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  • What is Greenhouse Effect - Does it cause Global warming?    By: Swati

    The definition of Greenhouse Effect in a Layman terms. Greenhouse effect for dummies - It is the rise in temperature that the Earth experiences because certain gases in the atmosphere.
  • History of incredible India - A quick and short course.    By: aniket

    India was known as Golden Bird in ancient era. Historically, the Indian subcontinent has been home to some of the world's great civilization. Dynasties such as the Buddhists, Mauryans, the Hindu Guptas and the Muslim Mughals spread their cultures and religion across India. As a result, India has remained dominated by a host of different cultures,a fact that has made it difficult to unify under one ruler. The Mughal empire declined in the 18th century, and Britain added India to its empire ..
  • Effects of Global Warming - A threat to our earth's ecosystem.    By: sonu

    Highlights of Global Warming: With the passage of years it has been seen that the range of warming speed has been increasing and the average temperature of the earth has risen above 1 degree Fahrenheit since year 1900 which has lead to the Global warming of the Earth. If we try identifying the causes we come across numerous human actions namely the green house effect, burning of log, deforestation, increasing smoke pollution and many other similar sources.
  • Astrology Science. Zodiac characteristics, finding good astrologer    By: Rohit M Parikh

    The zodiac signs, ownerships and characteristics under astrology beneficial aspects. Characteristics and responsibilities of a good astrologer and the power of meditation. Astrology is a science which was discovered in India, in fact it is the most ancient of all sciences in the world.
  • Learning a new language. Best way to learn a foreign language fast    By: informationishere

    Want to learn a new language fast for your business, resume or maybe for fun. Online resources like Rosetta stone are popular for languages like French, Spanish, German, English etc. Learning new languages explores various new dimensions of grammar, etymology and pronunciation. To learn a language correctly, you must adapt to the new set of rules and different voices that are associated with it. The article lists a few tools that can help you to learn any new language.
  • Road safety, Unsafe traffic conditions in India, Dangerous driving    By: JNLakshmi

    How many people die in road accidents in India? The traffic system and driving conditions in most of the streets in India is quite unsafe and dangerous. Owning a two wheeler is very common in every single house in India. It has made our commute easier. But at the same time, it has put our lives at risk. Every one at home, gets worried if their loved ones do not return home from work on time. When their loved ones are late from work for a couple of hours without prior information.
  • Preschool activities    By: JNLakshmi

    Preschool stage is an important one in every kid filled with lots of activities. These are 3 to 5 year olds. At this stage, the kid open up and learn by experience and doing it. You may notice that kids at this stage play lot of imaginary games, for example, a preschool boy often pretends that, there is a monster in a room and he moves around to destroy it, or pretend to be a doctor, police or so. They play with imaginary friends too.
  • Unemployment in India - So many jobs yet no employment    By: Megha

    Jobs are available but people still unemployed or under employed. There is a cut throat competition, you should have what they call the 'X factor'. This phase in todays world which is so strange.
  • Indian Education System - Going Abroad For Higher Studies    By: chi

    It would not be wrong to say that more than 70% of Indians who study earn to get themselves admitted to a prestigious foreign universities. The hot lists may include those universities in Great Britain or North America. This made me question what happen to Indian universities? Are they not good enough for the future career? What is so special at foreign universities that Indian universities lack?
  • Quality of Engineering in India - Software Engineer vs. Professor    By: Swati

    Why students in India do not pursue higher education and become a college professor. Quality of engineering education and lack of higher studies in India. India produces about 1,000 engineering doctorates every year which is less than 1 percent of the total engineering graduates.
  • Managerial Success And Influence Of Planets - Astrology    By: Rohit M Parikh

    Finding out the success of a manager with the help of Astrology and the influence of the position of planets. I have my own belief that Managers are born and not made. There is a statistically significant relation between the position of certain planets and birth time.
  • Astronomy for Dummies III: Observational astronomy and clock system    By: informationishere

    An introduction to zodiacs in the astronomical sense and a few conventional tips and tricks in observational astronomy which has developed through ages and civilizations. Ancient Greece, Egypt, India, China etc. have done significant work of tabulating and managing data about stars and constellations, planets and their motion in the sky, the sun, moon and a lot of other things related to astronomy.
  • Brain Drain    By: Madhu

    An impressive article outlining the hassles of migration. Brain drain happens when people migrate in search of lucrative salaries and career advancements, leaving motherland and stepping foot on other countries.
  • Learning English - Best ways to learn English    By: Achari

    Is it difficult to learn English? Can we gain the real native accent easily? This article may be an answer to all such type of questions. Don't wave it aside. Just read through this article and you may find ways to improve your English.
  • Astronomy for dummies - II    By: informationishere

