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  • LEARN - Learning the 5 components in the process of communication    By: JoJustin

    Communication is an important part of the lives of each of us. There are a lot of components of communication. Learn all about it in this article.
  • Factors Affecting Quality in Material Management    By: JoJustin

    Quality in material management is very important for the success of a company. Read this article to learn about the various factors that affect the quality in material management.
  • The Reasons I Love My Cricut    By: Evelyn West

    I love my Cricut because it is so much more than a scrap booking tool. I love that I can use it for making signs, card making, school projects and vinyl lettering as well.
  • Top Level Domain    By: bharathi

    Domain name is the label used to reach a website with the help of a DNS (Domain Name Server) instead of using the numerical address of a website. Top level domain is the last portion of the domain name after the dot like .com etc. There are more than 370 top level domains.Top level domains are divided on certain criteria under the following categories: country-code top-level domains, generic top-level domains, sponsored top-level domains, infrastructure top-level domain.
  • Duplicate Content Sites    By: bharathi

    Duplicate websites have similar content as another website on the internet.Some ecommerce websites that display similar products, or real estate websites with similar properties listed can be considered as duplicate content websites. Many websites simply hack or scrap the content of a website to host a website in a different name. Websites using the black hat SEO technique of multiple doorway pages that land to the same homepage is also considered for duplicate contents.
  • Hurray... Holidays!!    By: crazy5

    This is just a light hearted story of a small boy who wishes to fail so that he can go to his village and live with his grandparents without the pressure of studies.
  • Evaluate Fuel Rates - Going Green Has Fees Going Up    By: Sue Lemieux

    The environment is a hot matter on the time and everybody assumes the new legislation introduced into endeavor to create the world a greater location are a good point. However, these legislation and also policies are having a immediate influence on vitality corporations and might go some method to explaining the actual current hike in rates. Discovering low-cost electrical energy costs is difficult lately but this could not be all lower for the companies. It really is projected by Europe's vital
  • Role of Facebook in increasing Insurance Sales : Online Marketing    By: David Prakash Kumar

    Facebook as a social networking site is a place where millions of people meet virtually. This is a nice place to make insurance sales as one can read from this article.
  • Advertising and Product Launching    By: David Prakash Kumar

    The relationship between advertising and product launching should be fully understood by the person to be able to launch the product successfully.
  • Japanese kimonos: Their types and traditions attached to them.    By: Deena David

    Kimonos are the traditional Japanese wear, but it is catching up in other parts of the world too as a fashion statement. Read about these amazing kimonos.
  • Captured Values from a Torture Subject    By: M A Silong

    Determine the different values captured behind a Math, that was considered to be the worst subject. The art of Mathematics is considered to be the 'Shadow of our Life'. Myriad people believe that Mathematics is the one factor that we shall carry for the rest of our being. But then, some doesn't accede its steadfast importance, especially teenagers who call the said subject as the one and only hell.

    The world of reality is what every field of human interest is based upon. But what is it that makes truth so important to us? The concept of ‘reality’ is intuitive, and there is an innate sense that helps in its detection. This is discussed in detail in this article.
  • He is the Best Planner | God is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent    By: Jashodhara

    Never to worry for anything. God has already planned everything. Try to feel His presence. God is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent.
  • Bloodshot Flame    By: graham

    David lay on the hillside by the creek watching the myriad of small paddle boats drifted by. As the little ones floated about playing in the water David indulged in the serendipity that was before him. Regrettably the task that lie before him withheld it’s ugly head. David left the creek that day so that he would not have to witness the tirade that would spontaneously plague the peaceful creek.
  • Oh Mother! Oh mother! Long live Angel of Mercy-Mother Theresa!    By: gnr1932

    Long live Angel of Mercy-Mother Theresa! Oh Mother Theresa, you came from all the way, from Yugoslavia to India. You saw many poor people, in Kolkata,India.
  • The power of the symbol    By: Guest

    Ever since humans began using symbols they have been endowed with power beyond their immediate use. Symbols arose out of a need to communicate; however, their usage down the history has shown that they soon overpowered the mind that created them, for the better in some areas and for the worse in others. By: Anand Betanabhotla.
  • British Royalty supports injured soldiers.    By: allspp

    A collection of Giclee prints featuring the Royal Family (By John Allsopp). Four paintings featuring Princess Diana, The Queen Mum, Prince William and Queen Elizabeth, are helping British Soldiers back to health.
  • Reasons I Love My Cricut    By: Evelyn West

