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  • Tips to be organized, efficient and save more time at the office    Category: Self Improvement

    This article gives important tips to save time and also to be efficient at work. Loss of time at work due to unnecessary distractions can be very minimized if a person knows what steps to take.
  • Addiction to alcohol: Health problems due to alcohol intake    Category: Food and Drinks

    Alcohol intake can be a very problematic addiction. It causes various health related problems. This article talks of the various health problems that are caused due to alcohol intake.
  • Tips to lead a healthy and disease free life    Category: Health and Fitness

    The nature has provided the human race enough resources for a healthy and disease free life. Man has to use these resources instead of spoiling them. This article gives a few tips on the important methods of leading a healthy and disease free life.
  • Common diseases that can be spread by blood transfusion    Category: Health and Fitness

    Blood transfusions have caused the spread of disease in some people. Proper screening of individuals while blood donation needs to be done to prevent the spread of diseases. This article lists a few common diseases that are usually spread by blood transfusions.
  • Use of hot and cold fomentations in treating pain and other problems    Category: Health and Fitness

    Heat therapy and cold therapy have beEn used by humans for many years in treating pain and other similar conditions. This article gives an overview of the various aspects of fomentations.
  • Advantages for registering with Internet job portals for job search    Category: Technology and Computers

    Internet and use of computers have revolutionized the way people live. A major role of Internet is the way people search for jobs. There are various job portals that have been useful in giving millions of people jobs. This article talks of the advantages of using job portals in searching for a job.
  • The health problems and hazards caused by addiction to Caffeine    Category: Food and Drinks

    Caffeine is present in many beverages that are used by people. Sources of caffeine and the health problems and health hazards they can cause. It causes a lot of ill effects to the health of the individual who drinks caffeine containing beverages.
  • Tips on saving money and investing money for the future    Category: Business and Finance

    Saving is a habit that should start from a young age. More people have started spending all their money. This article talks of the various investment tips that will help an individual to select the right saving method.
  • Various health benefits of Ginger    Category: Food and Drinks

    This article talks of the health benefits of ginger. Ginger is a very important ingredient of ancient Chinese,Tibetan and Indian medicine. It has many medicinal properties. Ginger is useful in treating and curing various diseases.
  • Advantages of a laptop over a desktop computer    Category: Technology and Computers

    Computer use has taken the world by storm. There are various types of computers. Laptops have been replacing the desktops in the number of sales. This article talks of the various advantages of laptops over desktop computers.
  • How to get a lower auto insurance quote    Category: Business and Finance

    Insurance quote for a vehicle/auto can vary between companies and agents for a variety of reasons. This article talks of the important methods of lowering the auto insurance quote.
  • Ergonomic methods of using the computer: Prevent discomfort    Category: Technology and Computers

    Computer use for prolonged periods of time can cause various health related problems. Ergonomic use of the computer can prevent these discomforts. This article talks of the various ergonomic methods of preventing discomfort.
  • Gold as an investment option: Uses of gold    Category: Business and Finance

    Gold is used as jewellery by millions of people around the world. Very few people understand the role of Gold as an investment. IT is one of the safest investment options available that consistently gives good return. This article talks of the importance of Gold.
  • Investing in a mutual fund: Types of funds and return on investments    Category: Business and Finance

    Mutual fund is one of the investment options available where there is very less work done by the investor. The fund manager does all the investment and the return for the investor is more than conservative investment options. Though there is an element of risk involved, mutual fund investment is very important.
  • Improving a business or organization by making it Customer Oriented    Category: Business and Finance

    Various methods of improving a business or an organization. This article also tells of the importance of being customer oriented in an organization.
  • Tips to have a safe comfortable and a happy flight    Category: Travel

    Flying in an airline has become very common these days. There are first time flyers who have increased in number. This article talks of the various methods of having a safe, comfortable and happy journey.
  • Health and other benefits of watching television    Category: Entertainment

    Television viewing has always been considered as bad for the health. This article talks about health benefits of watching television. Effects of watching TV.
  • Life insurance policies: Types of policies and their benefits    Category: Business and Finance