    This article goes ahead with what I had mentioned in "Astronomy for dummies", my first article on this topic. It will go into more detail and touch some other areas of astronomy.
  • Variables In C++ Language: Variable Declaration And Initialization    By: MANI

    This is an article about the concepts of working with variables in C++. A variable is named memory location whose value can be change at the time of execution. By: Imran Rashid
  • Girls in Software Industry: Changing face of Indian IT Industry    By: Swati

    More girls in India have been taking computer engineering courses and joining software industry than in past, and why this influx of women in software is projected to rise further in near future.
  • Online Degrees : Information and personal views    By: informationishere

    Get to know how to get an online degree and how it differs from an on campus full time degree program. Are online courses useful and have recognition.
  • Astronomy For Dummies - Astronomy For Beginners    By: informationishere

    This article describes the basics of astronomy as hobby. The introduction to constellations, stars, planets and other fantastic things going around in the sky. This article is NOT about astrology. It is about the adventures of a young astronomer. Enjoy!
  • Preparing for IIT JEE: Practical tips from a successful IIT student    By: informationishere

    General information and personal opinions about IIT JEE preparations. Best coaching options, guidance, problems faced and how to prepare. Personal success story of a IIT Computer Science student.
  • IIT Bombay Powai: A personal experience. IIT facts and campus life    By: informationishere

    Facts and figures about IIT Bombay Powai, Mumbai. Information from a student about admissions, ragging, girls hostels, departments,placements and history. A journey from outside to inside.
  • How To Get A Bachelor Degree Online    By: Gnubas

    Deciding to get an online bachelor degree was one of the most difficult situations I have ever faced. I needed to get an education just in case, but I did not know how to go about it. I simply didn't have enough time.
  • Reservation in Indian colleges: Effects of caste based reservation    By: informationishere

    My views on implementing a faculty reservation of a nominal 49.5 percent which includes 15 for SC, 7.5 for ST and 27 for OBC in IIT's. This is really a remarkable feat by our very own (read out loud) HRD minister Arjun Singh who is rejoicing back to back successes of the OBC quota implementation in students and faculty of all the IITs.
  • Management By Value Based Objectives (MBVBO)    By: pencat15

    This management idea came from the fact that we should live our life with values and principles and how an individual or organisation can achieve their objectives by developing core values.
  • The power of Astrology: Understanding horoscope & astrology science    By: Rohit M Parikh

    In short, astrology is the science of time, as the Horoscope or Birth-chart is prepared only on the basis of the Birth-date & the Birth-time of the native. With the help of this science one can know the natural talent & aptitude of the native.
  • India software industry future: IT career advantages, disadvantages and benefits    By: Swati

    Future of software/computer jobs in India. Advantages, disadvantages, risks and benefits of selecting a software career for new students (IT/computer engineering). Pros, cons and risks of IT industry, this article is not a suggestion but a detailed personal opinion for the same.
  • Book Clubs Information -There Are Many Exciting Online Book Clubs    By: Gnubas

    I have written this article to tell you that there are lots of different angles from which book clubs can be considered, which we will sum up in the following, so that you may get the most from it and learn more about finding books online too.
  • Learn How Easy It Is To Search For Jobs    By: Gnubas

    Before we start, let us elaborate what we hope you'll benefit from this educational article about how to search for jobs. So we can begin to put it together for the reader.
  • From Crying To Talking - For Parents - Understanding baby language    By: Ms Royce

    In writing this short piece, it is my desire to educate and inform the parent or caregiver of the various stages of language development among newborn baby, infants and children. If you're a new parent and need some insight to a babies cries, then reading this article may be of assistance.
  • Statement of purpose, SOP,Higher education for working applicants    By: Swati

    A sample Statement of purpose for candidates who are currently working / have work experience. For Computer Science Engineering students with Berkeley-Stanford University (United States) as an example.
  • Brain Drain from India    By: shivi

    Brain drain now a days is becoming one of the biggest problem of some nations specially the developing or the underdeveloped nations like INDIA. Students do not understand the value of their education and go to foreign countries to get employment.

    This kind of news creates a kind of fright in us, because children are the future of a country. Why all this is happening? Who is responsible for it? Building up a good character in a child depends on parents, in particularly mother. By nature, a child interacts more with mother than that of father. The mother knows all the needs and care of her child. Read the following verse from the Hindu scriptures:` The production of children, the nurture of those born, and the daily life of men ..

    Implementation of dress code preserves tradition and culture. Ancient Indians have devised unique dress codes for men and women to preserve tradition and culture. The negative role of globalization is that it drives away traditions and cultures. It also changes attitudes of men and women. With the globalization, the country and the world has inverted upside down when women are dressed like men and men are dressed like women. It is very sad thing that Indians are importing western culture.

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