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  • Good eating habits in children:    By: Deena David

    Children have to be given the right kind of foods to induce good eating habits. The role of a mother is to make sure that the child gets adequate food that is nutritious and also induces good eating habits.
  • Water for good health: Benefits of drinking a lot of water    By: David Prakash Kumar

    Water is one of the most important necessities of the human body. One cannot live without water. This article talks of the importance of water and the role it plays in maintaining body functions.
  • Healthy food habits means good health    By: Muhammed Haris

    Healthy food habits make a person to possess a good health. Preference of food items differ from person to person but the overall requirement of vitamins and proteins is the same for every human being. Not every food item has all the components required for good health.
  • Cooking food is a healthy habit    By: Muhammed Haris

    A person likes to cook food can maintain good health and fitness. Cooking if a very healthy habit. The main to spoil oneís health is to eat outside, wherever the food is available.
  • Tea and Coffee - Caffeine for Artificial Alertness    By: Muhammed Haris

    Tea and Coffee are being used as the drinks to bring the artificial alertness. Tea and Coffee contains caffeine. Excess consumption of caffeine is harmful to health.
  • Eat balanced diet: Fiber for healthy living    By: Deena David

    Fiber in the diet has many benefits. The are recommended by almost all diet protocols. This article talks of the role played by fiber in a balanced diet and how it helps the various systems of the body to function better.
  • Why should we quit drinking alcohol?    By: Muhammed Haris

    Alcohol is a drink, which people widely prefer in the parties. Frankly, we quit drinking alcohol. A party without liquors is not considered to be fun by the people anymore.
  • Acidity or Heartburn : It can even lead to death    By: David Prakash Kumar

    Heartburn or acidity is on the rise with our changing eating patterns and diet. Here in this article, few methods of preventing acidity is given and also the precautions one needs to take in case you have heartburn.
  • Simple tips to reduce your weight. Reduce weight smartly !    By: David Prakash Kumar

    Reducing weight is thought to be very difficult. People go therough many diets and exercise protocols to reduce weight. This article talks of a few simple ideas that everyone can follow, that will help in reducing the weight.
  • Benefits of Drinking Tea - Why people drink Tea?    By: devk

    Why do people drink Tea? - Tea can prevent many health ailments. This ancient beverage is taken by many mainly for its medicinal benefits nowadays. Tea has got many medicinal and healing properties and helps people in many ways.
  • Get a Nutrition hit with this Quinoa with tofu and mushrooms recipe    By: Histo

    This dish is great for vegetarians; it is high in the B vitamins, iron, protein and calcium. Itís also very good for the heart.
  • Enjoy cooking food - How to get into a good mood to cook food    By: chitracs

    Cooking done with love and affection makes the food more tastier. We almost cook daily but we may not enjoy cooking or have the right mood to enter the kitchen. How to change the mood and bring involvement in cooking? Cooking is an art. We should feel proud if we know cooking.When are we loosing mood and interest in cooking and how to overcome? Rarely, making changes in the schedule and going out for dinner may change the mood.
  • CURRY LEAVES Ė A Delight of Indian Cuisine!!    By: Rohini Upreti

    Curry leaf is an essential ingredient of most dishes cooked in South India. Recipe of Gujarati dish Khandavi. Curry leaves can be washed and dried in shade and stored in air tight containers, as they still retain their flavor. India is a land of many cultures, is well known for its delicious array of cuisines from all over. One of them is the South Indian cuisine which is loved by one and all. One of the key ingredients of this food, which gives it the distinct aroma and flavor, is Curry Leaf.
  • Carbonated drinks should be banned - Ban on soda drinks    By: mandeep

    Soda cold drinks or carbonated drinks contain many harmful preservatives and must be banned, for health reasons The carbon dioxide hurts our digestion system, spoils our teeth, weakens our bones and it is sold at Rs.33.00 per litre, equivalent of Rs.33.00 you get best seasonal fruits. So it is my personal opinion that that cold drinks should be banned.
  • Are you a Vegetarian or a Non-vegetarian?    By: Deepz

    Definition of "vegetarian" and its categories. The most common question we come across when we meet new people or attend a party, "Are you a vegetarian or non-vegetarian?" We often hear, people saying, "we are vegetarians, pure vegetarians." If you tend to say that next time, just hold on, there are few facts you need to know! Do you consume dairy produts like milk, butter etc.. then you cannot label yourself as pure vegetarians, you are a semi-vegetarian! World vegetarian day is October 1st
  • Drunk driving - Risks posed by drunken drivers    By: chitracs

    Risks of drunk driving and how to curb it. The act of driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol is called drunk driving. The driver should be aware of the risk involved. The consumption of alcohol imposes negative impacts. The dullness due to intake of alcohol, affects proper functioning of sensitive organs, which slows his actions of perception, speed and performance. Much risk is involved in drunk driving.Severe punishment should be given to those involved in Drunk driving.
  • Garlic treatments, Health benefits of Garlic and Herbal medicine.    By: Swati

    Advantages and disadvantages of eating garlic. Nutritional value of garlic or lassan. Claims of health benefits include asthma cure, acne, diabetes, lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, cold cure and even a natural mosquito repellent.
  • Health benefits of blueberries - Good for heart, eyes, cholesterol    By: Swati

