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  • Factors that determine the time for which drugs can stay in the body    Category: Self Improvement

    Drugs are of different types and the duration for which the drugs can stay in the body of a person also depends on various factors. This article presents a list of the various factors that determine the duration for which the drugs can stay in the body.
  • Factors that have to be kept in mind to drive a golf ball straight    Category: Sports

    Golf is a gentle game, but needs precision. Read this article to learn the factors that play a role in driving the golf ball straight.
  • What are the ways of attracting a Capricorn sign person    Category: Relationships

    A Capricorn person is a very independent fun loving and successful person. This article lists the various methods of attracting the person. Read on to make your dream come true by attracting your Capricorn love!
  • Dog Stroke Symptoms: How to know if your dog just had a stroke    Category: Animals and Pets

    Dogs are the best friends of men and they can be affected by stroke commonly when they get old. there are various signs by which you can recognize the stroke. Read also about the methods of treating them in this article.
  • Methods of holding a golf club    Category: Sports

    There are many methods of holding a Golf club. This article tells of the various methods of holding the golf club and should be very useful for those who start out to play golf.
  • How to cope with wife's adultery    Category: Family

    There are many women who are involved in an adulterous relation with other men. It is sometimes very difficult for the husband to cope with this and this article explains about the usual method of husbands coping with this problem.
  • How to get friendly with a shy girl    Category: Relationships

    It can be quite difficult to get friendly with a shy girl if the one who is trying to get friendly does not know the method of becoming friendly with the girl. Read this article to learn of the simple methods to make the shy girl your friend.
  • Method of identifying if your dog is pregnant    Category: Animals and Pets

    How to tell if a female dog (bitch) is pregnant. Many people have dogs as pets and if it is a female dog, people wonder sometimes if their dog is pregnant. There are some simple methods of identifying this even without a vet and this article gives a list of those methods.
  • Simple ways to increase the High Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol (HDL)    Category: Health and Fitness

    High density lipoprotein (or HDL Cholesterol ) is the good cholesterol and the amount in the body should be more. There are various methods of increasing the High density lipoprotein and this is the focus of the article.
  • Should young girls be allowed to pursue modeling career?    Category: Entertainment

    Young women try to have a career of modeling, but usually they are exploited by the people around them. Read on to learn if modeling can be a good profession for young women. Read on to find out.
  • Causes signs and treatment of low blood pressure:    Category: Health and Fitness

    Low blood pressure may not be a very high risk problem as High blood pressure is, but it too needs to be carefully treated to prevent some complications that can arise from this. Read on to know more about this problem.
  • Surviving a depression is easy if you plan adequately    Category: Business and Finance

    How to deal with mental depression: A depression is a period where there may be decreased jobs and also various other changes in the economy. A person should plan adequately to tackle the depression effectively. Read on to know what should be done to tackle the depression.
  • How can flu spread and how long is it contagious    Category: Health and Fitness

    Flu is caused by virus and there are various types of flu depending on the virus that causes it. Read this article to know the mode of transmission of flu and also to know how long it can be contagious.
  • Tips on how to close a business down.    Category: Business and Finance

    Closing a business is a very important decision because of all the effort put into the business when it was running has to be undone. There needs to be a plan and the various factors should be taken into consideration before the complete closure of a business.
  • What are the methods of throwing up (vomiting).    Category: Others

    There are various methods of throwing up that are present, but these vomiting methods should only be used if the person feels there is an absolute need for doing it. This is because throwing up can also cause some complications.
  • How to reap the maximum health benefits by walking    Category: Health and Fitness

    Walking is very important for the wholesome health of a person. This is because it is a aerobic exercise with many benefits including expending calories and also increasing the fitness levels. Read on to learn the best methods of walking to reap maximum benefits.
  • The good and bad effects of having kids on married life.    Category: Social Issues

    Children are the apple of the eye for many parents. Many other couples never want to have a child. Each has their own merits and demerits. Read all about these in this article.
  • Chinese people may steal the outsourcing jobs from India in future.    Category: India

    English speaking young people from China are competing with Indians in the number of outsourcing jobs. Can the Chinese can beat the Indians and get the jobs meant for Indians.
  • Why are junk foods so addictive    Category: Food and Drinks

    Junk foods are very addictive because of the various additives used and also because of the brain function that gets accustomed to this taste. These are the main reasons for the junk foods becoming addictive.
  • Causes, signs and treatment of Fluid Retention in the body    Category: Health and Fitness

    Fluid retention can be a common health problem and occurs due to many causes . Read this article to learn their causes, prevention and also the treatment for this condition.
  • Method of adding songs to your Play Station Portable(PSP)    Category: Entertainment

    The Sony Play Station Portable is a very versatile entertainment device. This article describes the method of getting the songs transferred from the computer to the Play Station Portable (PSP)
  • What every home owner needs to know of home mortgage rates    Category: Home Improvement

    The mortgage rates that are offered in various financial institutions can vary from time to time. This article explains the various factors that may determine the mortgage rates. Read on to learn more about mortgage rates.
  • The various benefits of attending college and pursuing higher education    Category: Education

    College is an important phase of any personís life. It determines the future to an extent. Various benefits of pursuing higher education and attending college.
  • Common causes of high blood pressure and methods of reducing the risks    Category: Health and Fitness

    Blood pressure can kill a person if not treated. there are various causes of elevated blood pressure that every person should know. Read on to know more on the causes of hypertension and their treatment.
  • Elevated Liver enzymes and their causes    Category: Health and Fitness

    Liver enzymes can be elevated to a lot of reasons. The most common conditions are hepatitis and other conditions where the liver is damaged due to various reasons. When the cause is treated, the liver enzymes go back to their normal levels.
  • The most common reasons for nose bleeding and their management    Category: Health and Fitness

