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  • An Introduction To Sales Psychology    By: Mach

    Study of Sales Psychology will help a salesman to achieve his/her goal of effective selling. Sometimes according to the nature of the products, intelligence predominates emotion.
  • Pink slip? Move ahead and take revenge of the situation    By: JNLakshmi

    Pink slip is the letter of termination from the employer (loss of job). Due to economic crunch, several companies are downsizing, cutting back the work force. When you see signs of pink slip, then you need to be alert and move on with a new plan.
  • Safest strategy for long term investment    By: Bharat

    Saving good money in a long term requires patience and careful investments. You should always follow a strategy which diversifies investments in stocks, cash (fixed deposits), real estate and gold. Panic often results in mistakes.
  • Six Sigma Concepts    By: jane82

    What does Six Sigma mean and what are it's belts? Six Sigma concept is a good way of putting qualitative tests on the processes. Usually, quality is assigned to a product. But such tests are rarely performed on services. This is it!
  • No Fax Cash Advance Loans    By: jane82

    If you are in need of temporary finance then opt for a cash advance loan. A payday loan or a no fax cash advance loan is simple to avail. There are no hassles.
  • Financial Inclusion in India    By: chitracs

    Financial inclusion means a group of people should take part in growth activities and help to increase economic growth of the country. The Indian Government wishes that the poor people should be benefited by financial inclusion. They have to be given loans for trading activities or paying back the loan from money lenders. The needs of every citizen should be considered and fulfilled by the Government. A day will come when all the Indians will take part in financial inclusion.
  • Cheap Courier Insurance    By: jane82

    Are you searching for a reasonable courier insurance? But with your experience of finding affordable and cheap courier insurance, you might have learnt that it is not easy to find the same so instantly. So, here's some advice about how to find out cheap courier insurance?
  • Counterfeit checks - Fake check scam. Never wire transfer money back    By: Jessica

    Counterfeit checks are a big scam these days. People use fake check and then request you to wire money back to them as a part of some transaction or scheme. Wire transfers are not easy to reverse therefore this technique is very popular.
  • Stocks - Investment 101 - Getting started with the Stock Market    By: Ronnie John

    Some simple information everyone should know about investing in the stock market. Basic tips on getting started with the stock market.
  • Guide To Courier Insurance    By: jane82

    There are a few things you must know about courier insurance business. There are three types of insurances namely, vehicle insurance, goods in transit insurance and public liability.
  • Indian Stock Market - A good time to invest in shares    By: money

    It's a great time to pick value stocks. Don't wait, just choose the right stock and invest. Government are concerned about the share markets. so definitely things will go in a right way.
  • Effective Territory Coverage - Implementation Of Sales Techniques    By: Mach

    The "Effective Territory Coverage" may be defined as the "Job Description" of a Salesman. To qualify for the position of a salesman by educating oneself with the 'Art of Salesmanship', a salesman has to implement the job description successfully.
  • Why Invest in India - Does the Indian financial future look good?    By: Mach

    India possesses the factors essential for rapid growth and there are many reasons invest in it's bright future. New economical policy favours wide scale investment in India. Also taking into account of the vast market of the subcontinent to be explored.
  • Impact of Depreciation of Rupee, India.    By: sonu

    Depreciation of the rupee had a huge impact on the domestic economy as also the manufacturing and other industries. Due to this unprecedented depreciation of rupee, the country has had a very high interest rate regime and also high inflation impacting the common man severely. All this to some extent impacted GDP growth as well. It was not only depreciating rupee that helped the software industry but also the way this sector was given the favourable treatment on all the fiscal policies
  • Weakening Indian Rupee, impacts of currency devaluation in India.    By: money

    Indian currencies are very weak and this currency devaluation (falling rupee) has led investors to doubt on India's economy strength. When will rupee come on its right place is not very clear. What is the reason behind this? This is like a very talkative question. If, we will try to find it then lots of reason will come out.
  • Role of small-scale industries in the development of India.    By: Muhammed Haris

    Small-scale industries were the dream of Mahatma Gandhi, father of our nation. He has supported the growth of small-scale industries in India, because he had the vision that it will help the poor people of India to come up.
  • Are BPO jobs are inferior? Is a Call Center job insecure-unreliable    By: Muhammed Haris

