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  • Snakes: Friends or foes of humans? Info on Cobra, Vipers & Sea Snake    Category: Animals and Pets

    Snakes are one of the most feared creatures. Are they really so deadly? In fact very few snakes are poisonous. A look at Cobra, Vipers & Sea Snakes. The best method to avoid snake-human conflict is to avoid them.
  • Suicide bombers: Unstoppable!    Category: Politics

    Suicide bombings have been causing heavy casualty on the people of the world. The security agencies have to be innovative and device newer methods to control this menace
  • Impact of migration : Increased incidences of HIV    Category: Others

    Migration occurs all around the world. The incidence of HIV and AIDS is more common in these groups of people. This article talks of the reason for the increased HIV incidence in migrant population.
  • Cell phones and accessories : Where is it all heading?    Category: Technology and Computers

    Cell phones have become an integral part of every persons life. From being under the control of humans, cell phones have now so many features added onto them that they are starting to control our lives.
  • Asian buses: Are they deathtraps? (Bus accidents in Asia)    Category: Travel

    Hundreds of bus accidents occur in Asia's roads every year. The fatalities each year keep rising. Here in this article, the reason for these accidents are assessed.
  • Simple tips to reduce your weight. Reduce weight smartly !    Category: Food and Drinks

    Reducing weight is thought to be very difficult. People go therough many diets and exercise protocols to reduce weight. This article talks of a few simple ideas that everyone can follow, that will help in reducing the weight.
  • Simple ideas to increase your memory.    Category: Self Improvement

    How to increase memory - Memory loss is frequent not only in old people, but also in people who are young. This article has a few ideas on how to remember things by improving your brain function and keeping it sharp.
  • How to get your article published in a magazine:    Category: Writing

    Writing for magazine is the traditional writers dream. When you look at your name in print, it is like an elixir. The path to successful magazine writing is not easy. This article gives a few golden tips to help you write successfully in magazines
  • Reggae : An unique experience    Category: Entertainment

    Reggae has a great following around the world. This article talks of the origin of reggae and how it is a unique soul searching experience. Jamaica was where reggae was born.
  • Why adults prefer to be indoor in spite of benefits of outdoor activities    Category: Sports

    Outdoor activities are many in number. Still adults mostly prefer to stay inside the four walls of their houses. Outdoor activities will help keep us fit and healthy. This article ponders the reason as to why adults prefer to stay indoors.
  • Swimming: Medical and psychological benefits of swimming    Category: Sports

    Swimming is one of the best exercises for people of all ages with several benefits. Some important benefits of swimming include: It relaxes the body, refreshes the mind and rejuvenates the spirit. Here, in this article some of the important benefits of swimming have been highlighted.
  • Writing articles for a website: Making the article search engine optimized    Category: Writing

    Writing articles for magazines and writing for websites are different in many ways. This article tells about search engines and other important things that need to be kept in mind while writing articles for websites. This will help the article to be viewed in more searches by various search engines.
  • Important terms used in the health care industry explained    Category: Health and Fitness

    Health care industry has a demand and supplies health care according to the demand. This article talks of the common terms that are used in the demand and supply in the health care industry.
  • Structure of health care industry : Demand and supply    Category: Business and Finance

    The health care of patients have grown by leaps and bounds in recent times. Just as in any other industry, this induatry has a structure and has demand and supply characteristics. This article deals with the demand and supply in the health care industry.
  • Save fuel in your vehicle.    Category: Travel

    Tips to save fuel: Fuel prices have taken a breather, but fuel prices are bound to race up again once the recession ends. Here are a few ideas to save fuel and also save money in the process
  • Recycle paper : Save the environment.    Category: Nature

    Paper is one of the most important commodities. Recycling paper will help in reducing waste and also save a few trees. Recycling helps saving environment from further damage.
  • Impact of migration on the place hosting the migrant.    Category: Politics

    Migration from one place or country to another has its advantages. There can also be a lot of disadvantages and negative impacts. This article talks of the possible advantages and disadvantages to both the existing population and also the migrant.
  • Migration : Types and Advantages    Category: Politics

