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Women are versatile. Status of women in Indian society.

BY: moonlight | Category: Women | Post Date: 2009-08-03

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India is a male-dominated country and here women have always been a part of harassment and domination. But still after all the hurdles in their way they have come up with a lighting and bright powers in today's scenario. women are the powerful entities and they are always being a brave fighter in the battle of life. women have proved that they are no longer at loss in any of the fields and they are versatile.

I still remember when my mother used to narrate the tale of my father's joy at the time of my birth. My parents were very happy when I (a girl) was born into their family. Time passed away but I still can recall all those beautiful moments that I had spent as being a girl. Neither my parents nor did I feel that it was something unusual to be born as a girl. In fact I have been brought up with a lot of compassion and a very strong belief that has been instilled in me is that; it is really proud to be born as a girl.

I am glad that I got a brought up where I was being listened to the great stories of brave women. And have always been inspired to do great works indeed being a girl. It's not that I did not come to know about the serious taboos attached to the birth of a girl in our society at my latter stage of life. But still I always got true motivation from my parents to revolt the orthodox beliefs persisting into our society. India; is a country where the male domination is an old fashion of the culture but at the same time it is also a country where the woman is being worshipped as a goddess!

I personally do not believe that God must have had sent the two entities (man and woman) with having any discrimination into his mind! it is only the human beings who have created such big differences not only on the basis of biological features but the list goes on including the factors like; color, gender, capability, behavior and so on. Sociologically, women have always been said to be weak and over emotional personality. In a male dominated Indian society women have always been kept under the walls. And tasks like reproduction, child bearing, cooking and looking after the homes have been listed the best ever tasks for them.

Women have been tortured, assaulted and harassed ever since the old civilization but this great entity (woman) is leading her life with extreme courage, patience and determination. Arguments upon the discriminations and the harassments of women would direct the content into another area of comparison and contrast. But here should be the mention of all the courage and the goodness of women that they have been putting up their lives with so far. In such an atmosphere where the women are fighting everyday and facing a new challenge everyday for their survival and rights, there the tale of their great power of tolerance, patience, support and determination must be the matter of the mention and concern. No matter how many problems are posted in front of women but they have overcome all the problems with a big smile on their faces.

A woman is a blessing to this earth. If we consider her significance into the life we would be mesmerized by the versatile characters she plays. She is a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a friend and genuinely a real motivator, an inspiration and strength. A woman is a giver. In every role she plays she is always ready to give. As a daughter she is faithful to her parents and tries to put her parent's faith o the top of her priorities. As a wife she is just a true devotee of her husband and at every step she helps her husband, supports him and encourages him to work hard. The most beautiful shade of a woman that everybody praises is the woman as a mother. A mother is a backbone for every family and every child. I still remember how courageously my mother holed me in every problem of mine. In every problem we all unknowingly remember our mothers. Mother is a person, who pampers, solicitudes, loves, gives, corrects, motivates and helps us without any expectations.

Even in the great scriptures and legends of the human kind show so much of reverence to women. I those scriptures women are said to be an image of purity, courage and bliss. She is being worshipped in the form of a giver of happiness, courage, wealth, peace and even knowledge. Women have shown their tremendous power and persistent efforts to give something unique to the mankind. Every woman is blessed with the glances of virtuous behavior and character. at every step of history of there always have been a woman who surprised the human race by here wonders of character whether it was Sita, Rani Laxmi Bai, Jodha, Kasturba, Anne Besant, Sarojni Naidu and so on, each of them had shown their magnanimous virtuous and courageous shade of character.

Time has come very far but the glittering grace and elegance of women are increasing steadily fast. Women of today are much more confident, knowledgeable and talented. They are just rocking the world. In every aspect of life they are moving ahead. May it be education, media, professions and personality development; they are doing just the best. Women are coming up with their new ideas and thoughts. They are becoming intellectual and they are not only thinking new but they are implementing all that new stuff into their practical lives. Whether it is running a family, bearing children, acquiring the top ranked professions, educating people or serving the community; women are not at any loss.