    BPO/Call centers have given jobs to millions of people in India. But some people have an inferior perception about them. They believe that they are insecure and unreliable. But in fact BPO sector has been growing at a fast pace and it has been giving good exposure to young people toward the work culture of UK, USA and other developed countries.
  • Management and leadership - Qualities of a good leader.    By: Muhammed Haris

    How a manager can become a good leader - Leadership can be classified into autocratic leadership and democratic leadership. Management is an art of getting the things done by others in an efficient way and making good decisions.
  • Stock market is in bear phase - Falling Share bazaar    By: money

    The kinds of selling pressure in share market were seen in last few days, it clearly indicates that stock market is in bear phase. Bear markets always go longer than you think they will. Sometimes longer than you think you can bear. Global concern is so strong that it is pressurizing the Indian market.
  • Counterfeit money (Indian rupee notes). Fake currency detection.    By: Swati

    Legal way to handle fake currency and finding testing machines. Real rupee picture / photo. How much money in India is counterfeit per RBI? If you are found to posses fake currency notes, and you cannot explain where you got them from, you can even go to jail.
  • Stock market is in bear grip. Indian shares downtrend analysis    By: money

    Stock market has been stuck in limited range. Now, share market is on upper band of their range, so investor should wait for correction of this bear market.
  • Value buying - What are value stocks    By: money

    Value stocks are defined as stocks of solid companies that are trading at below their intrinsic value because they are out of favor or overlooked by investors. A smart investor should choose stocks that has been oversold or overlooked but are at their attractive level. Value investing is buying shares that are fundamentally sound and stable.
  • Good Loans and Bad Loans - Money management in today's economy    By: Jyoti

    Loans - Everybody has a lot of money these days, including money to spend, flaunt or to buy whatever one wants, but not necessarily the money to save. If this increased spending power was to be attributed to increased incomes, it would bode well for the economy. However a lot of these growing aspirations and swanky lifestyles can be attributed to a rapid credit off take.
  • Keep the wait and watch policy - Stock markets and investing    By: money

    In a current Indian stock market scenario general investor should follow a wait and watch policy. Otherwise, keep a long term perspective. It's a good time of value buying for long term.
  • Stock market's uncertain times: Trader market vs investor market    By: money

    We are probably not at the bottom but close to the lower end of the Indian stock market. It has become trader's market rather than investor's market, So its better to stay away for now.
  • Deceptive business practices: The *CONDITIONS APPLY tag    By: chi

    CONDITIONS APPLY is a small word with big meaning. Modern day pattern of business is such that everything is fair as long as it brings profit, and it is not literally against the law. The concept of ads, websites etc. became an institution of competition. Products are made to be more and more eye candy, prices are made to be the cheapest and many more.....'*conditions apply' has also got a very great meaning in today's business.
  • Share market is all about sentiment - Stocks trading    By: money

    To understand the market sentiment is really very difficult. so, it is better to stay away from this volatile market. Volatility in stocks is all people's sentiment.
  • Business process management    By: chitracs

    The success of any business lies in satisfying the customers fully. The business process management system is an effective tool to satisfy the needs of customers. The business process management is a combination of innovation, integration and flexibility. The business process management life cycle helps the businessman to plan, execute and climb the ladder of success. The document .tion is important in business process management to correct the mistakes and divert towards the goal step by step
  • Initial Public Offer (IPO): An IPO Guide for Indian Stock Market    By: Jay Janani

    As the name suggest, IPO's (Initial Public Offering) are the first time a company offers the public to sell its stock thereby increasing its capital and reputation. Company need not repay its capital, but the share holders have a right to future profits distributed by the company. The tech bull market made the term IPO very familiar that a day can’t be passed without hearing the word IPO in late 1990s.
  • Globalization: The Vanishing Boundaries of the World    By: Rohini Upreti

    The 21st century is an age of globalization, interdependence and mutual benefits. Companies are looking for global talent and cheap labour. Mankind has become more and more interconnected. Knowledge and resource sharing is the mantra of the day!! The world has become a global village and we the new age villagers!! Read on to explore the nuances of globalization and understand its impact on the world…
  • Share Bazaar - Right time to invest in Gold ETF    By: Thebullishtrends

    Is this time for GOLD Exchange-traded fund? Gold rates are coming down in international markets, but no need to rush for GOLD ETF's immediately, because analysts are expecting that Gold prices will come down below
  • Advertisement Of A Product Or Service - Basics of Advertising    By: chitracs

