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  • Reasons why students should study Civil Engineering | Vishwesharayya.    By: Muhammed Haris

    Civil Engineering is an excellent branch of engineering, ignored by many students today. Sir M. Vishwesharayyawa was honored with the knighthood for his excellence in Civil Engineering branch.
  • Studying abroad - The Mental Aspect.    By: Abhi

    It is not before one experiences it closely that one realizes the agony that comes free with the pursue of studies abroad. Giving it a thought is one thing, but when the vision turns into realism it brings with itself tough mental challenges. No doubt, studying abroad is a dream-come-true… but little attention is paid to the small but significant psychological aspects of this achievement. Parents, I’ve have seen, crying with excruciating pain of almost losing a child… read more, discover more!
  • Do we need to FAMILIARIZE or MEMORIZE things?    By: M A Silong

    To familiarize and to memorize is the same in some little ways. But they are different from big things. To familiarize and to memorize is commonly heard on schools. But then, to make things easier and much more correct, do we just need to familiarize or memorize instead?
  • Where do Indian institutes stand -World ranking of education in India.    By: Abhi

    Education in any form is the backbone of a society and the means by which a nation progresses. India stands 111th in world literacy rankings with a literacy rate of 59.50%, USA and UK share the 8th spot with a rate of 99%. Indian Institute of Technologies (IIT) & Indian Institute of Managements (IIM) have many branches across India & are probably the two prestigious institutes Indians boast of. IIT Delhi features in the world rankings at 154. For detailed rankings and great analysis read on...!
  • Quirk Quota Qualm - Justified!    By: Abhi

    What I intend to write here in this piece has got no bearing with the strong alliteration in the title! The faulty quota system in the education system in India justifiably evokes misgivings. What is quota? It is an unfounded, baseless and unacceptable allocation of the seats in the colleges of India for a certain group of people. In fact it is a Supreme Court ruling and quota system is followed by all and sundry, technology institutes, medical colleges, universities like DU, CU, stc. Read more!
  • Importance of Attitude and Aptitude in Teaching. The Maker of One's Life.    By: Jashodhara

    Aptitude to be a teacher requires proper ATTITUDE for teaching. If the guiding sources are incompetent, then the system erupts into a volcano of bribe in later life. This is an Article on the hidden Base of our Society: Proper Education to cultivate the Best Character into the National System to avoid the Rot. A very short point of view for the unfathomable Depth. A great but challenging step in Life.
  • Challenges in hunting for a job after college    By: Muhammed Haris

    Hunting for a job is a challenge being faced by the youngsters in India. Students complete during their graduation, come out of the college in dream of getting a good job in the corporate world. But their failures in the initial interviews, just because of lack of experience does not take anywhere.
  • Microsoft office applications: A Revolution brought by Microsoft    By: Muhammed Haris

    Microsoft has brought a revolution in the filed of Software. Before Microsoft windows and other Microsoft office applications came into existence, a person who wanted to use a computer was supposed to have a programming knowledge.
  • TEACHING THROUGH PELT    By: Jashodhara

    What is PELT: Whatever cannot be done by punishment, can be possible only by PRAISE, ENCOURAGEMENT, LOVE and TRUST (or PELT). Praise and encouragement are the flowers and leaves of a plant. A plant grows to a big juicy tree when love and trust are showered on it. Human beings are born with some qualities in them but the environment sometimes is not favourable to excel their qualities. The teachers’ and educators’ first duty is to see and try to bring out the talent of the person.
  • Qualities of a good teacher    By: Deena David

    This article talks of the various qualities that should be present in a teacher. Teachers are the people who change the lives of many children. They are also considered role models by many children.
  • Need of professional guidance for a child in choosing the right career    By: Deena David

    Career guidance is a profession in itself. Children need guidance from an early age to make them understand their abilities and to make the right choice. This will help to make the child successful in life.
  • Child's Education: Role of family in influencing and educating a child    By: Deena David

    The role of the family in a child's education is very important. This is because each member of the family influences the life of a child from the time the child is born.
  • What is the correct age for a child to start Preschool and schooling?    By: Deena David

    This article talks of the correct age for a child to be sent to preschool and then to school. For a child to start school, there are various criteria. Parents are always in a dilemma as to when to send a child to school.
  • Importance of Education | Why is education important among youths    By: Neeraj

    Education has its own importance in this modern era. It has an immense impact on the human society. It is the only thing which made difference between human and animal. In other words, man becomes a rational animal when he is educated. The importance of education is quite clear. Education is the knowledge of putting one's potentials to maximum use. One can safely say that a human being is not in the proper sense till he is educated.
  • Marching towards a better future    By: books_freek

