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  • Internet : Uses and benefits for all    By: David Prakash Kumar

    Internet has come to stay and play a major role in all our lives. Here is a list of the most common uses of internet.
  • The Computer - Man's New Best Friend ?    By: lenlen79

    Has computer become man's new best friend? There are some interesting insights why the computer is valuable to us. It is a dependable source for man to use in his daily activities and a good companion at all times. Just like a friend, it is there when you need it..
  • Hoaxes and false alerts - How to protect yourself from them.    By: Roshan

    Hoax warnings are typically scare alerts started by malicious people - and passed on by innocent users who think they are helping the community by spreading the warning.
  • Stress in IT Industry. Depression & Stress among Software Engineers    By: Swati

    Stress, depression and hypertension have now become extremely common among all Indian outsourcing / IT industries. PO). Stress can lead to many health problems like sleeping disorder, anger, headaches, diabetes, fatigue and obesity.
  • Business accounts package - Barcoding4Sage    By: zeeshan

    Sage Line 50 is the UK’s leading accounts package and is used by many different types of Business for both the normal accounts functions such as Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger, Nominal Ledger, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet, but also further more business orientated functions such as Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing and Stock Control.
  • Video Chat Phone Conferencing    By: Sally Summers

    For years everyone has been talking about the video chat phone technology. When will it actually happen? Well that is what I am going to share with everyone today.

    What is Internet? The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that interchange data by packet switching using the standardized internet Protocol suite. It is a "network of networks" that consists of millions of private and public, academic, business, and government networks of local to global scope that are linked by copper wires, fiber-optics cables, wireless connections, and other technologies .

    In the current information technology age many people understand the importance of computer. Hence there is increase in the demand of personal desktop computer for home. So here are the few vital tips to increase the performance of computer.
  • How To Use Useful Free Blogging Software ?    By: NaveenK1

    The number of internet users is increasing everyday. This is because there are interesting and knowledgeable discoveries found online. What most people like on the internet is that they are able to send messages in an instant. In addition, they are getting more and more fascinated with other sites.
  • A Website, Then You Need To Be Blogging Too!    By: Aman1

    If you conduct any business online or maintain a website to compliment your offline business, then blogging is quickly becoming a mandatory part of your future. And if you are not currently blogging, chances are after realizing the potential of these traffic-enhancing goldmines, you soon will be!
  • Longer working hours for Computer Software Engineers, India    By: Bharat

    Many software companies in India are increasing working hours from 8 to 9 hours. Software Engineers are likely face more depression and stress in their personal and professional life.
  • Buying a Mini Laptop - Cost of Compact Mobile Internet Laptops    By: Jessica

    Should I buy a Mini Laptop. Information about buying good compact laptops. Price, configuration, brands and cost of Mini laptops. These computers are about 40% cheaper than standard laptops. The biggest difference - SIZE and CONFIGURATION.
  • Paper Shredder – Protect Your Identity    By: dexoldese

    Confetti cut shredder and spaghetti cut shredder. A good paper shredder helps you to protect your identity from theft. Selection of paper shredder needs different factors like types of the paper shredder, capacity of the paper shredder, types of paper shredder etc. Paper shredder should be selected on the basis of capacity and output and it should provide good services at specific time.
  • How to safely recycle your Cell Phone. Protect your personal data.    By: Jessica

    When your cell phone dies or breaks, please recycle it safely in an environmentally friendly way or donate it to a charity. Protect the personal data and information sitting on your old or damaged cell phone.
  • Registry Cleaners    By: purvi

    A loaded registry can really create many problems for your computer. This article gives you a good detail about the advanced registry cleaners.
  • Monopoly of Google applications - List of popular Google products    By: Swati

    Even though Search is the most popular product of Google, it has many other FREE useful applications. Google's products have a monopoly in many areas, some of the popular Google products include Youtube, Adsense, Orkut, Blogger, Knol, Gmail, toolbar and many more.
  • In future we all will work from home - Future office space    By: Bharat

    Employees simply connect to the their company's phone and online system from their home. No office space means no building (lease or ownership) and other maintenance costs. Hiring new employees will be easy. People can take international jobs right from their own home.
  • Privacy in cyberspace. How to browse the internet safely.    By: chitracs

    We expect that our private details should remain private on internet too unless we wish to disclose it to others. In the cyberspace also, our privacy is questioned. While navigating through internet, we provide information to others. Each computer connected to internet has a unique IP address. Knowing our IP address by somebody is a form of entering in privacy.We have to use internet safely and enjoy the full benefits of it. The precautions against threat to privacy should be taken.
  • GPS - Global Positioning System - Treasured Navigation tool    By: JNLakshmi

    Worried of getting lost in unknown places? Does GPS works in India? Global Positioning System (GPS) is a navigation system that uses satellite signals to trace the location and position of vehicles on earth. GPS navigation is the most popular these days that all the smart devices are incorporating.
  • Get real traffic to your website value    By: Nisha

    There are plenty of articles which talk about just traffic but this article just say about the useful traffic to your website. This will really help to bring much useful visitors to your website.
  • Cyber crimes - Internet bane. Online crime prevention and security    By: JNLakshmi

