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  • Find online deals. Places to shop for best deals.    Category: Shopping

    Tips on how to find great online deals and best websites to find cheapest items on the internet. Find hidden deals and coupons during this holiday season. Spend less save more.
  • Interesting facts about caves. How are caves formed?    Category: Others

    What are caves and how are they formed? Interesting facts, answers, types of animals and plants live in caves. Longest cave system, deepest cave and their historic significance.
  • Buying a Mini Laptop - Cost of Compact Mobile Internet Laptops    Category: Technology and Computers

    Should I buy a Mini Laptop. Information about buying good compact laptops. Price, configuration, brands and cost of Mini laptops. These computers are about 40% cheaper than standard laptops. The biggest difference - SIZE and CONFIGURATION.
  • How to make a first girlfriend. Dating advice for beginners.    Category: Relationships

    Practical tips on how to make a first girlfriend. Dating 101- Useful advice on how to score well while dating with your first girlfriend. Boys and girls are two different genders with different thoughts, priorities, emotional level and expectations, therefore the rules which hold good for making a boyfriend do not hold good for making a girlfriend.
  • How to safely recycle your Cell Phone. Protect your personal data.    Category: Technology and Computers

    When your cell phone dies or breaks, please recycle it safely in an environmentally friendly way or donate it to a charity. Protect the personal data and information sitting on your old or damaged cell phone.
  • Common dating excuses and mistakes. Tips for successful dating.    Category: Relationships

    Things that matter most while dating. What are the most common dating excuses and mistakes. Tips for successful dating. I am single and want to know things that matter most during dating.
  • Please donate blood. Benefits and facts of blood donation.    Category: Health and Fitness

    Benefits of blood donation, facts and reasons why you should donate blood regularly. Donation of blood is a simple and easy process. Types of blood groups and products derived from whole blood.
  • Survive a layoff - How to keep my job during company layoffs    Category: Self Improvement

    Tips and tricks of survival during a layoff in your company. How to increase your chances to save your job and avoid layoff. Survive layoffs and prevent job cuts.
  • Antibacterial Soap - Ingredients, dangers, facts and myths    Category: Health and Fitness

    Comparison of ordinary (regular) soap to an antibacterial soap containing triclosan. Is it better for removing bacteria? What are the facts and myths? Are there any dangers?
  • Writing articles helps to keep mind sharp - A great brain exercise.    Category: Writing

    To keep your mind sharp, start writing articles. It helps to give our brain a daily exercise by absorbing fresh information also boosts vocabulary and writing skills.
  • Dealing with Baby Stress. Manage baby crying and motherhood stress    Category: Family

    Being a parent can be extremely stressful and baby stress is very common among first time mothers. Ways to reduce baby stress and fully enjoy your motherhood. Baby crying, Sleepless nights and Pregnancy weight is just the beginning.
  • Tired of Email Spam - Protecting your email address from spammers    Category: Others

    Email spam is a huge problem faced by internet e-mail account holders. Spammers try to steal personal information or sell items to you for money. Tips to fight email from spammers. Junk email may even try to steal your private information and take loan on your behalf. Fight back and beat the spammers !!
  • Counterfeit checks - Fake check scam. Never wire transfer money back    Category: Business and Finance

    Counterfeit checks are a big scam these days. People use fake check and then request you to wire money back to them as a part of some transaction or scheme. Wire transfers are not easy to reverse therefore this technique is very popular.
  • Bargain shopping tips - Buy cheap - Finding great deals    Category: Shopping

    Bargain hunting means smart shopping. Finding deals and cheap items is not that difficult, here are a few smart shopping and online buying tips that will help you save a lot of money.
  • What is the right age to get married? Things to look in a girl-guy    Category: Relationships

    Getting married is one of the biggest decisions in life. What is the right age to marry, things to look in a guy or a girl for a successful marriage. Confusion before marriage is common but there are a few things one should look for. Apply brains and heart equally.
  • Is Red Wine Good for Health and Heart? Benefits of Drinking Wine.    Category: Food and Drinks