    'A better future' here refers to a much an improvised and a changed future for us, for our country and this world. Besides working towards a better future for ourselves we should also learn to work towards a better tomorrow for the people around us. Education my friend is very important, because as an educated you will lead to an educated country. Don’t we all want our nation to be among the developed and the powerful countries?
  • Book Banks in Chennai    By: Archana

    Book Bank was a concept that was introduced more than 10-15 years back in Chennai. Chennai is well known across the country for its Tamil population and its renowned Bhartanatyam dance. What the state is also well known for are the number of educational institutes in the engineering field in and around the city. With a large number of students enrolled in these colleges and pursuing engineering education in Chennai, a number of Book Banks provide students with whatever textbooks they require.
  • Help to choose a right career    By: books_freek

    Which is the right career for me? It is very important to know yourself and to understand your preference and interest before you choose a career. Often we like something and we dislike certain other things say you like physics but you dislike chemistry. However it’s important to finish a basic level in chemistry to get a science degree.
  • Financial management tools in a business    By: Muhammed Haris

    Financial management is a required skill for every businessman. Cost of Capital, Capital budgeting, Ratio Analysis, Trading on Equity and Cash flow analysis.
  • Cold and Flu - Basic Introduction    By: Yoshi

    Everyone gets a cold from time to time. Children get more colds than adults. Colds usually last 1 to 2 weeks. You can catch a cold at any time of year, but they are more common in late winter and early spring. There is no cure for a cold. Antibiotics will not cure a cold. If you catch a cold, treat the symptoms. Influenza (flu) is a viral infection. People often use the term "flu" to describe any kind of mild illness, such as a cold or a stomach virus, that has symptoms like the flu. But the rea
  • OUR PALS UNDER THE PALL (Poem on Child labor)    By: Karthik

    Child labor is one of the severest scourges of your society, and we've come to silently bear it without creating any noise about it. A child laborer not just loses his/her childhood, but also has his/her perspective about the world totally misshapen. It's high time we realized that cost of child labor is far more expensive than that of education, and sometimes we'll not be able to bear it. Don't we all agree that 'Education is the cheapest form of defense !
  • Teaching well and other important methods to maintain classroom discipline:    By: Deena David

    Teaching is one of the most important professions. It builds the children into leaders of tomorrow. The children are easily distracted in classrooms and may be mischievious. This article tells of the important methods of maintaining classroom discipline.
  • Validity of an evaluation (test): Types of validity and methods    By: Deena David

    Validity of a testing method or evaluation method is very essential to make the test universally acceptable. If the test is not valid, then the testing method cannot be used for evaluation. This article talks of the types of validity and methods of improving a test to be more valid.
  • Simulations: Real life situation teaching method    By: David Prakash Kumar

    Simulation is a type of learning that gives experience to the learner of the real life situation. This makes learning more proactive and is useful for the learner. This article is about the types of simulation and the purposes of simulation.
  • Corruption in the entrance examinations | Fake identity in exams    By: Muhammed Haris

    There are many instances about cheating, fake identity and other ill practices taking place in the entrance examinations. Mainly on the professional entrance examinations for medical engineering courses, fraudulent acts have been widely practiced.
  • The recruitement and teaching methods of lecturers    By: Muhammed Haris

    The recruitment of the lecturers is done through specified qualification. Many times the decision of the management is final in recruiting the college staff. The matter of their talent and knowledge is hardly considered.
  • Irrelevance of college syllabuses    By: Muhammed Haris

    The syllabuses of colleges are designed by the experienced lecturers from different colleges. But the question is, can these lecturers who do not have the experience in actual working environment of the corporate world.
  • The choice of subjects in education    By: Muhammed Haris

    Here are some tips about how to choose the right set of subjects after Higher Secondary School. The choice of subjects in the education has always been a hard thing to decide.
  • Ragging at the college campus    By: Muhammed Haris

    Campus ragging has been a torture to be faced by the new joiners of college. In has become an entertainment to the students who are ragging and irritation to the students who are getting ragged.
  • Concept and meaning of counselling    By: David Prakash Kumar

    What is Counselling? It is an important method of giving advice to the young people. Counselling may be used to help the youngster achieve his goals or to help in maintaining emotional stability in the individual. This article talks of the concept and meaning of counselling.
  • The Montessori Method of education    By: David Prakash Kumar

    Montessori method of education is very important for the wholesome development of the child. Many schools follow this educational method. This article tells of the principles of the Montessori Method of education
  • Favorable studying environment in college. Causes of the disturbance    By: Muhammed Haris

    A favorable environment in the college greatly influences its students. Many colleges have external disturbance factors in their campus. The main causes of the disturbance in the colleges are as follows:
  • Basics of Accounting | Concept of Double Entry (Debit and Credit)    By: Muhammed Haris

