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  • Safety Tips For a Single Woman    By: JoJustin

    Single women are at times more vulnerable than other women or men to attacks. Read this article for some general safety tips and also some specific tips against attacks.
  • Life as a woman    By: Guest

    A woman is the most versatile species on the earth. Being a woman is not an easy task. From the day a girl child is born and we as a society start expecting a certain code of conduct from her. By POOJA SINGH
  • Designer Outfits for the Bride    By: David Prakash Kumar

    Marriage Designer outfits for the bride are very important for the great look on the bride on the most important day in her life. Read all about designer outfits for the bride.
  • On-Line Shop-A Good Place to Buy GHD    By: summer

    The bad hair day often drives you crazy. Every girl wish a smooth hair everyday and it is no longer a dream . Are you looking for the perfect straightener and styler that will keep your hair stunning at any time of the day? Then your search is over because GHD can offer you the best classes of stylers and straighteners. In fact, if you choose the GHD Pink Kiss limited edition model, you can enjoy a styler and a straightener in one product.
  • How to reduce crime against women in India    By: Rakesh and Amit

    India has seen a rise in crime against women drastically in the last decade. Not only the incidents such as eve-teasing have increased, serious crimes like rape and kidnapping have also gone up significantly.
  • What are the great reasons to be born a woman.    By: Deena David

    Women have many advantages over men. This article gives the great reaons for being a woman. Read on to learn why women should be happier.

    We talk of equality for women. There are many organizations which work towards the development of women. But how far are they successful? Is it not high time to think about all these seriously?It is not a big work if all of us join hands to make something remarkable happen. But, are we ready to do it? If so, why do we lag behind? Is it fear or shyness?are we talking of equality of women in developing or under-developed countries alone? what about in developed countries? Are they the same as men?
  • How to dilate the cervix to get ready for delivery    By: David Prakash Kumar

    Many woumen feel a lot of pain when they are in labor. There are a few methods of dilating the cervix naturally and medically. Read on about these methods.
  • Importance of periodic Mammograms to prevent breast cancer in women    By: Deena David

    For every woman periodic mammogram is very important after a specific age to help prevent breast cancer and also to diagnose it early. Read on about the importance of periodic mammograms
  • What are the early signs of pregnancy that every woman should know    By: Deena David

    Pregnancy is a very important phase of every woman's life. Read this article to learn of the important early signs of pregnancy.
  • What To Do With A Used Wedding Dress    By: Hard Rock

    Ever wondered what happens to your wedding dress after your wedding day? Well here are some options for you to consider.
  • Role of Women in Economic Development    By: Dr Jyoti Gaur

    Economic Development: Historically, women in both Eastern and Western societies were viewed as the weaker sex and this view placed women in the category of a lesser being. Even today women in most of the world are less well nourished than men, less healthy, more vulnerable to physical violence and sexual abuse and less paid. They are much less likely than men to be literate, and still less likely to have pre-professional or technical education.
  • Early Menopause : How to Cope?    By: Dr Jyoti Gaur

    Menopause is a natural process that occurs because of a decrease in the function of the ovaries, which also control estrogen production. In addition to a decrease in estrogen levels, menopause results in decreased progesterone levels, meaning that any eggs that are released are less likely to be fertilized. Menopause usually occurs between the ages of forty-five and fifty-five, although it can occur much later, or much earlier, than that. The changing lifestyle, work roles and many other factors
  • The health and other related benefits of breast feeding the child    By: Deena David

    Breast feeding a child is very important. This helps not only the child, but also the mother. Read on to find the various health benefits of breast feeding a child.
  • Risks associated with delivering a baby through Caesarean section    By: Deena David

    There are many risks and complications of C-section after surgery. This article talks of the various complications of Caesarean section. Read on to find more on the subject.
  • How to deal with Low back pain during pregnancy    By: Deena David

    Pain in the back is a common problem of pregnant women. This article tells of the different approaches towards this pain that will help to control the pain.
  • Can women earn more money than men?    By: Swati

    Earning money is quite important and women are quickly catching up with men. Gone are the days when patriarchal societies dominated the social structures and women used to be subdued for want of financial security. Today women can earn more money then men. Today's ladies are supplementing their hubby's' purse, sometimes even leading the earnings!
  • Career opportunities after a nursing degree    By: Deena David

