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  • Hormonal and non-hormonal causes of depression in women    Category: Women

    Women are actually two times more prone to depression than men. The reason is that there are hormonal changes that can lead to depression. There are also various non-hormonal causes of depression. This article talks of the causes of depression.
  • Methods of earning money from your website using Google Adsense.    Category: Technology and Computers

    Google pays website owners through its Adsense program. This is the reason for many new websites being created. This article talks all about the Google Adsense accounts and how many is paid to the website owner.
  • Importance of eating a good and healthy breakfast    Category: Food and Drinks

    Breakfast is an important meal. Skipping breakfast can lead to many problems. This article talks of the importance of eating a healthy breakfast.
  • Guidelines for effective communication    Category: Self Improvement

    Effective communication is very important for a person to be able to succeed in these days of competition. This article gives a few guidelines for a person to be able to communicate effectively.
  • Diet after Surgery: Important diet aspects to be remembered after an operation?    Category: Food and Drinks

    The diet after surgery should be carefully given. It is different from the normal diet. Adequate protein should be given. It should also be gradually increased in quantity and bulk.
  • Energy requirements of the body for various activities    Category: Others

    How does our body burn energy? The body needs a huge amount of energy for doing various activities. These activities may be voluntary or involuntary work. This article talks of the various needs of energy sources of the body.
  • Methods of preventing and overcoming Writers Block    Category: Writing

    Writers block (thought block) is a common feature in the lives of writers. It's a sudden cessation in the thought flow while writing. Methods of overcoming writers block.
  • Causes of pre term birth of babies (Preemies or Premature Babies)    Category: Women

    Pre term babies are born before the full term of pregnancy is over. There are various reasons for a pre term birth of a premature baby or preemies. The causes are listed in this article.
  • Simple methods to ensure proper working of your computer    Category: Technology and Computers

    There are various methods that can ensure proper and efficient functioning of the computer. This article talks of some of these methods. Folloing them will keep the computer functioning well.
  • How to increase the speed of your computer and make it efficient    Category: Technology and Computers

    The speed of a computer can decrease considerably as we keep using it. This is because of the unwanted files that occupy space on the hard disk. this article tells how to clean the hard disk to increase the speed of the computer and also to make it work efficiently.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of a small car    Category: Shopping

    Small cars have found a niche in developing countries. this is because of the various advantages associated with small cars. The small cars also have certain disadvantages. This article talks of the advantages and disadvantages of a small car.
  • How to make an organization more successful and effective    Category: Business and Finance

    An orgazization to be effective and succesful should follow certain principles. This article talks of the various principles involved that when followed, will make the organization more succesful and effective.
  • Stuttering in children and its management. Reasons of stammering.    Category: Family

    Stuttering or stammering can be a very disabling condition, especially for children. It may lead to ridicule among friends. It will also cause an emotional scar opn the child. This article talks of childhood stuttering and it's treatment.
  • Factors affecting the performance of employees in an organization    Category: Business and Finance

    In an organization, the employees have to perform well for the whole organization to succeed. There are various factors that can affect the performance of an employee. this article tells of these various factors. Dealing with these factors can help in better performance from an employee.
  • The effects of chemicals and pesticides used for agriculture on human health    Category: Food and Drinks

    Pesticides and chemicals are being increasingly used in agriculture leading to health problems. It can lead to various diseases in the new born child and can also be fatal. This article talks of the ill effects of these chemicals on the human body and health.
  • Importance of PAP smear test in diagnosing cervical cancer    Category: Women

    Women are highly prone to get Cervical cancer. Pap smear is a boon to women because it can help in identifying ealy signs of abnormalities that can lead to cancer. Effective preventive and treatment methods help in arresting the cancer. This article talks of Pap smear.
  • Importance of Calcium and other minerals in nutrition    Category: Food and Drinks