    Blueberries are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. They are good for heart, eyes, cholesterol, urinary tract, aging and weight Loss. Blueberry is the the best fruit and even reduce chances of many cancers.
  • Health benefits of chocolates. Cocoa is good for heart and brain    By: Swati

    Dark chocolate and Cocoa are good for heart, brain, skin, blood pressure and even sex. Eating chocolates have many health benefits as they are rich in Antioxidants and helps the body from aging.
  • Filter coffee - Don't skip the sip! Brewing a perfect Madras kaapi    By: JNLakshmi

    Filter coffee is the traditional drink of India, specially in the south. This 'good morning drink' can help do away with drowsiness and energizes your day. Brewing perfect coffee - The quality of the filter coffee starts right from the process of buying the coffee bean powder. The decotion brewed fresh every morning will give a rich taste. The consistency of decotion really matters for the taste.
  • Is Red Wine Good for Health and Heart? Benefits of Drinking Wine.    By: Jessica

    Health benefits of red wine and white wine - which is better? Advantages and disadvantages of drinking, wines may reduce heart attacks and lower cholesterol. Resversatrol compound in red wines may have an anti-aging effect and therefore it may help us to live longer.
  • Pure Vegetarian? - Check out the ingredients label for Gelatin    By: JNLakshmi

    There are lot of products, specially the kids snacks which contain "Gelatin" in them. Gelatin is made from boiling the bones and skin of cows and pig.
  • My kids hate fruits and vegetables. Veggies are boring but healthy    By: Tim

    Doctors recommend eating at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Veggies are very important for health and my children hate them. We often joked about vegetarians as grass eating cows.. (not anymore).
  • Lactose intolerance: Why some people feel sick after drinking milk    By: Swati

    A common complain we hear from people or kids is "I hate milk - Cow milk makes me feel sick", well it could be because of lactose intolerance in some children and adults. Due to deficiency of lactase enzyme you can feel sick after taking dairy products like milk.
  • Is Tomato just a fruit or more? Health benefits of tomatoes.    By: chitracs

    Everybody in the world uses tomato daily, in some form. Tomatoes are the favourite fruit in the kitchen and have many health benefits. It is commonly known as "love apple". Tomato can be consumed in the raw form or cooked. Tomato is rich in iron, potash salts, vitamins A,C and D. The tomato not only thrills the taste buds and brightens the dinner table, it also helps to fight disease. tomato acts as a blood purifier and as an antiseptic. The lycopene in tomato fights against cancer.
  • Peanut Butter - Choice Of Millions For Health And Energy    By: Mach

    Health benefits of eating peanut butter. It contains high content of proteins and yields energy. Two peanut butter sandwiches and a cup of dairy milk fill about 83% of a growing childís daily need of protein.
  • FAD DIETS - DO THEY HELP?    By: Mach

    What is FAD DIET? Is it harmful to human body? Human body needs the essential nutrients to survive. Fad Diets do not provide them. But why people want it? Is it to shake off extra weight? People should understand how to maintain good health. This article shows FAD DIETS do not help to maintain normal health.
  • FOOD FADS - Healthy Eating Choices    By: Rohini Upreti

    Healthy, Wealthy & Wise!! Everyone makes all the possible efforts to make themselves fit into this phrase..Health, always comes first because Wealth and Wisdom will automatically follow!! Isn't It?? But are we headed in the right direction? Are we making the right food choices and not merely being victims of the ever emerging and disappearing FOOD FADS??!!! Read on to understand what exactly the term means......
  • Diet for Middle Aged People - Diet for fitness and good health    By: vinu

    Diet is taking an important role in people's health and fitness, especially for middle age men. Some diseases of advanced age such as bone or heart diseases , and other age associated diseases require dietary modifications. This article explains about right diet which is suitable for middle aged people.
  • Kitchen garden - Planting A Home Vegetable Garden    By: chitracs

    We all love the greenery in our backyard and to make it even useful as can plan for a kitchen garden. We can grow vegetables, fruits and plants of flowers in the kitchen garden. Those who live in apartments, can keep kitchen garden in balcony, by putting plants in pots and keeping them in balcony. We can keep the pots in the upstairs also for the purpose of kitchen.
  • Bottled water harms environment: Tap water is equally clean & good    By: Tim

    Some believe that drinking bottled water means less intake of chemicals and pollutants. Some believe we will live longer & healthy by not drinking drinking tap water. A comparison of tap and bottled water.
  • Find Easy Soup Recipes Online - Home Cooking    By: Gnubas

    Home made soup recipes are plentiful and contain inexpensive ingredients. They soup recipes are easy and quick to make, and result in a tasty starter to any meal. Like an infant who has discovered a new fun plaything, this article about easy soup recipes will present a whole new world of awe and wonder for you.
  • Healthy food and drink - Healthy eating habits    By: chitracs

    Many people think that we should eat something, whenever we feel hungry. Actually, taking healthy food and drink at the right time is the correct food habit. Drinking water in the empty stomach in the early morning and afterwards, once in 3 hours is much important. The breakfast should not be skipped for anything. The lunch should contain fruits and vegetables. The dinner may be light. We need not take any medicine if we take healthy food and drink.
  • Wine Regions of Italy - Le Marche    By: Jessica

    There are some good reasons why Italian wines are very difficult to classify in a structured way. First of all Italy has been a wine producer since the beginning of civilization and we had all the time to develop hundreds of different grape varieties.

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