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iPhone Addiction: Overcome iPhone obsession or Smart phone addiction

BY: Jessica | Category: Technology and Computers | Post Date: 2009-08-18

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iPhone is a pretty slick smart phone that has revolutionized the way we communicate, surf web, shop, play and even live. I am proud of owning an iPhone and I fully understand the urge of using it all the time. You think of an application and its right there or available to download for a buck. People who have iPhones often get addicted to it. This article talks about addiction to Smart Phones in general and not necessarily Apple's iPhone in particular. Just because iPhone is the most popular and advanced handheld device so far, I took it as an example.

Ways to overcome iPhone addiction:

* Limit iPhone usage:
This one is obvious. Be strict to yourself, limit your iPhone usage by allocating specific times during the day when you can do guilt free iPhone surfing. Although it's hard not to take a peek at your iPhone when it's in your pocket but you got to force yourself not to use it anyway. Put your iPhone in your office bag or lock it in a drawer. I know iPhone is "Cool" and is slowly becoming a social symbol but unfortunately it stays with us all the time, making it even harder to quit.

* Get a regular (uncool) Standby phone:
If you are too tempted to use iPhone at work or school then try this: Get a regular unlocked phone which does not have web surfing capabilities and before you leave home, take the sim-card out from your iPhone and put in in your regular phone. Leave your iPhone at home and take the reular phone to work. This is one of the most effective way to overcome iPhone Addiction.

* Stop downloading new Apps:
I know, downloading new applications are the coolest thing for iPhone users, but they simply increase your addiction even further. Limit your visits to the application download center to once a month.

* Change your plan:
Now this may not necessarily be an option for AT&T iPhone users, but many other careers offer different plans to go with their own smart phones. Instead of having an unlimited web-surfing plan, take the one which has limits. This will force you to cut down on your smart phone usage, because exceeding usage obviously means a big bill.

* Change your friend circle:
Lets agree, iPhone addicts spread iPhone addiction among friends. There may be a group of friends who tweet (use twitter) all day long and expect reply from one another within minutes. Therefore it is important to realize that it will be really hard to get over the craving of using your smart device till you are among this group of friends who expect you to use it. Sometimes it's ok to hang out with friends which may be "cool" because of other reasons (like sport persons and body builders).

* Outdoor activities:
Divert your mind by participating in outdoor activities. Physical activities like sports are very good for you than sitting and surfing iPhone for hours.

* Give up on smart phones:
Not my favourite suggestion but, if nothing else works and you feel that your life have been taken over by iPhone addiction, then consider giving up on your iPhone all together. I know it means penalties (2 year contract breakage penalty), but if you can afford it that then go for it. If you have just a few months left in your two months contract, then it may cheaper to just transfer your SIM card to a regular (non-smart phone) and still pay higher bills for the remaining time.

* Think the damage iPhone addiction can do to you:
If your boss sees you using iPhone too much, it may become a factor in the next round of your company layoffs. Probably your efficiency and concenteration has gone down because every other minute you think about iPhone. You may loose your spouse or girl-friend because all your attention goes to iPhone. If you are a student, you may be spending less time studying. What if tomorrow a research comes out that cellphone usage is harmful for health (say it causes cancer or brain tumor). iPhone may have made you a cool "geek" but a less social guy.

Conventional ways of quitting an addiction:

* Make a written list of pros and cons of your addiction. Analyze how your life has deteriorated because of addiction to iPhone.

* Seek professional help.

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About Author / Additional Info: What is phone addiction and how to overcome your iPhone obsession.

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