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  • Worldcom Debacle - A Case Study in Risk Management.    By: Vivek SHARMA

    The article explains the risk management in context of Worldcom Debacle. Worldcom was America's second largest telecom company in 2000. But, the company filed for bankruptcy protection on July 21st, 2002. Could it have been avoided? >> Category: Finance
  • Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPS) in India    By: Sam T

    Life Insurance is one of the best investments to make to ensure that you provide a financial backup in case of a loss of life or to get a good return on investment in case you survive the insured period. Moreover it gives you coverage for life as well as builds your wealth as time passes. >> Category: Finance
  • There's a Way Out of Your Debt Problems    By: mathew jazenko

    Facing a mountain of debt? Don't know where to start? Feeling overwhelmed? There is a way out and its a simple process. There is no need to get down and you can get rid of those collection calls at the same time. Stay away from all debt if possible and if not keep it small. Here's how to do it. >> Category: Finance
  • Household Debt Now at Record Levels    By: mathew jazenko

    A recent study by the Certified General Accountants of Canada says that Canadian household debt is at record levels. Most of that debt the report goes on to say is for consumption and not for assets like housing, investments. 58% of respondents indicated that their debt is caused by daily living expenses. As an individual you can change your financial picture and not be part of the statistics >> Category: Finance
  • Taxation: A Contract or No Contract    By: ASSAN JALLOW

    Taxation itself is manifested by the contract which provides the basis for its legal imposition, payment and administration on a multi-faceted mandate. paying taxes goes with showing sense of civic duty and demonstrating a conscious conviction, sacrifice and commitment in contributing to national development. This requires taxation to be properly administered with a high sense of unalloyed equity. >> Category: Finance
  • How to Calculate Return on Endowment and Money Back Plans?    By: Vivek SHARMA

    The article helps in understanding how to calculate returns on Money Back and Endowment Plans >> Category: Finance
  • ITC Ltd : Safe Bet For Long Term With Decent Returns    By: Vivek SHARMA

    The reasons why you should buy ITC shares for long term investment >> Category: Finance
  • Why You Shouldn't Rely on CPP to be There When You Retire    By: mathew jazenko

    It used to be that age 65 is when a person typically retired, but with the boomer tsunami that will occur there will be increase in demand for CPP. In the last few years the annual CPP contribution rate has gone from 4.9% in 1995 to 6.17% in 2010 a projected 10.46% in 2030. There also rumours that the retirement age will be raised and possibly reduced benefits. >> Category: Finance
  • Do You Have Enough For Retirement?    By: mathew jazenko

    Yes you can rely on the government to help you in your golden years with: higher taxes, reduced benefits and higher user fees. Don't be like those seniors that live off eating dog food! Start looking at your retirement plan now as age 65 will come around like a tornado and very fast too. Here is what you should be doing now. >> Category: Finance
  • Is Oil a Good Investment ?    By: Damien ROBERT

    Is oil a really good investment, to help you to understand the advantages of the oil in investment, to invest - gives you the answers to your questions. >> Category: Finance
  • Finance For Non-Finance Series-1    By: Vivek SHARMA

    The article provides details of what a non finance professional needs to understand while trying to learn finance >> Category: Finance
  • Understand Your CIBIL Score (Credit history system in India)    By: Vivek SHARMA

    The article gives an insight into Credit score used by CIBIL, the leading credit rating agency. As of now, India has four credit bureau i.e. 1) CIBIL, 2) EXPERIAN, 3) EQUIFAX and 4) HIGH MARK. Effectively CIBIL is the bureau which is most widely used. >> Category: Finance
  • History of Income Taxation and Administration in Gambia    By: ASSAN JALLOW

    By design, the way of traditional income tax collection and administration did not greatly differ much from modern day tax administrations we have seen institutionalised in the shores of our national economies. Ideally, the Income Tax system of The Gambia was based on the 1952 UK Model Ordinance Act that had distinctive features of attending to the needs of every taxpayer in cognisance of revenue and as an inducement cooperative strategy to promote the culture of tax payments. The hikes in tax evasions and the extreme usage of the tax avoidance handles by taxpayers in meeting their tax obligations continuously plummeted. Interestingly, the baton of power thrust continues to change and more Gambians take charge of the management and leadership of tax administration in the country. This witnessed the introduction of new reform strategies and programmes with marked improvements realised in the mobilisation of domestic revenue. >> Category: Finance
  • Send the Kids Back to School Without Breaking the Bank    By: mathew jazenko

    Save money this back to school season by buying used instead of new. Purchasing used can save you the parent a lot of money. There is nothing wrong with buying new, however you would be smart to copy what rich people already do. Purchase clothes, computers, text books used and save tons of money. Here are some of the places you can get good deals by buying used. >> Category: Finance
  • What You Need to Know About a Federal Tax Lien    By: John Sonjon

    A federal tax lien is a very serious thing. When the I.R.S. puts a federal tax lien on your property you cannot sell the property nor can you borrow money against the equity you have in the property. >> Category: Finance
  • Trading Binary Options Online    By: Damien ROBERT

