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Why should every boss have a good relation with the workers

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Relationships | Post Date: 2010-01-04

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   David Prakash Kumar
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The boss who is in any company has a major role to play to keep the company together. He is the ultimate authority and the person who decides on all the various factors of the company. The boss should have a good relation with all the people in the company if it is a small company. If the company is a bigger one, then the boss should have a good relation with all the executives who are the top level management and also with each of the worker he comes in contact with. This will ensure that these people will maintain the same relation with the people who are working under them. This will make the organization into one where the people have a wonderful relation with all those who are working under them.

There are various benefits of having such a good relation with the workers. These benefits are mainly related to the working of the company and also related to the benefits to the management.

To have increased profits:

Increased profits is a very important thing that will be on the mind of every boss of a company. This is because the profits help to expand the company and make sure that the company runs smoothly. Increased profits have a direct relation with the employee satisfaction. There are many companies that fold up because the staff working in the organization is not happy and this lack of happiness in the staff forces them to avoid work. Some people do not work to the maximum of their ability. All these factors play a role in the decreased profits of the company.

To make sure that work goes on smoothly:

The smooth functioning of any organization or company will only be possible if there is a good relation between eh management and the employees. This is because the employees will try to cause unrest within the company and this will in turn decrease the production of various goods that are being manufactured by the company. This should be avoided to have good profits and to have employee retention in the company.

Lack of qualified and experienced employees:

Employee satisfaction and job satisfaction of the employees in a company is directly related to the number of qualified and experienced staff who are working in any organization. There are many jobs available for those who are qualified and also experienced. These people will also be the first ones to leave the company if they have any trouble with the management. To avoid this, the management and the staff should have a cordial relationship.

All these things said in this article point to the fact that the success of the organization or the company is directly related to the maintenance of a good relation between the boss of the company or the management of the company and all the employees of the company. If employee unrest starts, then the company is bound to lose and all the management is also bound to lose from the unrest.

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