    Any product entering the market can become popular through advertisement. The newspapers, radio and television carry the advertisement to popularise the product and make the people buy them also. Since there is heavy competition and lot of products are entering the market daily, advertisement is a must to increase the sales. Nowadays, the online advertising has become very popular. Seeing advertisement, many people search through internet, select a product and make online payment.
  • Mumbai Dabbawalas : A managerial success    By: informationishere

    How does the dabbawala service work in Mumbai - An introduction to one of the best managerial and organisational feats by illiterate and semi literate people providing an efficient and fast service.
  • How to Use Business Mailing Lists    By: Clint Jhonson

    Tips on using the business mailing lists. The ability to send emails to as many recipients as possible will surely make any online marketing initiative successful. If you can have access to as many email addresses as you like, you will have a greater chance of finding the right clients and possible buyers that will surely bring your venture revenue. That is the reason why you should invest in buying access to a business email database.
  • Email Marketing Lists: Building Your Own Business Email Database    By: Clint Jhonson

    The power of email marketing can never be underestimated. For quite some time, online marketers have been using email circulations to reach their intended and prospective clients. Business mailing lists have been considered one of the most effective and working tools for online marketing. Usually, access to business email database can be bought online. But did you know that you can resort to making your own email lists?
  • Bad Debt Loans: Financial Loans For Achieving Freedom From Debts    By: John Tracey

    Opt for bad debt loans to handle any financial emergency, which may have cropped up. A credit history can force the individual to be considered as a high risk category by most lenders.
  • The Logo - Branding Your Business    By: Ms Royce

    Logos should have the power to create the much needed visual impact on the people. If your logo is visually effective, it will surely raise the eyebrows of many and prompt the people to take an interest in your business.
  • Effective Advertising - Maximizing Your Online Sales    By: Ms Royce

    Tips on effective online advertising. A new entrepreneur is excited because their website just went live after a few weeks, or even months of hard work. But the excitement doesn't last long when they see they have yet to make a sale. Or maybe they've only made one or two.
  • Effective Marketing- Take a Walk in Your Customers' Shoes    By: Kaye Z Marks

    To understand your customer imagine yourself in their shoes, you’ll know what they want from you and from the products they buy. You need to know who you’re talking to in your marketing materials so that you know how to connect with them, not just talk at them.
  • Money management tips for baby boomers. Retirement finance & money matters    By: Tim

    Finance and proper money allocation are most important for baby boomers for their retirement. Invest in gold, CD's retirement accounts , social security and mortgage.
  • Tips for stock market investing : The do’s and don’t’s    By: David Prakash Kumar

    With the global financial meltdown, stock market investment has become a nightmare for retail investors. Here are a few tips for you to do and not to do in stock markets.
  • Bad debt personal loans: monetary help in times of need    By: John Tracey

    The bad debt personal loans are a convenient method to meet a cash crunch, when you are already suffering from the burden of multiple bad debts in your name
  • India call center jobs - Advantages, disadvantages and future BPO trends    By: Swati

    Advantages, disadvantages and benefits of call center jobs in India. Future trends of BPO Industry and life of a BPO/call center employee. Problems, pros & cons, salary, qualification, working hours, health and social issues surrounding this industry.
  • Bad Debt Unsecured Loans: Your Financial Support In Times Of Need    By: John Tracey

    Bad debt unsecured loans could be the answer to all your financial troubles.
  • Buy a Used Car (or Truck or SUV) - Useful Tips    By: Swati

    There is a huge market of used cars with plenty of choices from make, model, year, miles on car, condition and features. Buying a used car is obviously much tougher than buying a new one, so its very important to do some homework before you really go out to buy a used car. Here are a few tips that should be helpful to make a better decision on your car purchase.
  • Resume writing service - Work From Home    By: Sachin

    Resume writing is an ideal work from home profession for people who are good/fair in English and feel they have secretarial or administrative skills. It is a low cost profession and needs just a couple of hundred dollars to start with good results.
  • Work From Home - Rental Apartment finding service    By: James

    A smart way to start your work from home business which requires a low cost to start and operate is apartment finding service. Apartment complexes spend thousands of dollars in advertising and promotions to find renters.
  • Smart Spending Tips - Save money and eliminate debt    By: Victoria

    Save money by spending carefully. There is no magic way to eliminate the debt. People go through hard time paying interest on credit cards and those big financial corporation post record profits every year. Best way to prevent debt in most cases is smart spending.

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