    Life insurance policies help in protecting the family of a person who is insured in times of risk for the individual. There are various kinds of life insurance policies. These policies have various benefits for the individuals who have invested.
  • Tips that help cut down on fat intake and prevent obesity    Category: Health and Fitness

    Tips for reducing obesity and cutting down on fat intake. Obesity is the cause of many diseases. Preventing or reducing obesity is the goal of many overweight people.
  • The importance of Vitamin E in health and preventing ageing.    Category: Food and Drinks

    Vitamin E is also called the anti-ageing vitamin. It keeps a person fresh by rejuvenating the cells of the body. This article explains the source,uses and precautions while using Vitamin E.
  • Importance of Vitamin K in maintaining health and preventing disease    Category: Food and Drinks

    Vitamin K is very important for the normal functioning of the body. This is especially true in case of bleeding. This is because Vitamin K prevents excessive bleeding by clotting.
  • Alternate energy source: Nature's gift to man    Category: Nature

    Energy sources have been used to improve the quality of life of human beings. There are various natural / alternate energy sources. Now man is predominantly dependent on crude oil. this article talks of the other sources of energy.
  • Methods of maintaining Oral health. Tips for good Dental health.    Category: Self Improvement

    Dental or oral health should be treated on par with the care we give to other parts of the body. There are various simple methods of maintaining oral health which are given in this article.
  • Cocaine drug addiction and related problems.    Category: Others

    Cocaine is a drug that has been banned in many countries due to the various kinds of harm it causes in the human body. In spite of this, many people still use cocaine. Thsi article talks of the ill effects caused by cocaine.
  • Simple tips to deal with asthma | Asthma management strategies.    Category: Health and Fitness

    Asthma is a common respiratory disease that can cause decrease in the quality of life of a person. There are various methods of self management after a visit to the physician. This article talks of the methods of preventing acute exacerbations by avoiding exposure to allergens.
  • How to avoid human and animal conflicts: Protection from wild animal attacks    Category: Others

    Animals and humans are in constant conflict around the world. Avoiding human and animal conflicts and protection from wild animal attacks. Animal attacks mainly happen because of the rapidly expanding human population. This article tells a few simple methods of avoiding these human animal conflicts.
  • Importance of honey and its health benefits    Category: Food and Drinks

    Honey is a natural sweetener. IT is helpful in many ways. It also has various health benefits. People have been using honey for its health benefits for a long time. Some of the important health benefits of honey are seen in this article.
  • Qualities of a good and effective leader - Leadership qualities    Category: Self Improvement

    A leader is a person who is able to guide others and be the head of a group. There are certain qualities that a person should have to be an effective leader. The various leadership qualities are discussed in this article.
  • The use of Yoga in health and healing    Category: Self Improvement

    Yoga is a method of improving the concentration and also purifying the mind and body. It is an ancient way of Indian life. This article talks of the important aspects of yoga
  • Some important points to remember before doing yoga    Category: Self Improvement

    Yoga is curing the body and the mind by doing various asanas. There are a few important things to be remembered before doing yoga. These can be considered as rules of yoga. This article gives a few important aspects to be remembered by those who want to do yoga.
  • A few simple methods to prevent dementia    Category: Health and Fitness

    Dementia is a common problem in all age groups. Here are a few natural and simple methods of preventing or reducing dementia. Following these tips will help a person to be healthy with good memory.
  • The role of hospices and hospice care in society    Category: Health and Fitness

    Hospices are the places that people seek nowadays for the terminally. It is cheaper and also has many advantages over hospitals. The patient is more peaceful and adequate treatment is given.
  • Euthanasia: What is it?    Category: Health and Fitness

    Euthanasia is a thing that has created many controversies in the past. This article talks of the type of euthanasia and the various factors involved in them.
  • Relationship between cancer and food we eat | Cancer fighting foods    Category: Food and Drinks