    A nursing degree is usually thought to help people work only in hospitals. Here are a list of opportunities for nurses.
  • Fashion Jewelry worn by women    By: Muhammed Haris

    Fashion jewelry is the name given to ornaments made out of precious and semi precious stones and metals that are available in a variety of modern designs. The word fashion makes us feel more modern and dignified.
  • Life of a woman after divorce    By: Jessica

    Life after divorce can be extremely tricky, stressful and very hard especially for a woman. There is certainly a life after divorce if you take things positively, planned and do not try to live in your past.
  • Pregnant women and air travel: Precautions, do's and don'ts.    By: Deena David

    Air travel can be difficult for pregnant women. Things can sometimes be even dangerous. If you are pregnant and have to travel by air then consider these precautions.
  • Advantages of home based business for women    By: Deena David

    Home based businesses have many advantages. For women especially, these businesses are a boon. This is because they are able to balance better between their work and also their family without compromising on both.
  • Get a Fair Skin .. NOT SO FAST!. Craze of fairness creams in India.    By: Swati

    Majority of Indians are obsessed to get a fair skin complexion. This has led to a boom in fairness creams business and people craving for a white or fairer skin colour. How do skin fairness creams work?
  • The bravura piece of cloth 'SAREE'    By: Abhi

    The true Indian lady is incomplete without it, the authentic Indian marriage is imperfect without it it is the saree. While the foreigners still wonder how Indian women manage to drape themselves completely yet look beautiful with just a length of cloth, the Indian women boast of it. Saree has evolved ever since its birth. Now the saree perhaps epitomizes Indian culture, and takes Indian dresses, fashion and clothing to the world. Saree is now a recognized dress globally. Find more...Read full
  • Case Study: Life of a young Social worker girl who helps orphans.    By: Muhammed Haris

    Let me quote a real story of a happy social worker girl who finds happiness by visiting the orphanages and help them.
  • Women's Flag: Standing Up High (Are we still respected?)    By: M A Silong

    Women are important in our society. We're not just men's past time but we give a lot of contributions especially on the current status of our society. But the question is, are we still respected?
  • How To Remove Unwanted Body Hair.    By: Swati

    Best ways to remove body hair. Easily remove unwanted hair by Shaving, Bleaching, Waxing, Threading or Hair removing Cream.
  • Common problems faced by women after delivery    By: Deena David

    Women face a lot of simple and complicated problems after the delivery. This article presents some of the common problems after delivery and also states the remedies for these problems.
  • Preterm and prelabour rupture of membranes in pregnant women.    By: Deena David

    Preterm and prelabour rupture of membranes that can affect women who are pregnant. This can lead to preterm delivery of the baby. This article talks of the causes, risk factors associated with this condition and the usual management of this condition.
  • Diabetes and its effect on pregnancy    By: Deena David

    Diabetes is a very common condition. Women who are pregnant have a chance of getting diabetes during pregnancy. There are various problems associated with diabetes in pregnancy. This article talks of the effects of diabetes on the foetus (or fetus) and the pregnancy itself.
  • Myths and Beliefs about the beautiful Russian Women    By: Irina Timchenko

    Russian women with the eyes of the world. Myths and beliefs about the beautiful Russian women are numerous and controversial. The article provides a look at what people say about Russian women, in Russia and beyond its borders.
  • Beauty tips on how to take care of the hands    By: Deena David

    This article talks of the various methods of hand care and gives a few important beauty tips for the hands. Hands are very important part of our body. Hand care should play a major role in adding beauty to a person. Sadly, hands are neglected as far as beauty is concerned.
  • Mother-Child Relationship: Prepare your child under the womb to become virtuous    By: moonlight

    The relationship of a mother and the child is so pure and the innocent that cannot be expressed into the worldly sayings. Having a good mother child relationship. Both the physical and mental growth are indispensable for the child. As the physical growth can be taken care of at the time of pregnancy similarly the mental growth can be taken care of by the mother at the time of expecting. Every thought, action and interest of the mother constructs the behavioral pattern of the child in the future.
  • Lifestyle changes that cause infertility in women    By: Deena David

    Lifestyle changes have caused an increase in the number of women who grapple with infertility. this article talks of the various causes of infertility in women.
  • Women are versatile. Status of women in Indian society.    By: moonlight

