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  • Fashion statement: Dress casually for maximum impact    Category: Entertainment

    There are different types of clothes that people wear, but the type of dressing that has caught the fancy of most people is casual style of dressing. This article talks all about casual dressing.
  • Light emitting designer clothes. (LED's)    Category: Technology and Computers

    Here is a new concept that is catching on: A new type of designer fabric designed with Light Emitting Diodes causing light emitting clothes (or LED clothes). Are they going to be the next generation clothes?
  • VIRUS in computers: What are they and where do they come from!    Category: Technology and Computers

    Computer Virus afflicts almost all desktops, laptops and servers. They have been damaging many computers. This has led to a lot of loss to many companies and individuals. This article tells all about the virus and where they come from.
  • How to write an email? Netiquette or email writing style explained    Category: Technology and Computers

    E ails are the common method of communication. This article tells about the various styles to be followed while writing an email.

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