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Work, Purpose and Motivation

BY: SREENIVAS | Category: Self Improvement | Post Date: 2009-11-21

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Why do people work ? It seems like a question with one clear, quick answer : money. We spend a great proportion of our life working. Even if work is a financial necessity, the actual purpose of work is to be found in something else. We seldom introspect how our profession affects our personal life and well being, and what are the possibilities, a profession can give us apart from money. Understanding these possibilities and positive aspects of work can give us motivation and sense of achievement in work.

Value of a profession is many folded. First of all, it is in the fact that a profession makes us thoughtless ; therein lies its greatest blessing. for it is a bulwark, behind which we are allowed to withdraw when qualms and worries of a general kind attack us. That is why the saying - profession is the back bone of life - Work gives us the ability and chance to concentrate on something for hours which will help us cultivate constructive thoughts.

Boredom in work is a general phenomenon but we can overcome this by bringing more excitement in work. For that, we need to use our imagination in a constructive way to becoming innovative in work day by day. Innovation is not just an organizational necessity but it is an individual necessity as well. Apart from Boredom, bringing competition in work is another evil which can ultimately de motivate the employee. The trouble does not lie simply with the individual, nor can a single individual prevent it in his own isolated case. The trouble arises from the generally received philosophy of life, according to which life is a contest, a competition, in which respect is to be accorded to the victor. We can overcome the evil spirits of competition by concentrating on a shared purpose and collaboration among co workers.

In a recent study, it is found that organizations that have a motivated workforce are more likely to have higher than average customer loyalty, productivity and likely to provide a higher return to shareholders. Many a times, employees are de motivated not because the organization does not care for them, but because of the fact that the employees themselves are not recognizing the real value and purpose of work.

The productivity cannot be increased by giving more salary or perks, but comes from a sense of fulfillment in work. Focus, involvement, and accountability helps employees find meaning in the work they do and in the products and services they provide. When they understand that work is meaningful, individuals contribute more energy, creativity, and resourcefulness to the organization because they're more motivated.

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