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  • How to get through AJK MCRC ( Jamia Millia Islamia) Entrance Exam    By: Ravin Ray

    The application or M A Mass Comm. in AJK MCRC ( Jamia Millia Islamia) are out and this article gives useful tips on tackling the entrance exam amongst other things.
  • Antibiotics - I. Proper and safe use of antibiotics.    By: Yoshi

    Proper and safe use of antibiotics is very important. Antibiotics are powerful medicines, having first line of defense against many infections and are used for treating many serious and life-threatening infectious diseases.
  • Children and Television – III. Guidelines for watching Television    By: Yoshi

    There should be some guidelines for the children’s regarding watching television. Children should be known with beneficial and harmful effects of watching the television.
  • The Mango Tree    By: macmiky

    This is a short story about a woman who had four daughters of marriage ages and had to live her for the outside world.She decided to give them a life lesson to live by ,which was not being very quick to judge people or things but to get to know something first before making conclusions..It applies to all of us today.We are very quick to judge, ending up making very wrong choices .Thus ,this is a lesson to all to just try to know someone or something before making conclusions.
  • Children and Television - II. Solutions for Children's TV watching    By: Yoshi

    Each and every family should know about the solutions for children’s TV watching for excessive timings. Family members should try to develop or provide their children's good TV habits.
  • Children and Television - I. Influence on your child    By: Yoshi

    How does television influence your child? How much time does your child spend in front of the TV? What kind of programs does he or she watch and what is their content? How do you control the choice of the programs and habbits of watching television?
  • Tips for the beginning of the career    By: M S Nath

    Today in our life education plays a very vital role in day to day life. Education is the knowledge of learning the informatics information from different people. The first education begins with the mother in the home. mother is the first teacher to taught each and every thing to us, primarily she make us to mould our life from the childhood. Childrens below the 5 r 6 years can learn absolutely 6 or 7 languages when they are in the childhood through mother.

    Pharmacy is the profession responsible for the appropriate use of medications, devices and services to achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes. Scope of Pharmacy can be elaborated in terms of education, licensure requirements, job opportunities or careers and related organizations.

    some references helpfull for detail study.

    Teacher evaluation also makes the teachers confident about there work if feedbacks are provided to the teachers in appropriate manner. Ones if the teachers become confident in their teaching, their teaching behaviour will produce some intended effects on the teaching-learning process.
  • Definitions of Seven Seas    By: Yoshi

    A sea is defined as a division of the ocean which is enclosed or partially enclosed by land. Some ancient civilizations used the phrase 'seven seas' to describe the bodies of water known at that time.
  • History in Science Education    By: apkrishna

    Science is not created suddenly. It evolves slowly and steadily. Science is cretated by Scientists. But their discovery, invention always influenced by the Society in which they live and the time in which they work. In this context the history of Science becomes relevent. Introducing the historical aspects in Science curriculam, one can make the Science education more excting and interesting.

    The term Self-evaluation of teachers refers to the process of collecting and analyzing relevant information about the teacher himself or herself. The fundamental principle involved in this process is that teachers should also see themselves as learners. In many of the European countries Self-evaluation of the teachers is in major practice. Some of the Indian educational institutions have also adopted this type of evaluation.

    In the present scenario most of the teachers and educational institutions are facing problems about maintaining the status of teaching and qualitative improvement in teaching-learning process. These problems are occurring due to changing needs and expectations of the society. Rapid changes and innovations in the information and communication technology are also imposing these type of problems

    Rapid changes and innovations in the information and communication technology are imposing problems because most of the pupils get the curricular related information early before classroom teaching in satisfactory manner and then they (students) rate their teachers indirectly. Teachers and educational institutions do not come to know what are happening in students’ mind and what perceptions students have about teachers’ performance.
  • Play on Staffing process    By: GalUR0ck

    What do we learn: a) Organisation Change, b) Organisation Development, c) Recruitment, d) Selection e) Training, f) Performance Appraisal, g)Getting work done – by hook or by crook, h) Keeping everyone happy so that they work more efficiently – Each one’s Ego is satisfied, i) Glimpse of office environment, different characters
  • Continents do not drift, they raise the land. Author Ponmudiganapathy    By: Guest

    On September 30th 1993, the earthquake that hit the village, killari, situated in central part of India.The quake occurred only in killari, situated in central India and left two kilometers of land area raised. This proves that the earthquake occurred only due to the rise of the land.
  • My academic journey so far ...    By: GalUR0ck

    Just takes you through the journey in brief from my school days to wonderful memorable college years and now my MBA...
  • History of Pharmacy    By: Yoshi

    Origin, History and Development of Pharmacy. Pharmacy is the art and science of compounding and dispensing drugs or preparing suitable dosage forms for administration of drugs in man or animals. It includes collection, identification, purification, isolation, synthesis, standardization and quality control of medicinal substances.
  • Maritime safety and environmental risk by Oladokun    By: OLADOKUN

