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Author: natalie bakracevic

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About Me: love writing, reading, articles, poems and have alot to share

Articles by natalie bakracevic:
  • Words Cannot Describe Epiphanies | C-Section Baby Delivery Experience ( 1778 reads)   

    36 hours of labour to finally have a c-section. My pregnancy was the most agonizing and traumatic feeling I had ever experienced in my whole life. My C-Section baby delivery experience - Category: Issues
  • Madness Mixed With Sadness - Bipolar Life ( 4395 reads)   

    Living in the head of Bipolar person. Let's look at some of the reasons that cause Bipolar other than genetics. According to the US National Co-morbidity Survey, 31% of those who suffer Bipolar also suffer from anxiety disorders. - Category: Health
  • My Fall From Grace - Drug Abuse ( 1645 reads)   

    Drug abuse story expressed. I can feel all the ligaments in my nose aching. My forehead is throbbing from where it had been head butt. When I touch the bottom of my nose I can feel something in turn move near the top of my nose, and vice versa. I feel awful. - Category: Issues

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