    With all the projects, scrap-booking and crafting made easily and professionally, what's not to love about the Cricut Express?
  • Picking the Right Wedding Photographer    By: Aprillove Andy

    Are you searching for pointers to help you out in searching for the right Photographer? There are many people who take pictures for a living but only a chosen few have the right to be called a photographer. How then will you choose the right photographer for your special event such as wedding? Here are some pointers that will help you.
  • Karma - The death of our only son    By: chinna

    Lost the only son and the verdict always been delayed. I have to watch everything happening in front me including the death of our only son and I couldn’t do anything.
  • Walking Aids: Types and uses (Frames, Stick, Elbow and Axillary crutch)    By: David Prakash Kumar

    Walking aids are very important not only when people become sick, but also when a person gets old. This article gives a list of various walking aids and their uses.
  • The World's Most Unique Cigar - Cutting and Smoking a Toscano Cigar    By: MichaelHines

    The Toscano is a very versatile cigar in the sense that you can cut it in a variety of different ways to suit any situation no matter the social environment, time constraint or personal preference.
  • Media Today    By: Abhi

    Media today as a whole involves more than one aspect to be dealt with. Media forms an integral part of the lives of all and sundry. The world of media is irrespective of age and outlook as well as regardless of nationality and creed.In the media industry limitations are limited! The media sector is estimated to be one of the most expansive and booming industries. It is by now absolutely clear that, media play the noteworthy job of letting the mass know what is happening now!!
  • What are the methods of throwing up (vomiting).    By: David Prakash Kumar

    There are various methods of throwing up that are present, but these vomiting methods should only be used if the person feels there is an absolute need for doing it. This is because throwing up can also cause some complications.
  • Preventing Attrition In BPO Firms    By: Ivana Lewis

    BPO firms have a very high attrition rate. This reflects poorly on the expenditure sheet of the company as well as on the project deadlines. Call center employers need to figure out a few things before they can build up a stable base of secure and loyal employees. Here are a few reasons why they leave and what can be done to prevent them from doing so.
  • How to get sick to stay at home from work    By: Deena David

    Staying at home from work is an option few people have. This article is about how a person can make themselves look sick so that they can avoid work.
  • Job Change: When is a good time to change your employer    By: Swati

    Most private sector employees change their job every few years. Deciding whether its a good time for a job change or to even quit your job is a debate which everyone goes through.
  • What dreams like to allege | Different types of dreams    By: M A Silong

    There's no person in the world who haven't had a dream before. All of us experienced to dream and wondered the mysteries of our dream. Of course, all of us wants to know the labyrinth behind it and what it wants to tell us.
  • The Truth and Complexity of Our Lives    By: Mali Hakak

    The light and darkness of life imposed on us lead to an adventurous journey; the complexity of which we may not understand but ought to firmly pursue its path or the stern life will assail us all.
  • Physical therapist's role in treating and preventing various disorders.    By: David Prakash Kumar

    A physical therapist has an important role to play in the society preventing and treating various conditions. This article gives a gist of the role of a physical therapist.
  • Baffling demise ! - Famous Mysterious Deaths    By: Abhi

    Death is inevitable, and usually saddening. They aren’t mysteries barring a few. There are some extremely famous episodes of controversy, mystery, skepticism and uncertainty revolving the death of some people. Here are some of the well-known unexplained deaths: Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Manchester Team, etc
  • Do not worry, Life is changing    By: moonlight

    This article is all about asserting the life as dynamic, changing every moment. Past and future are out of our control but all we have into our hands is the present. Make the worth of the present. see the life as changing and do not worry about any situation, sorrow or disadvantage. be hopeful and determined.
  • Layoff feelings: How a person feels after he loses his job    By: Jessica

    Feelings of person who faces layoff. Unexpected layoffs are common and it can happen to anybody, sometimes by a surprise. Most common feelings of a person who gets laid off is discussed in this article.
  • The Grand World Overview | Competitive Ranking of various countries.    By: Abhi

    The world is competitive, may the competition be between individuals, between groups and communities .. but today I’ve compiled a report on the contest of the largest scale, of that between nations… Well, a descriptive and detailed analysis on the nations based upon the various factors that make a nation worth appreciation followed by a conclusive avowal - that’s going to follow ..
  • Preventing concrete failures by proper curing method :Construction materials    By: Guest

    Concrete failures are associated to several reasons from design mixtures, mixing process, component properties and so many more. Improper curing is considered one of those eminent reasons why we face such concrete failures in slabs and more evident to pavements which we can easily notice because of cracks visible to the naked eye. As the cement and water mixes, a chemical reaction called hydration occurs and normally the concrete changes from plastic to solid state in about two hours.
  • Too Much Sadness Causes Death    By: M A Silong