    In the beginning it was all water, everything is made from water, human civilization itself start along all coast of the world , be it river , lake, ocean – and all of the world are linked to the ocean –so is everything we use eventually get in touched with the water- under ecosystem cycle of water - all activities we do on land eventually get washed by the rain and pass through the ground, then to underground water table that merge to the inland water which then run into the ocean- the oce
  • Coimbatore Institute of Technology (CIT) - A premier educational institute in India    By: JNLakshmi

    Coimbatore Institute of Technology (CIT) is one of the prestigious institute in South India. It is a best Engineering institute that has an outstanding academic record. It has been thriving on efficient administration and high end teaching.
  • Teaching after Retirement    By: Swati

    Tips on taking a teaching career after retirement. As a baby boomer, have you ever considered taking a job in teaching profession after your retirement? Why not use your decades of experience and pass it along to students in colleges and schools in your next part time job. Take your retirement as a second career and participate in community service, write a book, help poor or disabled, consultancy, teach or become an active member of other social events.
  • Free and Compulsory Education for Children in India    By: Swati

    The 'Right to Education Bill' passed in year 2008 mandates free and compulsory education to all children in the 6-14 age group. States may be obliged to provide a school in every neighbourhood within three years, otherwise provide free transportation to a nearby neighbourhood where the free school exists.
  • Learn English - How to improve your fluency in English?    By: csneha

    Tips to improve fluency and communication skills in English language. To learn English you need the right expression, attitude and proper grammar usage. English is becoming a universal language these days and fluency in English is a great benefit. People converse in English to convey their message to others. It is widely accepted as a good means of communication. Improvement in English requires one's mental as well as physical efforts.
  • Face reading    By: chitracs

    Is it possible to judge the qualities of a person by face reading? How far is it true? When we are introduced to a new person, we watch and record the face of that person in our mind. We relate his qualities whenever we see him or remember him. When we train ourselves as a face reader, we would be able to read the qualities by seeing the facial features. The face reading is different from fortune telling. We could understand the qualities of a person by face reading. That is all.
  • Cost of computer literacy in India    By: chitracs

    Computer literacy advantages, disadvantages and benefits. In the earlier days, the children were taught to write using pencil and pen first. Now, before they learn to hold a pencil/pen, they are learning to use a computer. In India, just like having a TV, refrigerator or a grinder, computer has entered every home very casually. Even the poor and middle class people in India are now ready to meet the cost of purchasing a computer and the cost of computer literacy is tactfully managed.
  • Education gives respect and money both.    By: csneha

    Education means learning, it reaps results in the form of respect, position, money, status, and of course high living standards. A well educated person is the one who is learned and well informed. From school to college and from college to job, people are getting educated by one or the other way. In school, they get basic knowledge of studies and then higher level of studies are imparted by the teachers in colleges. The way is simple but time is long to be a well educated person.
  • Kids need recreation, apart from battling with books!    By: Deepz

    Recreation is important for kids - Today morning,while I was driving back from the local market, I noticed my neighbour kid slip into a building around the street. To my anxiety when I peeped in a little more,I was astonished to find,it was a school building! Just a three-storey building with a label!I even wondered if there was enough room to the students. Few years ago, school was huge consisting of a playground, basket-ball courts, morning assembly, a big library, sports day and so much fun.
  • Mnemonics - A remembering technique to improve memory    By: JNLakshmi

    How to memorize with mnemonics - This is a technique that is designed to aid the memory. Mnemonic strategy helps to improve memory. Mnemonics help students to quickly recall the information of what they have already studied. These are helpful in all categories of studies like medicine, English, science, history etc.
  • The Essence Of Indian Philosophy    By: Mach

    This article discusses the important characteristics of Indian philosophy. Principles of philosophy that were originated and developed in India. Carvaka philosophy and the essence of Indian Philosophy is spiritual in outlook.
  • Cell phone etiquette    By: JNLakshmi

    How to use cell phones wisely - Cell phones has made our lives comfortable and communicable. But this gadget should be used effectively with some etiquette to avoid embarrassing situation.
  • Astrology: Ownership of the Rasi's or Houses of the Zodiac and Planets in Birth Chart.    By: Rohit M Parikh

    The play of our planets appear in our birth-chart (janampatri) in astrology. Ownership of various rasi's (or rashi's). In Indian Astrology when a zodiac is divided into twelve equal parts. Astrology is a visionary mode, being the natural science, it reflects the rays of our planets in our daily movement of our life .
  • IATA Training Program    By: florance

    Significance of IATA in the field of training and development. The courses have been conceptualized with a view to provide an in depth understanding and technical skills in the field of Travel & Tourism, Information Technology and Hospitality Management.
  • Unconference - Where everyone participates, contributes and learns    By: JNLakshmi

    Unconference is a contrary to conventional conferences where everyone gets to participate. It is driven by the participants who suggest a topic, which they want to discuss or demonstrate or it is something they would chose to hear about. Unconference is idea sharing, demonstrating and speaking out in any professional gathering. Unconference is similar to tech-sector patterns like the group discussion.
  • Career choice - Go by your passion and not by peer pressure    By: JNLakshmi