    There are various factors that can be carcinogenic and can cause cancer. Cancer fighting foods. The food we eat may also be able to cause cancer. This article tells the best foods that will help prevent cancer. This also talks of the relationship between the diet we eat and cancer.
  • Predisposing factors of Cancer: Factors that can cause cancer    Category: Health and Fitness

    Cancer is very common disease nowadays. It is caused by various factors. This article talks of the various common causes of cancer.
  • Health benefits of drinking Black Tea.    Category: Food and Drinks

    Black tea is one of the most refreshing beverages. It is not only refreshing to drink, but also has a number of health benefits. This article talks of the health benefits of drinking black tea.
  • Causes of Adolescent Obesity | Obesity among teenagers    Category: Self Improvement

    Obesity in adolescents is vary disabling. It can lead to various psychological problems in these teenagers. It can also make these adolescents suicidal. This article talks of the causes of adolescent obesity.
  • Pneumonia: Signs, symptoms, prevention and treatment    Category: Health and Fitness

    Pneumonia is a disease that commonly affects people of all age groups. This disease can be fatal very often. This article tells of the signs, symptoms, treatment and prevention methods.
  • Health benefits of laughing: Long life and happiness.    Category: Self Improvement

    Long life and hapiness go with each other. Laughing is the best way to lead a happy fulfilling healthy life. This articl talks of the positive health benefits of laughing.
  • Simulations: Real life situation teaching method    Category: Education

    Simulation is a type of learning that gives experience to the learner of the real life situation. This makes learning more proactive and is useful for the learner. This article is about the types of simulation and the purposes of simulation.
  • The health benefits of cinnamon: Cures stomach ailments    Category: Food and Drinks

    Cinnamon has been used as a spice for many years. Health benefits of cinnamon include cure for diabetes, stomach ailments, heart disease, anti-clotting and more. IT helps in controlling and curing a host of problems. This article talks of the health benefits of cinnamon.
  • Health benefits of fish oil: Good for Heart, Hair, Brain & Arthritis    Category: Food and Drinks

    Fish oil is one of the most nourishing and healthy food supplements. It is good for Hair, Skin, Heart, Pregnancy, Brain, Prevent cancers, increase memory and more. It helps to decrease the risk of getting various diseases. This article talks of the different diseases that are controlled by taking fish oil supplements.
  • Concept and meaning of counselling    Category: Education

    What is Counselling? It is an important method of giving advice to the young people. Counselling may be used to help the youngster achieve his goals or to help in maintaining emotional stability in the individual. This article talks of the concept and meaning of counselling.
  • The Montessori Method of education    Category: Education

    Montessori method of education is very important for the wholesome development of the child. Many schools follow this educational method. This article tells of the principles of the Montessori Method of education
  • Common problems of the heart valves.    Category: Health and Fitness

    Heart valves can be damages and this leads to their inefficient functioning. Heart valve disease can lead to a extra work for the heart. This article tells of the common problems that can be found in the valves of the heart.
  • Principles of Administration    Category: Business and Finance

    The principles of administration are common and are universal. These are the optimal methods of functioning to help the institution to excel in the particular field of work.
  • Tips for Small and Medium businesses to survive    Category: Business and Finance

    Small and medium enterprises are very important in the survival of the economy. This article deals with the methods of survival of these companies in times of recession.
  • Derivatives: Financial instrument    Category: Business and Finance

    Derivatives trading is a risky business. It is not very easy for an individual to trade in these instruments. What are derivatives in stock market? For companies though, it might be worth taking the risks considering the rewards if things go right. There are also instances when large companies have lost millions in these derivative businesses.
  • Adolescent suicides: Causes and prevention    Category: Family

    Adolescent age is a very complicated time for the parents as well as the children. Some of the common reasons for suicides are given in this article. The child has a lot of mood swings and this can lead to emotional problems, sometimes leading to suicides. This article tells of the common reasons for adolescent suicides and a few methods of preventing them.
  • Bottled soft drinks and their ill effects    Category: Food and Drinks

    Bottled soft drinks may be tasty to drink, but drinking them can cause a lot of ill health. This article tells of the various ill effects to the health of an individual on excessively drinking these carbonated soft drinks.

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