Women are always beneficial and worthy for any country that have been proved by many talented and brave women of today. There are women who have not only a bright character but they have also made the country proud of them. Names like, Kiran Bedi, Ashwairya Rai, Kalpana Chawala, Shobha De, Priyanka Gandhi, Meera Nair, and Aanand Mai Guru Maa; are few names of such women who are doing great works for the mankind and making the country proud. Many new fields of works such as fashion, technology, communication, politics and even spirituality are now becoming strong and influencing by the major participations of women. Women are shining like stars in diversified fields. In every aspect of lives they are getting interesting titles, such as a good home manager, successful entrepreneur, lady of courage and so on.

But we must also not neglect the pathetic conditions of women in villages, slums, and in illiterate families where they are still severely assaulted and even brutally killed. Sociological statistics and have that there are so many states where the girl is supposed to be a curse for the family and the society. And for this reason every year lakhs of girl child are being murdered and killed. I must say by killing the girl child the human race is increasing the opportunities for its extinct very soon. Who has given them the right to kill a life, and above all killing a blessed entity that is an image of power, courage and wonders; is such a shameful action?

A woman is a curse, she is a burden on the family and she is not a worth penny these orthodox beliefs are directly related to the level and availability of education. In villages and slums numerous people are illiterates and if somehow they go to schools the standard of education are very low. There is a strong need to raise the standard and the facilities of educational programmes in such areas and states. Government is taking appropriate measures in this matter and no doubt people are now becoming aware of the importance of women. But still there are large numbers of people who are stucked into the web of their baseless old beliefs. Besides, raising the educational standards there must be an urge and efforts to educate the people in terms of Humanity.

People must be given education and awareness that every human being devoid of any genderism has the Right to Live and has a separate journey. If education would consider the importance of virtues such as knowledge, peace, happiness, harmony, respect, humility then people will get a clear and transparent picture of their thoughts and actions.

Well, now coming back again to the topic that women are always versatile. They do not expect too much in return. Being a woman I also admit that we women want just love, respect and care and we can shower the whole life for our loved ones and for our society. It is not just we women want it this way but any human being needs love and respect. Women are indispensible for this earth and for each and every society and family. If god has sent two entities on the world (man and woman) then he must have thought about their uniqueness. No one is complete without the other. Only men alone cannot run this world they need the women at every step of life. They both together make the world happen. Making the place of women not required we somewhere disobey the wish of god too. We must keep in mind that women will always lighten the lamp of humanity and would always be special in regard to their every shade.

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women safety
I think that special powers and stringent laws should be implemented to save women from increasing day by day crimes. Ours is a men dominated society so women are not given powers as in case of Kiran Bedi. No doubt women enjoy equal status with men but still there is a question of women safety. Till this day parents don`t prefer that their girls should work at night but still a lot of women work which is a good thing but still are apprehending.. hope that one day this fear of safety will overcome!
Divya 2009-12-16
should not give up
i feel if at the one hand the problms are increasing day by day whether they are of crimes, genderism and domination but women should not give up at all. somewhere women need to be more careful and determined for their rights and freedom. women need to be careful in respect of her actions. they must believe in their values as well. they must also be careful in terms of their limitations.
jyotsna 2009-08-06
need for humanity
yes dear i agree with you, and for this only i have mentioned to raise the level of education in our country. crime is an act of unhumanity and devilness. there is a need to modify the education system in terms of humanity. when people would be educated in terms of equality devoid of all the genderism i guess crime may be slow down. still women are fighters and they are fighting everday. i hope god gives more courage to win this battle.
jyotsna 2009-08-05
Problem will become worse
With gender gap in India becoming bigger, I think problems for girls will only increase with time.
Harini 2009-08-05
Status is getting better but ..
Status of women in Indian society is getting better but so are the crimes too. It is hard to walk by a street without 50 eyes staring at you.
Lina 2009-08-04

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