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Writing is My Job

BY: lenlen79 | Category: Writing | Post Date: 2009-09-04

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I have been writing for the past several weeks about general topics ranging from pets, school, health, self-improvement and life in general. I enjoy doing this because I get to learn, practice and improve my writing skills and I get paid to do this.

I haven't visited this site for quite sometime. The past few weeks were just busy for me; I got a new job as a writer. I was hired to do article writing on various general topics. So far I have submitted 100 articles and these are really good , if I may say so myself. But the thing is, my employer gets the rights to all my articles and my name doesn't appear in any of my articles.

Oh well, I may be known as the ghost writer of my employer, but anyway, I get a pretty good salary - in dollars !! So who am I to complain? I haven't really asked where my articles would be published but, I have an inkling that most of my articles are posted somewhere in the internet. Who knows, maybe you have come across some and read them,too !

I would need some time to research some online sites to check if my articles are posted there. I haven't had much time because I have beed loaded with writing assignments these past several weeks. Not that I'm complaining; it's just sometimes I would want to watch some favorite shows but can't because I've got work to do...

I am thankful for this opportunity. I have been applying for the longest time before my present employer hired me. I replied to their ad and they responded by giving me a test - write an article about the importance of facial exercises.... well I did and the next day they hired me !! They even paid me for the test article I did !! Now, that's really great !!

I am really enjoying myself...enjoying writing.. and I am slowly getting to that realization of finding myself to be more serious about my new job.

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Author has thankfully written another article with title How I got My Writing Job - A Lot of Persistence and Hard Work for starters. You can find the link in About Author - Additional Info section above.
Admin on behalf of LenLen79 2009-09-06
Dear Author, is you can share some pointers that will be awesome. I will wait for your comment on this article. I also want to earn money by writing articles. How much are you able to make per article, what do you write about and what is the length of your articles. What topics do you write on. Sharing your knowledge with us can help me too. I will check this article for your reply later. Good luck !! (Tina from Philippines)
Tina 2009-09-04
How did you do?
I have been trying to get online assignments for last few months ... no luck .. How did you do ?
Raj 2009-09-04

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