

    Comparison of ordinary (regular) soap to an antibacterial soap containing triclosan. Is it better for removing bacteria? What are the facts and myths? Are there any dangers?
  • Number one rule of Weight Loss for ordinary people: GO SLOW !    By: Swati

    Have you ever tried to lose weight fast. Did it work, probably not. Next time try to go slowly, don't rush to loose weight quickly. Regular/ ordinary / common people should not be influenced by what we see on TV and magazines but make a more gradual plan to reach their target weight and body figure.
  • The magical tips to be acne free fast    By: adonais

    Tired of your acne problem, here are a few tips to help you out. Magical mantra for a acne free skin. Acne in adolescence and teenage. Never get cheated by the advertisements of acne products, never scratch your face, eat healthy and give a chance to certain miracle cures before consulting a dermatologist.
  • Reduce sodium intake for a healthy life - Eat less salt    By: JNLakshmi

    Sodium is a vital mineral in our body, but eating too much salt is harmful for health. Sodium is beneficial for normal functions of our body. But when consumed at higher level, then it may have adverse effects. For general health and well-being, the low-sodium diet is recommended. Eat less pre-cooked or processed food, and eat more fresh food.
  • How to live long - Checklist for a healthy long life    By: Swati

    How to live longer and have a long healthy life. We can boost our lifespan by having an active and stress free life. Tips to live long (not forever). Aging is an unavoidable phenomena but is is all about how to delay it. Everyone eventually faces problems like memory loss, hearing problems, poor eyesight, wrinkled skin and weak bones.
  • Immunization - To safeguard against deadly diseases    By: JNLakshmi

    Immunizations is preventive measure to safeguard a child from illnesses and death caused by infectious diseases. Vaccines protect children by helping prepare their bodies to fight often serious, and potentially, deadly diseases.

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