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  • Car Auction Advice    By: Melanie Ritchie

    If you are thinking about purchasing an automobile, there are many opportunities that are available to you which you may find to your advantage. One thing that you should consider, however, is that some of those opportunities are going to cost you more than others. This can have you putting out a considerable amount of money from your wallet. >> Category: Others
  • Alghanim Recruits SAP ABAP Specialists For Kuwait    By: Bavya Ramanujan

    SAP ABAP is a programming language unlike other programming languages such as Java and others which offers additional integration advantages such as working with databases performing various functionalities including finance and accounts, sales, trade and logistics etc. Alghanim is a conglomerate organization of various privately owned companies in the Gulf region and hires SAP ABAP Specialists. >> Category: Others
  • Corporation Bank Invites Applications For Specialist Officers    By: Bavya Ramanujan

    Specialist Officers of a bank generally work under various disciplines related to technical, IT, HR or agriculture. A specialist officer in a bank can have only one job description with respective to their chosen discipline. There are various openings in Indian banks for Specialist Officers. Corporation Bank invites applications for the post of Specialist Officers now for this year 2012. >> Category: Others
  • POEM: Lamp in Thyself    By: Jacintha Morris

    The poem underlines the significance of 'lamp', holy and divine, which drives away darkness and ignorance; however, each one has a lamp within him which continues to burn, and such lamps within all together would brighten the whole earth. >> Category: Others
  • POEM: Dream House    By: Jacintha Morris

    A farmer, who toiled from dawn to dusk, dreamt of having a house of his own; he took a loan and constructed a house, House of his Dreams. But his days of agony then began- the loans he had taken and the interest grew faster than his crops, and the creditors came to get back their money. And driven to the wall, he committed suicide by hanging himself. The above incident is not common. Now as poem >> Category: Others
  • Short Story on Humanity, Kindess    By: SUMIT MISHRA

    We got chance to know how life is wonderful >> Category: Others
  • Facilities at Medical Centres in Bundaberg    By: australian doctors

    Most of the top Bundaberg Medical Centres provide you with the facility of occupational medicine and family health care centres, where you can get yourself and your family the best medical treatment. You can also treat yourself with cosmetic injections to slower your ageing process at these family medical centres. >> Category: Others
  • Love and Its Meaning    By: S Kjaerbaek

    Love and its Meaning How love is confused with manipulation and fantasy. >> Category: Others
  • Serious Crimes Vs Minor Crimes    By: Shaimaa Mohamed

    Crimes are nearly always related to the environment in which they occur. For this reason, international law courts are unrealistic and will not succeed in reducing crime levels in different countries. I have shown two different points of view regarding serious and minor crimes.Besides, I have highlighted the idea that, definitely, crimes are tied to the environment where they take place. >> Category: Others
  • Attitude- to Look For    By: Raja Vikram

    An attitude can be defined as a positive or negative outlook of a person. It is the way a person behaves or acts. This can be identified through the works done by the person. Even the way the person behaves will really show the attitude of the person. >> Category: Others
  • Mechanical Engineering: The Most Admired Stream    By: Rose Lina

    Mechanical Engineering is the branch of engineering that is related to the designs, productions, operation, construction and uses of machines and tools. It is also called the 'mother' branch of all the engineering streams because it is the oldest and widely opted part of engineering. The principles of physics are the basics for this. >> Category: Others
  • POEM: Poor Leticia    By: Jacintha Morris

    Leticia, an innocent and charming village girl, sits alone at her window and sings. Her husband is far away; moreover he concerns himself more with his own kith and kin! Then tempters come one by one But Leticia could see through people declines all and keeps waiting for the right man who is lost in life like her but is not disheartened and thrives to live facing challenges with a goal in life >> Category: Others
  • Chick Pea Soya Protein Rich Salad    By: Padmini Manu

    Chick Peas and soya bean are a good source protein.A healthy vegetarian salad can be prepared with a combination of vegetables along with chick peas,soya bean and groundnuts. >> Category: Others
  • Allsec Technologies Hires Customer Service Officers    By: Bavya Ramanujan

    Customer Service Officer (CSO) works in an international voice process with UK/US clients. He/she may work in inbound or outbound process. However, CSO handling UK/US customer queries will certainly work in an inbound process. Graduates or PG graduates with excellent English communication skills with an age limit of 18-32 years can apply. They should be willing to work in night shifts. >> Category: Others
  • Rare Finds - The Indian Head Or Buffalo Nickel    By: Anastasia Ivanova