    Health benefits of red wine and white wine - which is better? Advantages and disadvantages of drinking, wines may reduce heart attacks and lower cholesterol. Resversatrol compound in red wines may have an anti-aging effect and therefore it may help us to live longer.
  • Best dating ideas - Things to do on a date - Ways to impress a girl    Category: Relationships

    Expert dating - Best ways to impress your girl friend or a boy friend on a date. Things to do on a date and best dating ideas. Don't let your next date be a boring one. Money is not everything, its all about being creative.
  • Benefits of crying - Why do tears come when we cry - Do men cry?    Category: Relationships

    Crying opens the lungs, cleans & exercises the eyes and softens the temper. Crying/tears helps release tension and emotional feelings. Crying and laughing are beneficial to us both emotionally and physically.
  • Facts about lightning and thunderstorms. How lightning works.    Category: Education

    Lightning is caused due to discharge of electricity in the atmosphere. Answers to - How hot is lightning, how many volts it has, what causes it and safety measures. Did you know that lightning strikes somewhere on the surface of the earth about 100 times every second.
  • Dead Sea facts. How it got the name and is it really dead?    Category: Travel

    Information about Dead Sea and 20 interesting facts about it. The reason why this sea it is called DEAD is because it is extremely saline (salty) and no animal, fish or a regular plant can survive. It is located on the border of Israel and Jordan in a desert.
  • Tips on buying a used car. Why should I buy a second hand car.    Category: Shopping

    Buying a used car ( or second hand car) can be tricky. Useful tips which will help you buy your next vehicle. Depreciation, reliability, warranty, insurance and financing rates are some important points to consider.
  • Are your children becoming couch potato: Outdoor games & activities    Category: Family

    Tips on how to make kids go out, play games and do other outdoor activities. Children who stay at home too much can develop long term mental, health and physical disorders. Parents should take this opportunity to get some exercise themself, spending time outdoors together actually leads to a better family bonding.
  • Who is responsible for subprime housing and mortgage problems    Category: Home Improvement

    America is facing a tough housing crisis, reasons include subprime mortgages and more. Who is behind these problems? Why did it happen? The burst of housing bubble in United States.
  • Why Are Americans Fat And Obese - Who Is Responsible?    Category: Health and Fitness

    America is the fattest nation and we have the worst lifestyle in the world. Our commercial food industry is also responsible for our fat and obesity problem.
  • Difference between Knol and Wikipedia - Google Knol Facts    Category: Technology and Computers

    Comparision between Wikipedia encyclopedia and Google Knol. Advantages and disadvantages of each encyclopedia. Concept of writing articles for money in Knol.
  • Future of America looks bad - Political missteps and mistakes USA has been making    Category: Politics

    The future of my country (America) looks bad, issues ranging from health care, wars, population, bad budget deficit, corporate greed, medicare and social security disasters. Terrible mistakes and bad political decisions are driving America to a very risky future.
  • Internet usage cap - Metered billing is a bad idea - ISP Bandwidth    Category: Technology and Computers

    Metered billing for heavy internet United States users extra is a bad idea. If your Internet service provider (ISP's like AT&T DSL and Time Warner) will charge you based on your internet usage, cap or bandwidth, will you cancel internet connection.
  • Buying a Used Car - Things to look and useful tips    Category: Travel

    How to buy a used car with a dealer or private party. Here are a few tips that should be helpful to make a better decision on your car purchase. Buying a used car is obviously much tougher than buying a new one, so its very important to do some homework before you really go out to buy a used car.
  • Hiring a private tourist guide - Hire a tour guide    Category: Travel

    Tips on how to hire a tour guide, things to look for and how to find a tour guide on the internet. Private tourist guides are a great way to really experience in depth a place where you are planning to travel. These days with the blessing of internet you can actually book a private tourist guide on the web.
  • Three Mistakes To Avoid during Home Improvement    Category: Home Improvement

    Home improvements are made for a variety of reasons. Sometimes those reasons are confused in the mind of the homeowner. That explains the first of the common mistakes listed below.
  • Wine Regions of Italy - Le Marche    Category: Food and Drinks

    There are some good reasons why Italian wines are very difficult to classify in a structured way. First of all Italy has been a wine producer since the beginning of civilization and we had all the time to develop hundreds of different grape varieties.

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