    Migration is the movement of people from one place to another. There may be various reasons for the migration. This article looks at the various possible causes for migration.
  • Costs in health care    Category: Business and Finance

    Costs in health care is often ignored. If health care industry is taken as a business model, the cost plays an important role. This concept of health costs will help budding businessmen to identify the various costs associated with health care.
  • How to have a successful married life?    Category: Relationships

    Tips on having a successful married life - Divorce rates are going up and marriages are falling apart. This article tries to list out o few things that will help couples try to build their marriage on a strong foundation.
  • Cycle: An excellent invention for all times    Category: Travel

    Cycles (Bicycles) are one of the least used in traveling. This in spite the fact that the benefits of using cycle being many. Here a few of the advantages of using cycles are listed.
  • Diarrhoea and deaths in children : An overview.    Category: Health and Fitness

    Diarrhoea is one of the most common disease in children. It affects children in all countries. This article presents a few basic facts of the problem of diarrhoea. Diarrhoea among children is prevelent more in developing countries, but is also present in developed nations. It is also one of the leading causes of death in children.
  • Train travel in India : What you need to know    Category: Travel

    For tourists coming to India, travel will not be complete if they have not savoured a train journey. It is an adventure in itself. Here are a few highlighting factors of train travel in India.
  • Freelance writing: Advantages of writing from Home    Category: Writing

    Freelance writing has a lot of advantages. Writing from home is one of the most important. In fact, writing from home in itself has many advantages. So here a few of the advantages of writing from home are listed.
  • Metamorphosis of writers: The new age writer.    Category: Writing

    Writers have changed over the years according to the needs of the readers. But the last few years have seen a drastic change in the 'new age writers'. This article looks at the changes and analyses the positive and negative aspects of these changes.
  • Financing of health care in India    Category: Politics

    Financing the health care is as important as health care itself. This is true especially in developing countries where the rural population are not able to pay for their health care. Here the financing of health care in india can be read.
  • Cost effectiveness analysis    Category: Business and Finance

    Cost effectiveness tells of the viability of a project or programme. Here in few simple steps, we can learn the method of analyzing the cost effectiveness.
  • Purchasing a new car? Safety concerns that need to be addressed.    Category: Shopping

    Though purchasing a car is an important decision of a family, the right car to purchase can lead to a dilemma. The primary factor that should play a role should be the safety concerns. Here are a few things that you should check before purchasing a new car.
  • Health & economics: The role of health care in the economics of a nation.    Category: Others

    Health care and the economy of a country are interrelated. This article talks of the ways in which inadequate health care can affect the economy of a country.
  • Coping with work Pressure : Balance your life and live happy.    Category: Self Improvement

    With the recession and downsizing, workers in many companies are undergoing a lot of work related stress. It can lead to stress related ailments. This article deals with effective methods of coping with the work and also relaxing and living happily at the same time.
  • Best methods of passing time while traveling    Category: Travel

    Many of us enjoy the time we travel, but for some travel time is a time of waste. They get bored. This article talks of ways to keep yourself engaged during travel. This will help you to pass the time while you travel.
  • Improving your communication skills: Become an effective speaker    Category: Men

    Communication is a very important part of ones life. When we communicate to people, they may either ignore us or take us seriously. The result depends on the way we communicate. This article speaks of a few simple methods of making your communication more effective.
  • Tips to decrease your blood pressure - Decrease risk of heart attacks.    Category: Health and Fitness

    Lifestyle modification is very important in reducing the risk of a heart attack and also in controlling hypertension. This article presents a few simple methods of modifying the risk factors. This will help the individual to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Parenting Tip : Prevent obesity in children.    Category: Family

    Children need to be active all the time. Here are a few ways to help your child lead a healthy lifestyle and prevent obesity. Television viewing for a long period of time can lead to obesity due to decreased activity.
  • Exercise to health: How to exercise to lead a healthy lifestyle    Category: Health and Fitness

    Healthy lifestyle is an important aspect of healthcare. Exercises play an important role in a person leading a healthy lifestyle. Exercises need to be done in a proper way to have the beneficial effects. This article talks of the proper exercise sequence.
  • Tips to earn money with your writing skills. Ideas for writing better articles.    Category: Writing