    There are many interesting ways to come across some relic of our past, and none are more captivating than a dusty, old, long-forgotten coin one may happen to find deep down in one of my grand-dads numerous coin boxes up in the attic. Just staring at it sets the imagination off and running, delving into the whys and wherefores of not only its origin, but how it came to be a part of his collection. >> Category: Others

    Describing how twenty characters of people spend their night - Night as the silent witness >> Category: Others

    Night as the silent witness to the ways of how 28 characters of people spend their night >> Category: Others

    Second half of the poetic story describing how 28 characters of people spend their night and the imagination of the poet as to the various emotions the night feels >> Category: Others

    Night as the silent witness views 28 characters of people, the way they spend their night and how they sleep. >> Category: Others
  • Procurement Specialist Required For the World Bank    By: Bavya Ramanujan

    A procurement specialist is commonly known as a purchasing officer who procures materials, goods and supply for an organization. It is basically an administrative job which involves business transactions. Thus, a procurement specialist should possess mathematical skills, analytical skills, interpersonal and communication skills. The World bank is looking for a procurement specialist. >> Category: Others
  • Opening For Registrar in IIT Kanpur    By: Bavya Ramanujan

    A registrar is one who registers student's course details, supervises the administrative work especially for the admissions, maintains academic records and provides those details when and where required. IIT Kanpur is looking for a registrar. >> Category: Others
  • Becoming More Cost Effective Through Better IT    By: Sonny Grobons

    Many businesses have become more cost-effective in the economic environment in which we live. I'm sure that you're also interested in saving money on your business as well as increasing productivity, so that you can increase your bottom line. >> Category: Others
  • Demystifying Security Risk Assessments    By: George Babnick

    This article will demystify security risk assessments by defining what a security risk assessment is and explain some basic concepts in risk assessment in common language. Some of the main values and benefits of a security risk assessment will also be interwoven into the discussion. >> Category: Others
  • Short Story: Sudharma    By: Jacintha Morris

    Highlighting the merits in a maid servant >> Category: Others
  • Common Side Effects of Taking Melatonin    By: Belix Tasa

    The recommended gum is definitely for diabetic issues, and is definitely for affected individuals who aren't insulin shots depending. >> Category: Others
  • Buy My Home - Why is Proof of Funds Necessary?    By: Andrew Smith

    If you are a Property Buyer and you are interested in purchasing a property, then one thing which is very important should be kept in mind i.e. proof of funds involved in purchasing a property. This is one very important aspect which most of the people ignore while dealing and some people don't have basic information regarding legal rules while buying a house. >> Category: Others
  • BLONDE and BRUNETTE    By: Monty Shyama

    It's a sarcasm on humans that only see prefer and appreciate the beauty, but not the brunette, i.e. we only see the positive's and try to ignore the negative side. The way is to enlighten and expose, too mend the negativism too. >> Category: Others
  • Designing Your Child's Room    By: Ben Chang

    It is important for you to consider any design for the nursery or a child's room long before the big day arrives. After all, once the child is in the home, it is less likely that you're going to have the time that is necessary to make any major design choices for the child's room. Additionally, there are other reasons why you should have the room done in advance as well. >> Category: Others
  • Has Storage Wars Ruined an Industry?    By: Christopher Beck

    Once a lucrative and relatively unknown business, storage auctions have been brought into the mainstream by television shows like Storage Wars and Auction Hunters. >> Category: Others
  • Short Story: Belated Answer    By: Jacintha Morris

    Child sacrifice is still practiced in some rural areas of India. Black magic and witch craft by some tribes paves way for that. The practice mentioned above made me create this story long time back which I wish to share. >> Category: Others
  • In the Company of Books    By: kishore thampi

    Reading makes you more aware of the things that we see around us. It enhances our intellectual prowess. When you read, you tend to mull over the words and the sentences, unlike watching a movie where one image follows the other and there is no scope for letting lose our imaginative skills. Books are also sources of vital information. >> Category: Others
  • Towards Personal Excellence    By: kishore thampi

    Motivation is an inner feeling, a desire and an inclination that compels a person to act or behave in a certain manner which propels him towards personal excellence. It is a myth that anyone can motivate anybody >> Category: Others
  • Fatherhood in Confessional Poetry of Robert Lowell's Autobiographical    By: p.suresh kumar R.panneerselvam

    Recent scholarship on confessional poetry has focussed for the most part on either the relationship of this work to feminine experience and questions of gender and sexuality for women on the one hand or the problems involved in assessing the poetry's artistic merit on the other. This essay argues that Robert Lowell and W. D. Snodgrass can be read for the light their work casts on one fa >> Category: Others
  • Abunai - A Short Story Collection    By: Stephanie Kjaerbaek