    Trading binary options online is without doubt the best way to accomplish profitable investments with low risk. gives you the advice and the keys of success. >> Category: Finance
  • Commissioned Emloyees May Be Paying Too Much Income Tax    By: mathew jazenko

    Commissioned employees who sell goods or negotiate contracts on behalf of an employer have a range of tax deductions available to them if the expenses are necessary for the carrying out their duties. However, the commissioned employee must meet several conditions in order to qualify for the deductions. Deductions must be reasonable and relate to your business. >> Category: Finance
  • Wanna Save Money on Your Mortgage?    By: mathew jazenko

    Wanna save money? Of course you do. Wanna save money on your mortgage? Wanna give it to the banks? If you budget carefully and follow the 10 steps outlined you will be saving more money than you have ever dreamed. Your mortgage will be paid off faster, less money will be earned by your bank and best of all, your bank will hate your guts for doing these 10 steps. You will become the talk of the neighbourhood. Find out what mortgage lenders don't want you to know. I have taught this to hundreds of people and everyone of them have thanked me personally for teaching them these important steps. >> Category: Finance
  • Which Ownership Structure is Right For You?    By: mathew jazenko

    What type of ownership structure for my business is right for me? There are three types of ownership: sole proprietor, partnership, corporation. Each has advantages and disadvantages depending on the type of business one is operating. Sole proprietors are easy to set up and shut down, partnerships are slightly more complicated as each party must identify their duties and roles within the company. Corporations are the most difficult to set up but offer the benefit of limited liability. >> Category: Finance
  • Capital Gains Can Be a Taxing Proposition    By: mathew jazenko

    Capital gains can be a very unwelcome taxing problem. Capital gains are a tax on the difference between what you pay for something like a second house or cottage and what you sell it for. But what if you don't sell it but pass it on to your heirs? Then what will happen is the tax man will come knocking on your door with his hand stretched out looking for money. YOUR money that YOU owe him when the property passes to your heirs. The result is a huge tax bill and if your heirs don't have it, then the property is put up for sale to satisfy the taxman. However, Mathew Jazenko of MRJ Financial Solutions, a Newmarket, Ontario, Canada based financial services company says you can avoid all that if you follow the following steps. >> Category: Finance
  • Are Moving Expenses Tax Deductable?    By: mathew jazenko

    According to Canada Revenue Agency you can if you meet certain criteria and are subject to a daily dollar limit. Keep all your receipts in case of audit including food, lodging, cost of moving truck, movers, cost of terminating a lease early, cost of looking for a new place of residence. >> Category: Finance
  • Prepping For the MLA (the Mortgage Loan Application)    By: Elizabeth Cohen

    This fall, high school students ready for graduation take steps to prepare for college. For many, they have been working towards their graduation and college entrance for years. Keeping a high GPAs, studying for exams, and evaluating colleges to find the perfect match. The process required to buy a home is very similar, if we look past the surface. >> Category: Finance
  • Tips For Earning Money Online    By: Nagabrahmachari Mahamkali

    Most people are excited when they see this phrase Earn Money Online. They decide to try but end up getting nothing. Isn't there any site or some other source that earns you money online? Let me discuss that with you in this article. >> Category: Finance
  • How to Optimize Your Decision Making Under Conditions of Certainty    By: Bjarne Dedenroth

    Determining the conditions under which a decision must be made is crucial in terms of choosing the most appropriate strategy and can fundamentally influence the outcome. This time we will focus on making decisions under conditions of certainty. The following two articles will show you how to optimize under conditions of risk (the known unknowns); and then uncertainty (the unknown unknowns). >> Category: Finance
  • What is London Inter Bank Offered Rate (LIBOR)    By: Vivek SHARMA

    The article describes the method used to calculate LIBOR. >> Category: Finance
  • Planning For Retirement    By: Vivek SHARMA

    Planning for Retirement is very critical. The article higlights the key aspects of retirement planning. >> Category: Finance
  • Understanding Profit and Loss Account    By: Vivek SHARMA

    The article is an attempt to explain significance of profit and loss account of a company. The profit account and the loss account are a very critical indicator of performance for a given period as it measures how the company has done in terms of profitability. >> Category: Finance
  • Should You Use Commodity Options?    By: Samuel Winters

    Reasons to trade commodity options and reasons not to trade them. Most private investors don't have time to follow the markets very closely. Most of us have jobs. Some have kids. There are other things to do. >> Category: Finance
  • Different Business Loans in Australia Have Different Uses    By: Marketing Manager

    Everything requires a foundation to support them, and so does businesses, business loans in Australia can help your business to have a strong foundation for your business, helping your business to get on track in a very short amount of time... >> Category: Finance
  • Characteristic of Caveat Loans    By: Marketing Manager

    Caveat loans are also known as bridging loans, or sometimes swing loans, no matter how people called them, they are short term loans that usually takes less than a day for approval, and a few weeks for repayment, unlike the long term loans that takes years to finish repayment... >> Category: Finance
  • Who Demand Caveat Loans    By: Marketing Manager