    Are you alone, lonely or a loner? Are you too depressed as if the whole galaxy is at your back? Are you too lonely for such a long time? Then don't get too easy about this because loneliness can end your life!
  • Different types of rings worn by people    By: Muhammed Haris

    There is a funny saying "Every marriage has three rings, first one engagement ring, second ring is marriage ring and third ring is suffering". So our culture has made usage of rings as a part of our culture.
  • The increased use of Gold Jewelery and Precious Body Jewels    By: Muhammed Haris

    Because of the dowry system, the extent of jewelry worn is increasing in all classes of the society. There is a tradition in many rich families that the bride is made to wear as many jewels as possible and they check whether she can walk with those jewels or not.
  • Things to do when one knows he is about to DIE | Dying from Cancer?    By: Bharat

    Do you know that you are about to die from cancer, AIDS or some other deadly disease. There are many important things to do before you face the unfortunate death.
  • Automated Marketing Systems are a must for the Online Marketer    By: traffic4life

    An automated marketing system allows the Entrepreneur proven ways to leverage time, effort and energy, into effective ways to promote any business online 24/7. It is the most effective and one of the most targeted ways to build a business online. Automated marketing systems are websites designed to make you money automatically.
  • Do Children Need Toys More Than Parents?    By: Swati

    Can we really substitute ourselves with toys, do children need toys more that the parents? These are some questions that each parent should ask him or herself. As parents we want our child to have the best of every thing and so we load the childs room with loads of toys.
  • The Classic MALL SIGHT Today !    By: Abhi

    The dictionary meaning of mall is ‘an enclosed shopping area’, but that has got nothing to do with how malls are perceived or used today. The malls today are popular places to hang out more than anything else, and are well-liked among the youth. Love birds with hands held together, gang of potential teenagers ogling or making eyes at people of the opposite sex, loud laughter, tittle-tattle, window shopping and so and so forth…that’s what typical of a mall nowadays... read on for more...
  • Easy methods of motivating staff, other than Salary-Monetary benefits.    By: David Prakash Kumar

    Motivation is an important factor that can make the employee work harder. Motivating staff other than Salary and Monetary benefits. This in turn will make the organization better. This article tells of various factors that will make the employee feel motivated and work harder.
  • Life when world's petroleum reserves will get exhausted .. Then What?    By: Muhammed Haris

    What will happen when we use up all the world's petroleum. We all know that petroleum reserves of the earth are limited and according to some estimates we might have already hit the peak petroleum production last year.
  • Investment is not a gambling but a saving for future.    By: Muhammed Haris

    Investment is all about saving money for future and we should avoid gambling with it. The thumb rule of investments is 'High Risk - High Return' and 'Low Risk - Low Return'.
  • Want to live 100 years: Live in Bama or Hechi City in Guangxi, China?    By: Jessica

    The secret of people living 100 years in China. Bama County Rugao City in Jiangsu Province; Bama County/Hechi City in Guangxi Zhuang and Zhongxiang City in Hubei are known for centurions.
  • Fake stories about ghosts    By: Muhammed Haris

    There are many fake stories about ghosts. It has been believed if a person commits many sins in life, his soul never rests in peace. Instead, the soul will wander like a spirit called Ghost which invisible to naked eye.
  • Being Rich does not guarantee happiness, prosperity comes with stress.    By: Bharat

    There is a wide misconception among people that being rich guarantee happiness in life. In fact people who are wealthy and rich are usually very stressed and over-complicate their life. It is true that money can buy love, happiness and stuff, but prosperity certainly comes along with it's own set of issues, complexities, ambitions and competition.
  • If doctors are first, journalists are second ! Right?    By: Abhi

    Once, pointing fingers at the Press gallery of the House of Commons, the eternal Burke said 'Yonder sits the fourth estate'. Being a journalism student, I'm hereby making a proclamation ... I've 16 points to make, it’s an anecdote with a justification, cause, and reality. Can you imagine life without Newspapers or News channels or the internet news for that matter? Journalists preform the job that is one of the most respectable and responsible... Do they deserve more than what they get? Read on
  • Questions you should ask the Doctor about your disease    By: David Prakash Kumar

    People get sick all over the world. Many of these people may visit the physician, but almost all of them either do not give all the necessary information to the doctor or do not ask the right questions about their disease to the doctor. This article is about what questions need to be asked to the doctor.

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