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Betrayal by an Employer

BY: TG Ramaswamy Iyer | Category: Management | Submitted: 2012-06-08 07:28:34
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Article Summary: "If you're reading this, then, no doubt, someone, somewhere, betrayed you at the office or your company betrayed you by doing one of several things. Perhaps, it was a promise of a promotion that never materialized, or perhaps it was a confidence that was breached..."

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Building loyalty is an essential task that every business must focus on . It has been my experience that loyalty has forever been appraised as extremely important to a company's success. Trust among the employer and employee is the glue that holds the business relationship together and is expressed repeatedly in your actions. This includes what you do and do not do. Simple things are key, such as returning phone calls immediately and being consistent in your words and actions. In this way, trust is an absolutely essential part of sales, as well as business in general. If trust is not present, customers will not buy. Job satisfaction has a lot to do with employee performance. Employees who are satisfied with their jobs are more likely to perform better than those who are unhappy in their jobs. Companies like TATA, Colgate, Essel Propack AND many other professionally managed organization have been successful in their growth because they make their top managers rich and the top managers make the company rich. These companies create an atmosphere, a sense of belongingnes in which employees feel appreciated and have avenues to advance. Employees may feel dissatisfied with their jobs for a variety of reasons but the main reason feeling of not being empowered to do their job how they feel it is to best done. The employees feel valued when there is a feeling of trust and loyalty by their employer.

Culture is a powerful force in the workplace. An organization's culture is determined by the communication between its boss and the employees. Employees often become dissatisfied when there is too much ambiguity in the workplace. If an employee is uncertain as to what is expected how can he succeed, he will feel hard to become motivated toward his work. Clarity in communication is essential to job satisfaction. Employers should take care of spiritual, emotional and mental health of their employees. Employees should receive proper feedback for their work so that they can rectify their mistakes. Good work should get due recognition to boost the morale of the employees. The organizational structure and design should be proper which will suit all the employees.

There's one universal truth that applies to all different sizes and types of organization but greatest assets are its employees. Employees need to be treated like humans and not slaves . Employers need to demonstrate an Attitude of Gratitude. But this attitude on the minds and heart of the business owners never happen nor felt . Of course, this sourness happens in only unorganized or Marwari companies. As long as you work with the organization and make them rich you are good and appreciated, but the day you resign the job their color, attitude and behavior changes so fast like a chameleon that it really hurts our sentiments. I am proud of everything I had done for the company's growth but in the same way the company did not reciprocate me. This is called betrayal. The word betrayal is universal to all of us because everyone at some point in their life has felt all of the emotions associated with it. A betrayal leaves in its wake a permanent emotional imprint on one's psyche. Remember that companies that are unethical in the treatment of their staff don't change their behavior.

All of us might have experience of hardships from time to time in their working place either the Boss is arrogant or the Management is unprofessional and so on . All of us face struggles that make little or no sense to us. Sometimes the hurt comes from what others do to us. The fact is, there are times in each person's life in which life hurts.

"When life hurts, it teaches" it is exactly befitting to the situation and circumstances where I am landed up. My wounds are fresh from inside they are hurting from within. My excellent performance at work were not noticed or appreciated by the management Apologies were never offered. There was nothing like the word Compensation in the company's ethics. Judgment was unjust. Loyalty was never reciprocated. Love was unacknowledged. My dedicated services were forgotten. Honors were obstructed. Deep down I feel disturbed, frustrated and miserable. However, a life without pain is impossible. We should not waste time and energy trying to avoid pain. Indeed, we need to accept it as a part and parcel of life and try to learn something from it.
Emotional or physical - nature is informing us that we are searching for happiness in entirely the wrong direction and something needs to be changed drastically.

We must all go through experiences bitter or sweet. So why not grow through them, as well? Take charge of your life and cherish the lessons you learn. These lessons are your true wealth. The more lessons you have learned, the richer you are! They make you richer than even the richest people in the world who have failed to learn from their past. You will have lived life to the fullest. You will have flown to the heights of life and also touched its depths. You will have enjoyed all its dimensions and all its benedictions. You will have missed nothing. For such persons, even the approach of death, which is the worst thing that can happen, is a wonderful lesson! Death becomes the final flowering - the last act, the masterstroke, the crowning glory of a life well lived. In life, when one door to happiness closes, another even better one opens! You just have to stop staring at the door that has closed and turn your attention somewhere else or even somewhere within yourself. Maybe you've missed something more important. Maybe you've overlooked or forgotten something your mother or father taught you long ago, something you had long concluded yourself.

In New York City, at the Institute of Physical and Medical Rehabilitation, there is a bronze plaque riveted to the wall. The inscription has been copied from the diary of an unknown confederate soldier:
"I asked God for strength that I might achieve. But I was made weak, that I might learn to humbly obey.

I would like to give a piece of advice to the unorganized companies or not professionally managed companies or you may call it a Marwari managed company that the employer must Trust a employee to that extent that he feels guilty to cheat you and care for a employee to that extent that HE fears to lose you.

TG Ramaswamy

About Author / Additional Info:
I really had a liking to become a journalist but my destiny took me to a different field. However, I still enjoy writing in magazines, newspapers concerning the social awareness.

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