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Women's Flag: Standing Up High (Are we still respected?)

BY: M A Silong | Category: Women | Post Date: 2009-09-04

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   M A  Silong
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Women are important in our society. We're not just men's past time but we give a lot of contributions especially on the current status of our society. But the question is, are we still respected?

There are a lot of cases in our nation about men disrespecting women especially girls in my age (thirteen). They usually target young teenagers from age thirteen until sixteen. They are usually sexually and physically abused. And because of this, women's flag are little by little going down and being destroyed. Are we still respected today?

In terms of marriage, the most usual case being reported among women are those who are battered wives. Their husbands beat them a lot of times and usually, they sexually abuse them even if they're already a couple. This means, the husband's love for his wife is continually fading but his wife still loves him that's why she's not leaving him and sacrifices herself just to keep the family together.

In terms of politics, the Philippine's first female president, Corazon 'Cory' Aquino bravely fought for the nation's democracy. In the end, Cory's side won and there, men in politics started to respect female politicians even more.

In terms of writing, age doesn't matter if you really love what you are doing. I joined here at Saching.com because I wanted to develop what I can do. Many authors commented at me that they can't believe that a thirteen year old girl like me can write such things. And my respond to them is, my past experiences help me a lot especially the things I've witnessed around me. I share the things I've learned from the past in this website. And even though women are not usually physically strong, we female writers, can prove that we are mentally and spritually strong that's why we express ourselves in writing such things.

Women can prove a lot of things in different ways. We are important in our society. Without us, the human race will already be long lost. Everyone MUST give us importance because we are also human beings that need to be respected at all times. Let us raise that Women's Flag!!!

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About Author / Additional Info: If you'd like to have a talk about this, e-mail me at meleaagatha.silong@yahoo.com

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Women`s Flag: Standing Up High (Are we still respe
You write as if no women disrespect or abuse men. Did you know that women commit most of the physical and mental abuse of children? Do you know what that mea If women, without provocation, batter and kill children, whom they`ve supposedly been socialized to love, they can, without provocation, batter and kill men, whom they`ve been socialized -- by the media, feminist literature, and VAWA-type legislation -- to distrust, fear, and hate. You cannot promote gender peace by making men look bad so that women look good.
Jerry 2009-09-30
For your information
Mr. Jerry, I did not say that women are perfect and that men are always at the wrong side. Both sides are somehow doing the wrong things everytime. You said that I am expressing the article like women are always right, false. You said that women also kill or abuse children, true. But as you said, I should not express it like women are always right. But I want you to know that I shouldn`t also express it like men are always right. Yes, women has mistakes most of the time. But if you look around the world not only that surrounding around you, majority of the women suffer from the hands of their partners and you should know that. Iunderstand you being defensive because you are a guy. But you should also understand our side and be open-minded. I`m sorry, Mr. Jerry.
Melea 2009-09-30

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