    It has become a mandatory requirement for everybody to know about the basic methods of accounting. The double entry system is a system of book keeping, wherein each and every transaction (a business event), has to be recorded in the books of both the parties, by giving both debit and credit effects.
  • Making Primary education effective for all children    By: Muhammed Haris

    Primary education of children acts as a foundation in making their life successful. It is very important that parents support their children in getting a strong foundation in terms of children's primary education.
  • Technology in the classroom: Out with the old : By S.Pen    By: Guest

    Administrative uses of technology allow teachers to spend less time on cumbersome paperwork and more time on educational content and working with students (National School Boards Association, 2004).
  • Paradigm shifts in education : By S.Pen    By: Guest

    Educational paradigms impact success of students; therefore educators must be aware of them and make changes to traditional outdated beliefs and frameworks of education. Merriam-Webster defines paradigms as “philosophical or theoretical frameworks… within which theories, laws, and generalizations… are formulated” (2008). These paradigms influence educators’ perspectives, strategies, beliefs, and behaviors about students, schools, districts, and even parents.
  • Human relations at work in schools | Education : By S.Pen    By: Guest

    Education in Schools and Human Relations: The theory of Human Relations encompasses many factors. Educational leaders must consider the implications and possibilities of these factors in order to maximize productivity of the organization, because these factors will impact the effectiveness of the administrator.
  • Selecting a right career    By: Muhammed Haris

    Selecting a right career is an important aspect to show the better performance in one’s life. Achievement of a person cannot be same in all the fields. A person can perform better in his area of interest compared to the unfamiliar field for him.
  • Quality and Operation - Two roots of corporate ladder    By: Muhammed Haris

    Quality and Operations are two roots of corporate ladder. So one may be feeling a bit confused in the beginning his career, whether to go for quality root or in operations root.
  • Introduction to International English Language Testing system (IELTS)    By: David Prakash Kumar

    IELTs is an exam that is necessary for a person to immigrate to countries like Australia and Canada. It is also necessary for a student to gain entry into various universities. This article gives a basic introduction about the exam.
  • How to prepare for the IELTS Exam: Skills and Strategies required    By: David Prakash Kumar

    IELTS is a commonly written test as it is mandatory for students who want to study in developed nations. This article talks of the strategies and skills needed to get a high score in the exam.
  • Competitive examinations    By: Muhammed Haris

    There are many competitive examinations which acts as a gateway for many professions. These competitive examinations require a lot of hard work and preparation.
  • Making and submitting an abstract of a research    By: David Prakash Kumar

    An abstract is the most important part of a research study. It is first read by people. If it is interesting, then they go to the main study. So writing a proper abstract is most important for your paper to be accepted for a poster presentation or a journal publication.
  • Corruption in the field of education    By: Muhammed Haris

    Corruption has not left even the field of education. Education is a much respected thing and teachers who serve in that field are respected as Gurus, who are blessing the students with their knowledge.
  • Scientific paper and research report writing    By: David Prakash Kumar

    Scientific paper writing is neglected by many people even after the hard work of doing a research project. The method of writing a research paper is discussed in this article.
  • Importance of Post Graduation.    By: Muhammed Haris

    Should I do higher studies? Post graduation is the dream of most of the young people. But by the time they finish their graduation, they happen to join for a job for one or the other reason.
  • China's one child policy and birth rate: China Baby Boomer problem.    By: Swati

    China faces a large Baby Boomer generation in future because of it's one child policy that was implemented to reduce the birth rate to control it's population growth.
  • Fun with watercolors - Watercolor painting    By: books_freek

    Its not only children who are fond of watercolors but also many artists as well. It's not because of the use of water alone but so many other things that follow the painting.
  • Be Someone - Importance of education    By: Jcow81

    The world is changing and so is education and so is the importance of education in life. Due to the collapse in the world economy the bachelor's degree is equivalent to a high school diploma in the business world. People are coming out of retirement and scooping up jobs. In order to succeed in today's world it is important to make something of yourself. You can no longer get out of high school and enter the work force. You need to get a higher level of education. You need to be someone.
  • What is Bacteria | Bacteria and its functions. - By Harsha vardhan    By: Guest

    What is Bacteria - Well, bacteria is helpful in many ways and can also be also harmful. So in order to get rid of harmful bacteria, you need to understand what is bacteria and the functions of bacteria.
  • Steps to face the GRE test Successfully    By: suma

    Step by Step GRE test preparation tips and getting a good score. Students aspiring to pursue masters in USA, need to write the GRE test / exam. Most GRE students are apprehensive of taking the GRE but step by step preparation will go a long way to a good score.Lets begin by starting preparations atleast one year earlier.DO as many online tests and see how you score.Identify your weak area.Then try to improve on it.

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