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Zenith Watches - Offering Reliability and Elegance

BY: Steve Miklashevskiy | Category: Shopping | Post Date: 2009-11-10

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   Steve Miklashevskiy
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With over a century of history behind the brand, Zenith watches offer a classic elegance that stands apart from trendier models. Founded by Georges Favres-Jacot in 1865 at the tender age of 22, this brand was one of the earliest watch manufacturers to craft entire watches from removable parts that could be taken out and repaired. This allows for the highest level of accuracy. Jacot was influenced by the movements of the stars around their axis, and this led to the creation of the brand name, -Zenith.- Like the cosmos, the inner workings of time revolve in a natural simplicity that is reflected in the design of the watches.
Zenith watches come in a variety of styles that have changed over the years to match trends. With an array of different dial face and strap options, you can customize your purchase to best match your personality and wardrobe. The straps are crafted from high-quality materials including crocodile skin. Backgrounds tend to have an astrological theme, mirroring the origins of the brand. A warranty and guarantee is included in the sale price, making sure that your watch is built to last. These watches are made for both men and women. The ladies' watches feature daintier models, with delicate touches of quartz and luxurious strap fabrics, cut more thinly to offset thinner wrists. There truly is a model for everyone with this brand, making it a classic choice for gift giving.

Naturally the most important factor aside from style in a watch is the ability to reliably tell time. Zenith watches are some of the industry's most reliable timepieces. The brand has won numerous awards in trade shows and fair throughout the 20th century, all over the world. The precision with which these watches are crafted is truly striking. The newest award-winning model is called the -Elite- and is crafted with intense precision, since 1995. This Swiss brand has been applauded time and time again for their constant innovations in timepiece manufacture, and continue to conduct research to further the brand.
For your next luxury watch purchase, choose a time piece that is part of the gold standard in watch making. With so many styles and a long and storied history, Zenith watches are a long-term purchase that can be passed down as heirlooms to generations to come. To view a selection of these watches as well as other luxury brands, please visit www.worldofluxuryus.com. There you will find the most up-to-date options.

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