    A series of stories on Abunai. >> Category: Others
  • Short Story: Metamorphosis    By: Jacintha Morris

    People who are gifted with everything, namely wealth, health and positions often forget the state of others. In this story we can see that what one considered as fulfillment and beauty is nothing until they opened their eyes to see the real beauty through pain and tolerance. >> Category: Others
  • A Critique of Harrison Bergeron    By: zaidoon muhammad

    Equality is equal rights to every one. There are some limitations social political e.t.c. which can not b termed as inequality. The story harrison bergeron combined and interrelated these limitations that are imposed by different by different societies. absolute equality among people is impossible due different limitations in different societies >> Category: Others
  • How Choose Best Offshore IPhone Apps Development Company    By: Kevin Peterson

    It's very difficult to choose best offshore iPhone application development company for develop apps for iPhone. Here you can find some tips for how to hire best iPhone apps developers. >> Category: Others
  • Melatonin 3 Side Effects    By: Senna Altona

    With all the consistency of pills and pure remedies nowadays, it really is incredibly easy to diagnose ones own health issues to get a pharmaceutical which can declare to stop what affects you. >> Category: Others
  • Managing Time For Work    By: Liyakat Shah

    Management of time is an important factor in person's life and especially students. One must plan whole day activity for avoiding any confusion. The main important aspect is that every work should be done at specific time be it study, learning, reading, playing or some other work >> Category: Others
  • Scroaching Heat and Precautions    By: Raja Vikram

    This article is about summer, scroaching heat and to take some precations accordingly. >> Category: Others
  • Hijab is a Part of Females    By: Liyakat Shah

    Hijab is an Islamic garment worn by Muslims and Non-Muslims around the globe. Many a times it is highlighted in the media to raise roar of criticisms and series of questions from people mere just to advertise themselves to gain them popularity. From time to time Hijab has been the topic of and for the people and they take it as a means to popularize them or their work. We people cannot compel anyone so as to what to wear or what not to wear and being part of Islamic culture one cannot speak against it no way >> Category: Others
  • Things to Know Before a Property Inspection    By: Alex Kay

    Property inspection services can offer ease of mind when purchasing or moving in to a new home or business location. >> Category: Others
  • Management in Short    By: Raja Vikram

    In simple terms 'Management is an art of getting or engaging people in a wok with organized process to achieve the goal or objective of the program in an effective and efficient manner'. >> Category: Others
  • How to Avoid a Bad SEO Company    By: Erika Shary

    There are many websites that have sunk deep down the last pages of search results. If you are one of them, you might be in need of SEO services. >> Category: Others
  • Interacting With Your Mobile Device    By: Rick Kosik

    Technology is something that all of us take advantage of to some extent or another. For some of us, having the latest gadget is the most important thing, but for others, it is simply a matter of finding what is convenient and using it only to the extent that it must be used. >> Category: Others
  • How Many Calories Should a Man Eat While Trying to Lose Weight    By: Holdon Elinna

    There are a large number of elements which will have an essential task finding an option for this dilemma. Typically the highly recommended gram calorie intake is based on lots of things for instance your real age, male or female, job, physical activities used on your part, plus your life style. >> Category: Others
  • Minorities to Bear Atrocities    By: Liyakat Shah

    It is very sad to say that India the land of multilingual custom, tradition, food, attire and many more things has lost its charm. We cannot blame anyone for such happenings rather it's our ignorance, lack of education which is responsible for this drastic situation. The so called minority communities are being targeted for no reason >> Category: Others
  • How to Improve Feng-shui of House    By: Igor Kremen

    To you always do not carry? And you never thought what to it incorrectly picked up color of wall-paper or not threadbare table can be fault? For achievement of vital harmony the Feng-shui offers the original way. Both positive, and his environment of dwelling can render negative attention to the person is has been noticed still in the very ancient time. The Feng-shui is an ancient science about ha >> Category: Others
  • Top 5 Things That You Should Recycle    By: Megan J Peterson

    The cleaners around London will share with you a bit more about the things that you should put in your recycle bin. >> Category: Others
  • How to Remove Crayon Stains From Carpet    By: Andrea Hanson

    Removal of colored stain from the carpet - Crayon stains seem to be extremely difficult to remove from carpet. If you have small kids, you are probably forced to deal with such problem very often. You can easily remove a crayon stain from your carpet, if you only follow the tips provided in this article. >> Category: Others

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