    Minerals are very important for the functioning of our body. One of the most important mineral is Calcium. It helps in many ways. Without Calcium, the heart would not beat, the bones will break and the blood will not clot. This article talks of the importance of various minerals.
  • Dementia : Symptoms, treatment and prevention.    Category: Health and Fitness

    Dementia is a illness that causes damage to the cognitive functioning of the brain. There are no proper treatment interventions for this condition. The best method is to prevent getting this disorder by leading a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Nature foods: Health benefits of Pumpkin and pumpkin seeds.    Category: Nature

    Pumpkin and its seeds are natural foods that are very helpful in treating many disorders of the human body. They are also rich in nutrients and prevent various disorders. This article talks of the health benefits of eating pumpkins and pumpkin seeds.
  • Importance of thiamine and riboflavin (Vitamins) in health and disease.    Category: Health and Fitness

    Riboflavin and Thiamine are two very important vitamins that are necessary for normal functioning of the body. This article tells of the sources of these vitamins and the diseases that can be caused by the defeciency of the vitamins.
  • How to successfully break a bad habit    Category: Self Improvement

    Bad habits can take root in a person and be very difficult to break. This article gives a few ideas that can help an individual to try and break the bad habits.
  • All about Coriander and their health benefits. Green Cilantro leaves    Category: Food and Drinks

    Coriander is a herb that is used around the world to garnish food. Health benefits of Coriander leaves and cilantro seeds. This article tells all the necessary and important facts about coriander.
  • Nine most common bad habits in people.    Category: Self Improvement

    Bad habits can become very problematic for the individual and also for the family. There are a lot of bad habits that can be seen in people around us. In this article, nine of the most common bad habits are listed. This will help people to identify the ones that are present in them and help them to overcome the bad habit.
  • Important lifestyle changes and things to remember during a pregnancy:    Category: Women

    Pregnancy causes many changes to occur in a woman. This article explains some of these changes and also talks about the lifestyle changes that have to be done during pregnancy.
  • Teaching well and other important methods to maintain classroom discipline:    Category: Education

    Teaching is one of the most important professions. It builds the children into leaders of tomorrow. The children are easily distracted in classrooms and may be mischievious. This article tells of the important methods of maintaining classroom discipline.
  • Vegetable salads: Natural and Healthy food    Category: Food and Drinks

    Vegetables are natural and healthy foods. Salads are an interesting combination of various vegetables that can be tasty as well as healthy. These natural combinations of vegetables also have a lot of health benefits that are explained in this article.
  • How to cope with life being a single parent    Category: Family

    Being a single parent has its own share of problems. Rearing children is the most difficult part of being single. This article tells single parents how to cope with life, inspite of being single parents.
  • Validity of an evaluation (test): Types of validity and methods    Category: Education

    Validity of a testing method or evaluation method is very essential to make the test universally acceptable. If the test is not valid, then the testing method cannot be used for evaluation. This article talks of the types of validity and methods of improving a test to be more valid.
  • How to know if you are pregnant | Pregnancy test    Category: Women

    This article tells of the ways of identifying a pregnancy. How to know if a woman or girl is pregnant? Conclusive test of pregnancy though is a laboratory test. All other tests may not be real proof of pregnancy.
  • Functions of a Manager in Management    Category: Business and Finance

    The manager in any organization has an important role to play in management. Manager's function/role is to manage the organization and ensure the smooth running of the institution. This article explains the roles and functions of a manager.
  • Advanced skin care needs    Category: Self Improvement

    Advanced skin care needs are meant to keep the skin healthy and look young. This is usually done by those who are models. It will also be helpful for all people who want to keep their skin look beautiful.
  • How to have a better life?    Category: Family

    People all over the world are always striving for a better life. This article talks of the different methods of living a better life. Following these tips will help a person to be better and live better.
  • Complications during pregnancy    Category: Women

    There are many complications that can happen during pregnancy. This article talks of some of them and the methods to deal with these complications.
  • Tips to look good: Basic skin care needs    Category: Self Improvement

