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Why should every worker have a good relation with the boss

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Relationships | Post Date: 2009-12-28

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   David Prakash Kumar
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Every worker should have a good relation with the boss who is the head of the organization or the boss who is directly the head of the department where the person is working in. There are many times when there is a sour relation between the boss and the worker. This can cause decreased job satisfaction for the employee. At the same time, the boss may also try to throw out the person from work because of the sour relation that is present.

To secure the job:

Securing the job is a very important consideration and many people try to cope with their boss just because they will be able to have a secure job if they have a good relation with the boss. There are many people who have a bad relation with the boss and this makes the boss use the first chance that is got to make the person quit from the job. To prevent this, maintaining good relation with the boss is essential.

To get hikes in salary:

Salary hike is a very important factor and a person tries to have a good relation with the boss so that there will be no problems in the salary hikes that are given to all the employees. There are many heads of an organization who do not give a raise to a person who has not performed well in work. This non performance in the job is just an excuse for the boss to try and avoid giving a salary hike to the individual who has not had a good relation with the boss.

To have advancement in the job:

Advancement in the job is a very important motivating factor for people who are working. Many people wait for each advancement in their job with great expectations. This is because this will not only act as a motivation for the person, it will also help them to get better in their career and they might also get some incentive for their advancement. A person who has a good interpersonal and work relation with the boss is sure to have a better chance for advancement in the job than a person who has not
To have job satisfaction:

Job satisfaction is very important and there are many people who work with very less job satisfaction. These people are likely to either leave their jobs very soon or they will not be as productive in their job as a person who is very satisfied with the job that they have been doing. This makes job satisfaction to be very important in the work life of a person.

The reasons mentioned above are some of the major reasons to maintain a good relationship with the boss by the worker. This good relationship will not only benefit the organization by improving the work of the company, but it will also make sure that the worker will have certain benefits by maintaining good relations. Maintaining good relation with your boss will also make sure that you have a happy time at home because of the decreased pressures at work.

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