    Writing articles is just a hobby for some and a source to earn money for others. These writers often do not really bother about their writing skills, but for people who are out to earn with their writing, certain skills are necessary to improve their writing. This improvement will help them earn more. Here are a few ways of improving your writing skills to earn more with your writing.
  • How to get the job you are striving for? Ideas to ace the interview    Category: Self Improvement

    Ideas to ace the job interview - In these uncertain times of recession, is there any way of improving yourself to get the job you are aiming for? Here are a few tips and ideas to help you make sure that you are a few steps ahead of your peers.
  • Internet : Uses and benefits for all    Category: Technology and Computers

    Internet has come to stay and play a major role in all our lives. Here is a list of the most common uses of internet.
  • Are your child's toys safe? Practical ways of selecting safe and good toys for your child    Category: Shopping

    Practical ways of selecting good and safe toys for your child: Toys play a major role in a child's life and purchasing toys is a important role of parents. Is there a way of purchasing safe toys? Here are a few practical ways of selecting good reliable toys for your child.
  • Reducing the risk of heart attacks: Simple tips everyone can follow.    Category: Health and Fitness

    Heart attacks are a conmon occurence nowadays due to the drastic changes in lifestyle and increased risk factors. Here are a few tips for people at high risk of getting a heart attack to modify their lifestyle and lead a healthy lifestyle which will decrease the risk of a heart attack.
  • High risks for heart attack. Are you at risk of getting a heart attack?    Category: Health and Fitness

    Heart attacks are very common nowadays. This article highlights a few common risk factors that lead to heart attacks. Hope knowing these risk factors will help the readers in modifying the risks (if any) and lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • SELECTION OF FOOTWEAR    Category: Health and Fitness

    Tips on selecting a good and comfortable footwear. Footwear selection is as important as selecting the dress we wear. Here are a few tips to select the right footwear. This can provide comfort as well as makes you look smart.
  • Foot care in Diabetes    Category: Health and Fitness

    Foot Care and Diabetes - Feet are very important and integral part of the body, but it is also one of the most ignored parts of the body. Diabetic patients should never ignore their feet as a simple problem may become complicated leading to the loss of legs. This article tells a few simple tests to identify problems in the foot. Identifying these problems go a long way in preventing major foot problems.
  • How to invest in stocks in a bull market:    Category: Business and Finance

    Stock markets these days seem to be on a path of recovery. Are we at the start of a new bull market? Maybe. So here a few strategies and tips to make the most of another bull market if and when it starts. Happy hunting!!!
  • Save yourself from Hypertension The silent killer. Tips to identify hypertension.    Category: Health and Fitness

    Hypertension is one of the most commonest killer diseases. It also leads to several other fatal diseases. It is also one of the most ignored diseases. Her are a few tips to identify the disease before it gets you!!
  • Simple businesses to start with minimal investment    Category: Business and Finance

    When you look at all the business men around you, most of you have a small desire to be onle like them. Here are a few tips for you to get started and be the next big hot shot of the world!!!
  • Cricket : Test matches to twenty twenty games. Where is the game headed?    Category: Sports

    With a sea change happening in the world of cricket, the game has metamorphosed from a five day game to a game that lasts just over three hours. So let us analyse what seems to be the future of the game that is followed by millions of people.
  • Tips to expand your coin collection (Numismatics)    Category: Entertainment

    Numismatics or coin collecting is a very rewarding hobby. But are there any easy ways of kick starting your collection? Here are a compilation of a few simple ways to expand your collection.
  • How to select a name for your child. Simple tips for naming a child    Category: Family

    Naming a child is one of the first responsibilities of a parent. Search for a suitable name can be time consuming. Here are a few tips to help parents in finding a suitable name for their children.
  • Generating an income from your hobby    Category: Entertainment

    Hobbies are activities that help you relax after hectic work. But when the same hobby gives you some return, your hobby gives you double satisfaction. Here are a few tips on selecting the right hobby and realistic expectation on what you can earn.

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