    Some basic skin care needs are important to keep the skin looking good. Beauty is skin deep, making it important for any individual wanting to look beautiful to give proper care and attention to the skin. This article tells of the ways of keeping the skin look beautiful.
  • Natural Foods: Mustard and its medical benefits    Category: Food and Drinks

    Mustard is one of the medicinal plants that has many medical benefits. It is also used in traditional medicine. This article talks of the medicinal uses of mustard.
  • Foods that should not be given to children:    Category: Family

    Children should not be allowed to eat what they like if you want them to lead a healthy lifestyle. This article talks of the foods that need to be avoided for the child to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Soybean: A healthy food for all ages | Health Benefits    Category: Food and Drinks

    Soybean is considered a miracle food. It has most of the essential nutrition required by a person. Soybeans also have various other health benefits. They should be included in the meal of all those who want to eat a nutritious diet.
  • Problems during pregnancy | Changes in body when you are pregnant    Category: Family

    There are many problems that can occur during pregnancy. Some of these like frequent urination are nothing to worry. Other problems can lead to various complications, some even life threatening. This article talks of a few of the problems that can occur during pregnancy
  • Good eating habits in children:    Category: Food and Drinks

    Children have to be given the right kind of foods to induce good eating habits. The role of a mother is to make sure that the child gets adequate food that is nutritious and also induces good eating habits.
  • What kind of men do women like?    Category: Relationships

    Relationship between a man and a woman may be strong or may be on the verge of a break up. A look at the needs of women and the type of men they like, based on the satisfaction of their needs.
  • Role of television in fashion industry: Positive & Negative effects    Category: Entertainment

    Fashion industry is a major industry that attracts many people. The role of television in creating an aura around the fashion industry is seen in this article. This article also looks at some of the negative impacts of television on the fashion industry.
  • Common health problems of new born children (Neonates)    Category: Health and Fitness

    New born babies can have many common problems. A human infant less than a month old is a neonate. Most of these are not severe. Some of the common health problems are listed here. Other problems can also be present.
  • Temper tantrums in children: How to handle?    Category: Family

    Temper tantrums are common in children. This article talks of the methods of dealing with these tantrums.
  • How to identify if your child is on drugs and preventing further addiction    Category: Family

    Children all over the world are increasingly resorting to drugs and alcohol. This article talks of methods of identifying if your child is on drugs and also the methods of preventing them from becoming addicted.
  • Methods to save money by smart shopping    Category: Shopping

    Tips for shopping smart and saving money: Compulsive shopping, which is a psychological disorder is on the rise. There are people like you and me who can also become compulsive shoppers at times. Here are a few methods of saving money by shopping smart.
  • How to have beautiful eyes? Beauty tips for women    Category: Women

    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder is a common maxim, but the beauty of the eyes itself makes the person look more lovely. Having beautiful eyes is every girl's dream. This article talks of the importance of beauty of the eye and provides tips for keeping your eyes beautiful.
  • Physical abuse by men: Why women still stay with abusive men?    Category: Social Issues

    Many women still stay with the men who physically abuse them. Some of the reasons why women stay with abusive men are discussed below. Women abuse should be dealt with proper counseling and support.
  • How to influence your colleagues with your ideas at workplace    Category: Self Improvement

    We like to be influential in our workplace, but many of us are not consulted when a decision is being made in our organization. Tips to influence your colleagues. This article tells ideas to make you more influential in your workplace.
  • Eat balanced diet: Fiber for healthy living    Category: Food and Drinks

    Fiber in the diet has many benefits. The are recommended by almost all diet protocols. This article talks of the role played by fiber in a balanced diet and how it helps the various systems of the body to function better.
  • How to get jobs using Social networking?    Category: Self Improvement

    Getting jobs using social networking sites (ex: Facebook, Orkut & Myspace). With the increased number of social networking sites cropping up, there are millions of users who use these sites for various reasons. Seeking jobs is one of the options open for people. Both potential employers and employees can use these sites to find what they are looking for.

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