    Nasal bleeds can be very profuse and this should be stopped as soon as possible to make sure that the person does not lose a lot of blood. In fact here are many reasons due to which a person can bleed from the nose.
  • What are margaritas and how to make non-alcoholic ones    Category: Food and Drinks

    Margaritas are very famous drinks all over the world. This article tells of the method of making an non-alcoholic margarita. Make margarita without adding alcohol.
  • Learn Where To Get Money To Start A Business    Category: Business and Finance

    Starting a business is never easy. Getting the money to start the business is tougher still. This article lists a few simple ideas for those who plan to start their own business to get the money to start off.
  • Learn if you can really watch live sports on your computer: Internet TV    Category: Technology and Computers

    The number of people who are watching television is gradually decreasing in the developed world as more people are shifting to the computers for their entertainment. Read on to learn how you can even watch your favorite sports show on the computer.
  • What every entrepreneur needs to know about Petting Zoo business.    Category: Animals and Pets

    Petting zoo business is a very rewarding business model. It helps to earn you income as well as have a relaxing time in the midst of many animals. This article tells about what every entrepreneur needs to know about petting zoo business.
  • How to clean the teeth of babies.    Category: Health and Fitness

    The correct way to clean baby teeth with a toothbrush and prevent cavities. This article lists the important aspects on cleaning the teeth of babies to prevent dental problems. Read on to learn more.
  • Ideas to have a safe play yard for your child    Category: Family

    Children need a lot more play things and play area. This article lists on the methods of making the play yard of your child safe. Read on to find how you can make the play yard safe for your child.
  • How to get a good job offer    Category: Self Improvement

    Practical ways to get a good job offer: This is one of the uppermost question on the minds of millions of people. This article lists a few simple and effective ideas that will help individuals to get a good job offer.
  • Buying Stocks: Advantages and disadvantages of Online Share Trading.    Category: Business and Finance

    Share trading can be a risky business. There are many advantages and disadvantages of trading (buying and selling stocks) using the computer. This article lists these advantages and disadvantages.
  • Causes and treatment of excess head sweating (Cranial hyperhidrosis)    Category: Self Improvement

    Sweating is a common problem encountered by almost all people. Sweating excessively from the head which is also called as cranial hyperhidrosis can be a very troubling condition. Learn the causes and methods of dealing with the problem.
  • Simple ideas to reduce snoring    Category: Self Improvement

    There are very few methods available that can completely prevent snoring. Trying to reduce snoring is a better idea. This article lists a few simple ideas to help you reduce snoring.
  • Simple methods of advertising and marketing your E-book    Category: Writing

    This article tells the simple methods of advertising and marketing your E-book. There are many methods to advertise and market the book. It will help you to increase your income.
  • Easy steps to write an E-book    Category: Technology and Computers

    E-books have changed the way people read and try to earn money on the internet. There are thousands of E-books on the Internet. E-books are easy to write and also market. Read on about the simple steps to write an E book.
  • Top 3 challenges you may face when starting your business    Category: Business and Finance

    There may be many challenges to start a business. This article lists the 3 most common challenges that are faced by any business. Read on to find what these challenges are.
  • All you need to know about blood groups and blood types    Category: Health and Fitness

    Blood groups are very important and every person should know their group. There are other important things about blood too that people should know about. Read on to find the important things that you need to know about blood groups and blood types.
  • What to do on Valentines Day    Category: Relationships

    Valentines Day is a golden opportunity for every loving couple to renew their bond of love. It is true for married couples as well as those who are in a romantic relationship. Valentines day should be taken as an opportunity to increase the love between the two of you. Here is what you can do to make the day memorable.
  • What parents should to know about COLIC (Uncontrollable crying baby)    Category: Family

    Every new parent needs to know about colic because it can cause discomfort and crying in their baby. Knowing about colic can make the parents prevent the pain associated with colic. Read on to find all about colic.
  • Methods of preventing tooth decay in your child    Category: Family

    Tooth decay can make your child lose confidence. So every parent should know the methods of preventing tooth decay. Read this article to know about the methods of preventing toothe decay.
  • What every parent needs to know about brain tumors in children    Category: Food and Drinks

    Every parent should know about the symptoms of brain tumor because it will help them to identify the presence of a tumor early and seek treatment and it may help to save the life of a child. This article lists all the important things that a parent needs to know about tumor of the brain in their child.
  • Methods of preventing and removing foot odor    Category: Self Improvement

    Foot odor is a problem that is present in thousands of people. This article tells a few simple and effective methods to prevent the smelly foot. Read on to self cure your foot odor at home.
  • Top tips to choose the best Domain Name for your site    Category: Technology and Computers

    Domain names are very important for a business. This article tells of the method of choosing the best domain name for your website that can help improve your business.
  • Physical therapist's role in treating and preventing various disorders.    Category: Others

    A physical therapist has an important role to play in the society preventing and treating various conditions. This article gives a gist of the role of a physical therapist.
  • Practical steps in building a business on your own!    Category: Business and Finance

    Building a business was never so easy. This article gives a step by step of building a busines on your own. This article is a must read for all the people wanting to start their own business.
  • Learn how diabetic foot ulcer can decrease the quality of life    Category: Health and Fitness

    Diabetic foot ulcer is a very common problem that can decrease the quality of life. Read on to find how quality of life is decreased by diabetic ulcers.
  • Learn the most common reasons for procrastination    Category: Self Improvement

    Procrastination is very common in people who are busy. It is also present in people who have formed it as a habit.This article lists the most common causes of procrastination.

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