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Why people forget old values. Men should remember core traditional values.

BY: muna26 | Category: Men | Post Date: 2009-03-11

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People are the best representatives of our society but now these are violating the rules and laws and lost all old values.

We are the society the common man ,the mass of the world. No one has a time for each other. The old generations those who respected each other but now the trends change. Everyone is so busy and they all are alike machines. Science is so much advanced and attracted the men of today that they are mad for it .Even the members of the family are drag from it .

All the people are dead from inside and the reasons are that they are greed for wealth, they had their own life. No one bother about any one.

The scientific inventions as T.v, mobiles, atom bomb, huge machines, for work make man lazy and dull and for all these things has a side effect. As by television mostly children, adults have weak eye sight.

These days mobile is a cool thing .It is a fashion accessory. Every body almost every one is going mobile today,be it a rickshaw puller or a business tycoon but taking a look on the darker side of mobile use we come to know that there is an increase in number of complaints of dizziness ,discomfort, inability to concentrate and memory problems amongst cell phone users.Mobile phones which are used by most of the people emit low level redar frequency radiation generated inside microwave.

Man is the best and important creature on earth.

God says -ASHRAF UL Makhlooqaat-...means
‘In whole humanity man is most good and important-.At one time man is the maker of things but now he is to ruin the foundations,.

In the modern world there is so much hussel and bussel in the society .People of the society among us so much cruel ,dead ,lifeless from inside.Every one really asks ownself that Are we really alive or dead? Are we do a good job of life? Are we respected for old values?How much we respect it?

But in this modern world all are dead and like waste land.
But as human of the world we are not lost hope and we done better for our nation and done something great that our nation and also other nation feels proud for ourselves .We were just as happy before we had so many facilities and luxuries as T.v ,mobiles and other necessities of Life. Were not we ? These things are less beneficial and more harmful for humanity.

Now onwards we take an oath that we make always positive opinion and spread love and brother hood then hate and jealousy or terrorism, Only spread spirit of love all over

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About Author / Additional Info: I m Muna Massood khan . I had completed graduation from Aligarh university and post Graduation from bhopal, M.L.B. College.I m interested in writing if u like my article then u inform me . then i will be more articles for u

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