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You won't believe (Potterman)

BY: yogi | Category: Others | Post Date: 2009-04-23

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Alright, so at the beginning I would like to make sure to all readers that in this article I have not taken or supported any religion or any god, thus relax and get ready for a short trip that would sweetly yet boldly form a milestone beginning for the conscious life until the end.

To begin with if possible imagine something, imagine there is no ether body. Well ether body is the empty space what we see, feel or the area with no physical obstacles. Even the empty space in the room is ether body. So to begin this journey simply imagine there is no ether body, i.e no empty space.
But hey, you are also not supposed to imagine any material to fill those empty space. Then imagine no sun ,no stars, no moon no any source of light. Yes no doubt, you are not supposed to imagine darkness. Now simply remove yourself from your imagine. Meaning, imagine no any living or non living entity. So if you are able to imagine nothing then that is what I wanted you all to imagine.

Some of us must find, to imagine above stuffs is somewhat childish, funny, stupid, nonsense etc. but I assure you that this has some serious knowledge that we must know before we die. So to be clearer I have some questions that you will ask yourself to find the real answer.

Hey one so blessing information. Hope you all will like it. What do you consider the most powerful source of information? Must be books, guardians, teachers, encyclopaedia...Oh I forgot the most powerful source i.e INTERNET, right? In this modern world we consider INTERNET to be the most powerful source of information. But I have learned somthing to be more powerful than that. INTERNET 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 INNER-NET. Read that niceley INNER NET.
So think about it and I will write about INNER NET quite soon in further articles.

Now about the imagine thing above. Here are some simple questions.

Imagine that you see a flower pot made of clay. For instance it is just bought and you haven't kept any flower, mud or clay. Its just a pot for a while.
Now I ask you, what do you see when you see a pot??

We might normally see a pot, because its just a pot.
But when you realize, when you see deeply you will see its constituents. They are CLAY, FIRE, WATER, POTTER MAN.

Because without these material stuffs such as clay, fire , water and potterman POT would not be pot. Thus we are now sure and we agree the fact.
Now let us look more closer. POTTER MAN.

1. He must have knowledge, how to make the pot
2. He must have purpose, why to make pot
3. He must work, he must use his effort

So in this sense how, why and he must use his effort are non-material stuffs which we cannot see.

Now see yourself as a POT. Who is your potterman?
Think about it. Now about the imagine talk in the 2nd paragrpah, imagine just about the potterman.

This much for this time, I will write further in coming days.
If you have any queries you can add me in yogi.bhawesh@hotmail.com
till then take care.
potterman will bless you

Article Source: http://www.saching.com

About Author / Additional Info: About me. well according to this article. I am my potterman's creation my resource box is potterman's grace

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