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  • H1-B Visa practical tips| Working in United States and Green card    By: Rakesh and Amit

    Real life practical information on H1-B work visa. Indian software engineers, Desi Companies in United States, green card, life in USA after H1 visa, changing jobs, how to apply and prepare for an interview.
  • Internet usage cap - Metered billing is a bad idea - ISP Bandwidth    By: Jessica

    Metered billing for heavy internet United States users extra is a bad idea. If your Internet service provider (ISP's like AT&T DSL and Time Warner) will charge you based on your internet usage, cap or bandwidth, will you cancel internet connection.
  • Protect sensitive mobile data with encryption    By: aiko

    As PDAs are so easy to lose or to steal it is vitally important to encrypt sensitive data users carry on their Pocket PCs or smart phones. With SecuBox data is protected and transparently encrypted using industry class AES 256 bit encryption algorithm.
  • iPhone features - Buy Apple iPhone from Bharti or Essar in India    By: Swati

    A great news to all iPhone fans in India, Vodafone Essar and Bharti Airtel will officially launch the smartphone in the fall of 2008 (around September-October during Diwali time), so no longer you have to worry about buying an unlocked iPhone from the grey markets.
  • Singapore iPhone information - Buy Apple iPhone - The invincible technology    By: lisa65

    Explore, buy, utilize and reinvent the capabilities of what a pocket-sized device known as the iPhone can do for you. Apple iPhone functions include Singapore Google Maps, Singapore Weather Updates, SMS functions, Stocks, YouTube, etc, we have a lot more. Singapore Telecommunications (aka SingTel) announced that it's secured agreements to distribute the iPhone in Singapore (on SingTel Mobile)
  • Mobile Game revolution    By: Bujji

    The greatest scientific achievement of a man is the mobile phone, which has made the world smaller. Mobiles serve as a communication tool used to make and receive calls as well as send text messages, listen to music, surf the internet and even play mobile games.

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