    Before we know who wants caveat loans, we need to know what caveat loans are first, caveat loans can be explained easily... >> Category: Finance
  • Options Terminologies - What is an Option Contract?    By: Vivek SHARMA

    The article gives an insight into various terminologies used in options contract. Option is a financial contract in which buyer of the contract has the right but not the obligation to buy or sell an asset at a given price on or before a date >> Category: Finance
  • Why Businesses Need Caveat Loans    By: Marketing Manager

    Many people questions what are caveat loans, they are fast and easy ways to get money when you need it the most, it is a good way of getting quick money... >> Category: Finance
  • Every Business Needs Business Loans    By: Marketing Manager

    Businesses these days all requires a boost, and small business loans is known to be one type of the boost that can really give your business a real boost, no matter how your business is going... >> Category: Finance
  • Small Business Loans With the Changing World    By: Marketing Manager

    Small Business Loans are loans given by lenders to business owners who might need help in their business in varies ways, while some business need help for their business during their contraction, some need help in expending their business... >> Category: Finance
  • Simple Definition of Caveat Loans    By: Marketing Manager

    Caveat loans are very fast loans which allows the borrower to receive money by using their real estate or fixed assets as the securities for the loans, real estate and fixed assets can includes housing, units, flats, office or lands... >> Category: Finance
  • Understanding Ex-Date and Cum-Date    By: Vivek SHARMA

    The article gives an insight into ex-date and cum-date. Companies provide benefits to the shareholders in different forms. The benefits distributed by the companies are in two forms: 1) Cash Benefits and 2) Non cash benefits. >> Category: Finance
  • What is a Credit Bureau    By: Vivek SHARMA

    The article gives an insight into the concept of a credit bureau >> Category: Finance
  • An Analysis of Oligopoly in US Airline Industry    By: Vivek SHARMA

    The article attempts to explain Oligopoly in US markets.It explain under which model of oligopoly airlines operate under i.e. Sweezy model, Cournot model, Stackelberg model or Bertrand model. If they do not operate under any of these, what is the reason for the same? >> Category: Finance
  • The Mindset of Public, Private and Parliament    By: gunda ramesh babu

    The present environment in India is in highly dangerous situation in all spheres of politics, economy, and industrial environment. The entire nation is facing several problems such as telecommunication scam, adarsh housing scam, s-band scam, block money in Swiss bank, violence in several states, like telengana, and inflation etc.. >> Category: Finance
  • Loans During Difficult Times - How to Maximize Chances of Success?    By: Marketing Manager

    Bills have no trouble stacking up, whether the economy is good or bad. Ironically, loans that are able to help people out in times like these are also the hardest to obtain in times like these. >> Category: Finance
  • 2 Loans to Suit Most Needs in Australia    By: Marketing Manager

    Out of all the loans out there, there are two loans that stand out. Together, they make a great combination to counter most troubles, if not all. These loans are known as small business loans, and payday loans. >> Category: Finance
  • Tips to Avoid Defaults on your Loans    By: Marketing Manager

    All borrowers, whether they like it or not, need to consider the possibility of getting a default during loans. Loans can be devastating to your credit record if everything isn't planned out right. >> Category: Finance
  • Borrow and Study    By: Vivek SHARMA

    The article talks about benefit available under Section 80E of Income Tax Act for educational loans. >> Category: Finance
  • Choosing Between Multiple Lenders    By: Marketing Manager

    Sometimes one loan simply isn't enough, and you are so close to reaching financial stability. In times like these, it can definitely help if you 'topped up' your loan. Think of it as getting another loan, without all the hassle of complicated paperwork. >> Category: Finance
  • Different Loans For Different Situations    By: Marketing Manager

    There really is a loan to suit every type of situation. Personal loans are able to hold off the majority of applicants. Those seeking larger amounts have business loans to cover them. Bad credit loan is the way to go when your credit record is less than perfect. However cash advance loan, or payday loan, is one of the best and worst loans out there. >> Category: Finance
  • Tax Augmentation Through Modified Lottery    By: Beryl Jane

    When was the last time you consciously asked a receipt for your purchase for any other reason apart from avoiding security mishaps? If you are having a difficult time remembering, then you just might want to rethink your ways as that little piece of white paper could turn into green bills. >> Category: Finance
  • Starting Small Business - Bridging Finance    By: Marketing Manager

    Starting a business up could be hard, but obtaining a small business loan sure got easier. Getting overwhelmed by bills and costs could easily drive a new business bankrupt, and some funding is usually enough to pull you through. >> Category: Finance
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Unsecured Loans    By: Marketing Manager

    Unsecured loans come with a set of advantages and disadvantages. The one most people are looking for it the fact that they don't have to secure an asset, followed by the fact that there won't be limits on how to spend the funds after receiving it. >> Category: Finance
  • Alternatives to Borrowing From Lenders    By: Marketing Manager

    Alternatives to obtaining loans are essential for two main reasons. Firstly it offers more flexibility, allowing borrowers to freely choose where to borrow from. This is especially useful for people with bad credit, since they will have other options rather than checking lender after lender. >> Category: Finance

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