    Every year, there is a mad rush in getting into professional courses for a good career. Parents consider sending their off spring to these professional courses as their status symbol. Students should go by their flair and not by peer pressure.
  • Global Business Management    By: chitracs

    Due to globalization, even small countries wish to do business at international level. The businessmen want to do competitive business at global level. There is a demand for the experienced persons in this field and the job opportunities for graduates in the field of “Global Business Management” are available in plenty. It is really a good opening for students to take a challenging job and settle well in life.It is the study of business management in a global context. It is a challening job.
  • Good education - The duties of parents and teachers towards a child    By: chitracs

    When a child is born, the parents start thinking about giving good education to the child. The finest gift the parents give to the child is the best education. The parents should put the child in a best school which suits him. The base should be strong.From the kindergarten level, the mind of the child should be open to worldly things. They should be introduced of latest technology in education.The parents and teachers, should walk along the child to achieve the goal.
  • Health Economics - Cost analysis of health issues, medical expenses    By: chitracs

    Health economics is a branch of economics, dealing with health issues. The health economics concerns with management of available resources for health care and analyse the scarcity. The study of health economics deals with economic evaluation, different health systems and how much money is allocated to take care of the needs. The health care of individual persons and the society is taken care of and research for improving the level of both is done in the field of health economics.
  • Careers beyond IT. Good career options other than software industry    By: JNLakshmi

    IT has been the hot career options for many in India, since a decade. India, gaining tremendous growth in all sectors has wide options opened in all sectors of the economy. The students should analyze various career options beyond IT and take a road less travelled and achieve big!
  • Ayurvedic Revivalism in the 1920s, Tamil Nadu - Revival of Ayurveda    By: gaya

  • Why is sea blue in colour- What causes water in oceans to look blue    By: Swati

    Why is earth called the "Blue Planet" and what causes oceans to look blue. A detailed explanation on how it really works. Blue light is more easily bent than other lights; thus, light refracted back from the surface of the sea appears blue.
  • Select a good Higher Education Consultant. Going abroad to study    By: Swati

    Planning to go abroad for higher education in a foreign country (masters or engineering), take help of a good higher education consultant. College selection, career counselling, admission guidance, financial cost, visa assistance and placements are some of the things he will be able to assist you with.
  • Advantages of education through video conferencing    By: chitracs

    In the field of education, new innovative methods of teaching are introduced and a revolution is taking place to simplify the teaching methodology. A video camera, a computer with internet connection and a software are used for video conferencing. We can show virtually everything to the students by this method. Instead of traditional class room lectures, the students understand well, if they see visually than seeing everything in printed form.There are many advantages by this method of teaching.
  • Marketing Research - Factors, Application Knowledge and Functions    By: sonu

    Why we need to know about Marketing Research - It is the feedback, which any organization sought for the purpose of effective policy making. According to Philip Kotler, research is the systematic problem analysis, model building and fact building for the purpose of important decision making and control in the marketing of goods and services”. Knowledge contains maturity and perfection through applications in the practical field.
  • The Pros and Cons of Indian Boarding schools - Education in India.    By: adonais

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of Indian boarding schools. "Should I send my child to a boarding school?" - this is a common question which many parents face in India when their children are ready to start their education. Boarding schools- the name itself bring the picture of a haunting place before the minds of children.
  • Why do Indian students fly abroad for higher studies?    By: books_freek

    Have we ever thought what makes Indian students go abroad for higher studies paying thrice the amount for the same degree they get here? What are the hurdles they face? This article outlines the inconveniences of the Indian students who pursue their post graduate degree in India. lets think how we can improve on this.
  • Is it tough to become a doctor? Medical profession responsibilities    By: chitracs

    Some people fear that it is difficult to become a doctor, not true. If you study well and excel in mathematics and science you can target to enter medical college. People who wish to earn money can choose any profession, but who have the tendency to help the mankind should definitely think about becoming a doctor. The mentality to tackle tough situation and emergencies are the prime qualities for becoming a doctor. They may have to sacrifice their personal life, to serve the sick people.
  • Is the Indian education system fundamentally flawed?    By: Muhammed Haris

    Present system of education in India makes a student to work hard, rather than making them work smart. We need to have a career oriented education system. Along with the subject knowledge, student has to be trained on the communication skill.
  • Facts about lightning and thunderstorms. How lightning works.    By: Jessica

    Lightning is caused due to discharge of electricity in the atmosphere. Answers to - How hot is lightning, how many volts it has, what causes it and safety measures. Did you know that lightning strikes somewhere on the surface of the earth about 100 times every second.
  • Gardener theory of multiple intelligence    By: chitracs

    Multiple intelligence can be categorized into linguistic, mathematical, musical, spatial ,bodily-kinesthetic and interpersonal intelligence as per Howard Gardener .Normally we say some people are more intelligent. Actually, all are intelligent in some way. We have to identify the type of intelligence hidden in an individual. Howard Gardener analysed and formulated theory of multiple intelligence. He classified the multiple intelligence into several categories ..

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