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Why people have Extramarital affairs. Cheating your husband or wife

BY: Swati | Category: Relationships | Post Date: 2008-10-11

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What is an Extramarital affair:
Extramarital affair is defined as an ongoing physical (s*xual) relationship of a married person with an outsider (someone other than their own wife or husband). In some societies, an extramarital affair may also considered as non-s*xual but an extreme emotional attachment to an outsider. Some individuals may have an extra marital affair with multiple partners. Since individuals who get into an extramarital affair cannot enjoy it in open public with the fear of getting caught, there is a high sense of negligence anyway. There are cases one person is simply taking advantage of the other and nothing more.

Why do people engage in extramarital affairs:
Lets face, life is not perfect and many of us may not find happiness in our existing relationship with our husband or wife and attraction to an outsider with an expectation that it will void that gap in our life can lead to adultery or cheating to our existing life partner. Sometimes people who are happily married and even have children may have extramarital affairs just to spice up their life.

Is it OK to have an Extramarital affair - What can be the consequences:
In most cases an extramarital affair will lead to disappointment, ruining your existing relationship and possibly a feeling of being physically used (abused) and nothing more. In some small percentages it may eventually lead to a better life but I think that percentage is so small that it is better to simply avoid cheating your life partner. In many cases people people land up ruining both relationships, therefore are left without any success in either relationship.

Some reasons why people get into Extramarital affairs:
1. Physical attraction is the biggest reason why people cheat their partner. May be they loose attraction because their spouse has lost hair and several other reasons due to which they are no longer physically attracted to them.

2. Women having relationship with married men:
Women are emotional and they often feel married men can understand their feelings better when compared to the bachelors.

3. Money:
Yes, sometimes people engage in extramarital affair because the other person is rich. They can enjoy many things in life which they otherwise cannot effort.

4. Work related affairs:
Even though its highly recommended that you should never engage in any personal relationship with your coworkers but lets face the fact, we spend a majority of time at work and even though your initial dates may start with simply sharing personal problems the relationships can easily get intense with time.

5. Sex:
Some people find having s*x with new partners as exciting and may fulfill their hidden fantasies.

6. Lack Of Commitment:
Each individual is different, some people who have been a flirt before marriage may find it difficult to eventually commit to just one person.

7. Problems in existing relationship:
This may be because of frequent arguments with your current husband or wife or could be stress over children.

8. Promotion at work:
Some people may engage in a relationship for promotion or for a raise.

Sometimes people are forced into having an extramarital affair due to blackmail or an unfair advantage by the other person.

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