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  • Life a New Meaning ( 6466 reads)   

    based on the experiences in life, trying to give a view of life past present and future for the readers to read relish and cherish - Category: Others
  • Ten Days of Life , a Different View ( 1652 reads)   

    my daughter went for ten days of tour with her relatives . BEIng a single child , her absence from the house for this brief period was an experience , which i thought will be worth sharing with you all. - Category: Others
  • My Nephew and Me a Comparison ( 1791 reads)   

    generation gap between persons, though from the same family , due to the changes in the society in the last decade are analysed. - Category: Others
  • Why Self Improvement is Required ( 2041 reads)   

    Life is all about living. When we came to the world , we were not clear , as to the path to take. Based on our parents and other neighbours , friends, relatives and teachers , our life path is set. This article is a study of how we can take a course of our own making in our life.. - Category: Self-Improvement
  • Time Spent in Leisure - An Account ( 2758 reads)   

    An attempt to put together the way I spent time of forced confinement in the house by the side of a window recovering from a surgery. - Category: Nature
  • My Thoughts About Friendship Day ( 7333 reads)   

    This is my view of friendship based upon my experiences in life till date - Category: Relationships
  • A View About Life ( 3335 reads)   

    Life is all about living. Living means performing action. Action is initiated by thoughts and then performed. It may involve one person or more persons at a time . Material things may be involved . Another aspect is time. Life is about spending time. - Category: Others
  • A Perspective on Self Study ( 3680 reads)   

    This is an attempt to put together the author's opinion based on his own experiences regarding self study and how it can lead to better understanding of a person and his surroundings and thereby lead to better way of living. - Category: Management

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