    Hacking, Spam, Phishing, Spyware, Virus and credit card fraud are some of the popular cyber crimes today on the internet. Internet being a blessing to the mankind, when not used in a secured way, may be a bane to the society. Internet has got lot to offer. But on the flip side, Internet is not devoid of crime and exploitation. Internet evolution has created trans-national crimes known as 'cyber crimes'. To be simple, cyber crime is the illegal activity committed on the Internet.
  • Will recession and tough economic conditions cause IT hiring freeze    By: Bharat

    Get ready for a bumpy ride in software industry, including firings, job layoffs and hiring freeze. Indian software engineers will possibly get impacted by the downturn in the U.S. economy. Computer Science students and freshers need to be even more careful.
  • Mobile phones, Boon or Curse? Is using cell phone harmful for health    By: Achari

    We just disregard the ill-effects on health due radiation from mobile phones thinking as nothing had been proved for sure. Can they have disastrous consequences? Do you think that you can do anything with them? Do you think there are advantages? What about disadvantages? In this article you can find advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones.
  • Knowledge base system - Artificial intelligence    By: chitracs

    Much research is going on, in the field of artificial intelligence. One such branch of artificial intelligence is knowledge based system. When the knowledge is used by systems to perform difficult tasks, it is known as knowledge base systems. The knowledge base system acted as an eye-opener in the field of artificial intelligence. The scientists showed much interest in developing knowledge based system to help in the works of problem recognition and solving, to help the mankind.
  • Credit Crisis Impact on Indian Outsourcing jobs, software layoffs -My thoughts    By: Bharat

    We will start to see some changes in the India's software outsourcing industry in terms of reduced hiring and possibly some layoff's in many software companies. Most likely the impact will be limited, but media will likely underline every event in red letters enough to scare public.
  • Understanding Latest Mobile Technology- GSM, TDMA, CDMA, WAP    By: aniket

    Gone are the days when people used the heavy cordless phones of the 1980s to the smartphones of today.Cellular phone technology has undergone a tremendous change.But have you ever wondered how can you call someone across the world using a tiny phone ?You might have heard of features like WAP and GPRS from cellphone venders and service providers.But are you aware of what they really mean?
  • Water –The 21st century fuel - Can a car run on water?    By: Nide

    The entire world is in grip of rising fuel prices. One wonders if there is any escape from it. Thanks to the invention of water fuel cell by Stanley Meyer that we would use water as a fuel. Though he is no more but his invention is boon not only for human but environment as well. It will not only save the money but will help in reducing pollution that gasoline generates.
  • Internet Protocol address of a computer - Types of IP address    By: JNLakshmi

    Every computer connected to the Internet is assigned a unique number known as an Internet Protocol (IP) address. What is my IP address and how to find it? Read on to know more about it.
  • Dangers of phishing - What are phishing emails and domains scams    By: chitracs

    Phishing is a cyber crime. The email will be sent to some users asking for personal information or they may give links to update data. We will be thinking that the mail was received from a legitimate person. If we give information, using them they will steal money from our bank account or purchase things using our credit card number. The phishers use the popular website name, by changing one or two characters, which we may not notice. There are ways to protect us from this theft.
  • Google Android - the new mobile Operating system (OS)    By: informationishere

    Google's new mobile Operating system (OS) Android makes its debut in the T-mobile G1. It comes with a good feature set but little polish. To know more about Android, read on.
  • IT in Retailing with Indian Perspective. Software investment in Retail Industry.    By: sonu

    Growth in retail sector has demanded IT investments and software deployment to broaden its arena and overcome challenges in Business Optimization, increasing SCM efficiency and other manual limitations. Indian Retailing is booming with currently INR 10,000 billion has transformed customers from preferring price factors to quality and comfort ability. To a certain extent 10 years constant GDP, Government FDI norms and rise per capital income have been responsible for explosive Retailing.
  • Outsourcing software projects to India. Advantages and Disadvantages    By: chitracs

    Advantages and Disadvantages of outsourcing. India produces more and more software engineers every year than any other country in the world. The foreign countries like US and UK do outsourcing of software projects to India. Many software engineers in India are engaged in this work as they get good income and they need not leave the family/country for doing this work. The foreign countries are also benefited by this arrangement.
  • Domain names :: An integral part of a website :: A money making sector    By: strangebeauty

    This is an article that would help readers get acquainted to domain names and how domains have grown into a money making portal. This discusses how a domain name registered with one registrar can connect to its hosting account at another web hosting provider.
  • Protect children from online adult content. Internet safety for kids    By: Muhammed Haris

    Open access of Internet is available to the children and kids can easily access sites with adult content (sex, mature or porn content). Strict internet filters to protect children from accessing adult only information are required.
  • Computer Animation - A revolution in computer technology    By: JNLakshmi

