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Working late affects family concerns | Effects of long working hours on children

BY: M A Silong | Category: Family | Post Date: 2009-09-19

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   M A  Silong
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Majority of the families in busy cities and countries have a problem that parents have long working hours. Parents leave from home very early in the morning and come back late, which causes their children to hardly see them in a day. This is very normal in a family but it really affects the family too much. If we won't be able to notice these, they can affect and destroy our families forever.

The following are the TOP THREE family concerns that working late from work affects.

1.) BOND
Family bonding is usually long lost i most families especially in the cities. Family weren't able to bond with each other because of their business from work. They weren't able to notice special people around them and just keeping on ignoring them without noticing what they are doing. Children usually can't help it and make their parents notice them. But because of too much stress, they'll automatically shove them away without prior notice and thinking before doing. With this, children gets afraid and will try to stay away from their parents for the mean time, but usually forever.

Interaction with each other is very important because it helps the family to be together. Each member of the family must interact with each other to remind them how great they are. And because parents are getting home late from work, they are too tired and stresses to appreciate the people around them, and sometimes by not talking to them anymore. If this continues, each family member will be used on ignoring each other which may lead to separation of the family.

Children are sometimes very smart just to make their parents notice and care for them. And because of this want, their minds are gleefully working and fabricating new plans and ideas to make their parents notice them. Because of these ideas, it sometimes lead them to danger like leaving their house so their parents shall look for them.
Second, if parents will not be able to guide their children like before because of work, no one can now guide their children in deciding things around them. It usually causes children thinking like they can handle their own self that leads them to danger.

When you know that these problems are already occurring or about just about to occur, it doesn't mean that it is already too late. Try to give and show your children your love and support to them. As much as possible, lessen the times that you're scolding them even if you know that it is the right thing because scolding them makes their minds work and doing something you don't want them to. Scolding them can also widen the space between the two of you that can totally make them away from you. If you know that they're doing the wrong thing, avoid shouting, beating and telling them that they are useless. Practice being by their side in their mistakes so they can feel that even if they do the wrong things most of the time, it still isn't stopping you from loving them but instead, it makes you even closer to them . . .

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