    India is a male-dominated country and here women have always been a part of harassment and domination. But still after all the hurdles in their way they have come up with a lighting and bright powers in today's scenario. women are the powerful entities and they are always being a brave fighter in the battle of life. women have proved that they are no longer at loss in any of the fields and they are versatile.
  • Hormonal and non-hormonal causes of depression in women    By: Deena David

    Women are actually two times more prone to depression than men. The reason is that there are hormonal changes that can lead to depression. There are also various non-hormonal causes of depression. This article talks of the causes of depression.
  • Causes of pre term birth of babies (Preemies or Premature Babies)    By: Deena David

    Pre term babies are born before the full term of pregnancy is over. There are various reasons for a pre term birth of a premature baby or preemies. The causes are listed in this article.
  • Importance of PAP smear test in diagnosing cervical cancer    By: Deena David

    Women are highly prone to get Cervical cancer. Pap smear is a boon to women because it can help in identifying ealy signs of abnormalities that can lead to cancer. Effective preventive and treatment methods help in arresting the cancer. This article talks of Pap smear.
  • Important lifestyle changes and things to remember during a pregnancy:    By: Deena David

    Pregnancy causes many changes to occur in a woman. This article explains some of these changes and also talks about the lifestyle changes that have to be done during pregnancy.
  • How to know if you are pregnant | Pregnancy test    By: Deena David

    This article tells of the ways of identifying a pregnancy. How to know if a woman or girl is pregnant? Conclusive test of pregnancy though is a laboratory test. All other tests may not be real proof of pregnancy.
  • Complications during pregnancy    By: Deena David

    There are many complications that can happen during pregnancy. This article talks of some of them and the methods to deal with these complications.
  • Women in business world | Women entrepreneurs    By: Muhammed Haris

    Women were not the part of business world in olden days. But now the trend has changed. Women entrepreneurs have proved themselves as a successful business person.
  • How to have beautiful eyes? Beauty tips for women    By: Deena David

    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder is a common maxim, but the beauty of the eyes itself makes the person look more lovely. Having beautiful eyes is every girl's dream. This article talks of the importance of beauty of the eye and provides tips for keeping your eyes beautiful.
  • Prostitution and red light areas. A better prostitute regulation is required.    By: Muhammed Haris

    Prostitution has been an unavoidable business in India. Almost every city has been found to have a red light area. Government itself gives licenses to some authorized red light areas.
  • INDIAN WOMEN: Sacrifices made by women in India    By: Muhammed Haris

    Indian women are a symbol of patience of greatness. The services and sacrifices of women in India for family and the society are incomparable.
  • Rape impact on women. Gang, Custodial and Rape by a headmaster    By: Christine Torcato

    Definition of rape, types of rapes and impact on women due to this crime in India. Rape on women can be of different types like Gang, Custodial and Rape by a headmaster.
  • What do women want?    By: handsomeguy

    Million dollar question - What does a women want? In this article reaches about depth of women's nature and her thoughts.
  • There is a man behind every successful woman    By: nishu

    'There is a man behind every successful woman' you must be thinking that this phrase is written wrong,but this phrase suits perfectly in our country like 'India', which is mail dominating country,how many men are supporting their women?and if some are supporting then definitely this phrase should get into their lap and lots of salute to them.
  • Even In The Midst Of Crisis Part 11 (Six Keys To Thriving In Crisis)    By: macmiky

    Women at some point in time make mistakes or are faced with crisis ranging from personal setbacks such as illnesses, divorce, the death of loved ones, disappointments or financial or economic crisis such as which our world is facing today. With all these in mine, it is easy to deter the way we think and do things because most of the time is spent focusing on the issues. In any kind of crisis, action needs to be taken to avoid a complete disaster or breakdown. Every crisis hurts the human heart a
  • Even In The Midst Of Crisis -- Part 1 (Introduction)    By: macmiky

    Women at some point in time make mistakes or are faced with crisis ranging from personal setbacks such as illnesses, divorce, the death of loved ones, disappointments or financial or economic crisis such as which our world is facing today. With all these in mine, it is easy to deter the way we think and do things because most of the time is spent focusing on the issues. In any kind of crisis, action needs to be taken to avoid a complete disaster or breakdown. Every crisis hurts the human heart a

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