    Animation is a technique in which drawings or models seem to move. The consecutive images which, when displayed at a speed convey a feeling of motion. The rapid display of a sequence of images of 2D or 3D artwork or model positions create an illusion of movement. When the animation is viewed after linking the sequence of frames together, persistence of vision creates this illusion of continuous movement.
  • Better Security Practices - Dangers of Wi-Fi - Wireless internet.    By: will power

    Wi-Fi has become a valuable part of the mobile computing arsenal for working professionals and encryption & wireless internet security is an important aspect. Usage of WiFi has enabled easier connectivity over the air, enabling larger mobility for professionals. Wi-Fi has enabled employees to remain in continual communication with their offices through the use of hotspots to gain internet connections.
  • How to use broadband effectively?    By: chitracs

    Only well educated people were using internet in the past. In the present age, the broadband connection is seen at every home and office. The domestic users need broadband for searching any information, to chat, to send email etc. For the business people, the broadband is a boon to increase their business opportunities. Broadband is essential for the economic survival. The free storage sites help us to store data. The online shopping and online payment making facilities enhance our need.
  • Understanding the basics of Information Technology and Computers    By: aniket

    We are living in era of information and technology and thanks to information technology, we can enjoy the fantasy world of a virtual reality game and make friends with people on other side of the world via the internet.Information technology is the use of computers to handle,store,process,and transmit information.The key to information technology is software:sets of instructions called programs that tell computers what to do.software can be used to design magazine and forecast the weather.
  • Virtual World - Companies, Upcoming opportunities and threats    By: sonu

    What is Virtual World - it a part of the current era has given a new outlook to certain aspects of Corporate life, like Disney has bought Kids Virtual world club Penguin. Text form Communication has been replaced by real-time Voice communication using VOIP commonly used in massively multiplayer online games, virtual applications are being deployed in e-marketing, chat rooms, 3 D depictions in workplaces and web conferencing and other business activities.
  • Quality Business Strategy. CMMI certification, Six sigma standard    By: JNLakshmi

    Understanding what CMMI certification and Sigma Six quality standards really mean. With the growing demand in the software industry, the organizations that outsource their work to other software companies are looking for certain standards in them so that they get quality work. One such standard is CMMI certification. It adds value to its client's businesses through well-established and structured methodologies and techniques. Six sigma is a program to address quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Bluetooth technology - How does Bluetooth work?    By: chitracs

    Bluetooth technology is a wireless protocol, connecting various devices like telephones, laptops, personal computers, mobile phones, printers, PDAs, headset, video games consoles and digital cameras. Due to advancement in the field of science and technology, new products are being invented daily. Man wants to make optimum usage of these products. The bluetooth technology helps him to the usage of many products in a synchronized way. Bluetooth technology helps for information exchange.
  • MANET ( Mobile Adhoc NETwork )    By: rashmi

    The ad hoc networks are one of the fastest growing branches in communication systems. Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANET) has become an ex- citing and important technology in recent years because of the rapid proliferation of wireless devices. A mobile adhoc network consists of mobile nodes that can move freely in an open environment. Communicating nodes in a Mobile Adhoc Network usually seek the help of other intermediate nodes..
  • Cuil Search Engine - Day 1 launch review    By: Swati

    Cuil was being so called as 'Google Search Killer' by many and it did not live up to the expectations on day 1 per my analysis. I do think that they will improve and grow substantially in the next 1-2 years.
  • Windows 7 - Microsoft's Next Operating System    By: informationishere

    This articles gives the preliminary information about the new OS release by Microsoft named Windows 7 with the statement from Bill Gates. Release date speculation and opinion.
  • Difference between Knol and Wikipedia - Google Knol Facts    By: Jessica

    Comparision between Wikipedia encyclopedia and Google Knol. Advantages and disadvantages of each encyclopedia. Concept of writing articles for money in Knol.
  • College campus recruitment: Getting selected in a software company    By: pinkey

    Procedure and steps involved in the selection of a Software / IT company in an 'On campus recruitment' in Indian colleges. What to expect in an interview. If you’ve ever spent time in mini metro cities you’d probably appreciate how difficult it is to turn a corner without bumping into IT Geek. And with their numbers increasing constantly, you won’t be receiving respite any time soon, especially if you join the brigade yourself.
  • The Robot World    By: bhanuthegreat

    The world of humans is rushing towards the era of robots. The mystery behind the curtain has revealed. The mystery of robot world. Scientists believe that this kind of technical revolution might lead into some bad effects.
  • Networking Solutions and Infrastructure    By: Smit

    The main application of a good network is sharing. The sharing can be of any hardware, software or peripheral devices that are very costly and/ or are very less in number. All small business-network solutions have LAN as their base. A LAN or local area network covers only a small area, which may be an office or a building.
  • Understanding the fundamentals of Domain Name Registration    By: Smit

    Domain Name Registration as such is fairly easy. First you decide on some Domain Names for your website. Then the same are checked for availability on the internet by simply exploring them through the address bar.
  • India software industry future prediction and forecast of computer jobs - My thoughts    By: Swati

    In the next 5 years the mass supply of software /computer science engineers will flood the computer/IT industry. The demand of software programmers in future will go down substantially. Making career in India's software Industry could be a mistake now.

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