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Why do we use Grammar

BY: Jashodhara | Category: Education | Post Date: 2009-11-21

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Grammar is the theory of a language. Without it a language cannot function properly. Grammar teaches the arrangement of words by following certain rules. We teach the children to follow certain traffic rules on the roads; similarly we have to follow certain rules to beautify the languages.

Grammar is used to develop the understanding of usage of different words, sentences, phrases, etc. The learner develops mental abilities of reasoning and observation. It cultivates a scientific attitude towards languages. Grammar develops insight into the language and its structure. Learners absorb correct sentence patterns without having to resort to rote memorization.

Grammar is essential for correct usage and sufficient expression of language. It helps to write a proper sentence. Grammar gives real meaning of the sentence. We have different parts of speech. With the help of parts of speech, our conversation is expressive. By using phrases and idioms, we can beautify the sentences. E.g. ‘Sunny had attended a gracious party merrily during his friend's birthday and what a great day it was!'

Let's see this -He reads the Book- and -He read the Book-. The first sentence shows, he regularly reads. The second sentence means, he read for a particular event.

-Moni hasn't been in the best of health-. This means: Moni is not well. But the use of Idiom has beautified the sentence.

The teacher said, -Healthy Mind in a healthy Body-. Could be told, the Mind & Body are related. This phrase gives more Grace to the sentence.
Disadvantages of grammar: Following the rules of grammar are not everyone's cup of tea. There are many rules in grammar. So it is difficult to remember all the rules and principles.

Lastly I want to end with, that a poem does not require proper grammar when one can express self properly, otherwise languages have to follow certain rules of Grammar.

"Language is the dress of thought" [Samuel Johnson]
Spoken Word can't be retrieved, like ‘a bullet from a gun' and ‘flower thrown at someone'.

Written Words can fill the waste-paper-basket till perfection.

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About Author / Additional Info: While teaching Grammar in the College, I thought of writing this article. The students think, importance of grammar is not useful while writing or speaking.

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Grammar before Accent
Another point worth considering is that the focus of languages taught in schools these days is more towards spoken English. This means that you concentrate more on words, pronunciation, accent and not correct grammar... I believe you need to know the grammar well before you can start learning an accent!
Saptarshi 2009-11-22
The idea expressed is Apt ! Shows today`s concern with Education, which is the base for character building. Teacher should be conscious and analytical, to mould the tender mind at the right Age.
Swapan Purkayastha 2009-11-21
Indians in USA
Reading your article I feel that you have an excellent knowledge of English (and grammar). Many Indian software engineers I work with, do not even have a grammar of a 3rd grade kid.
American IT 2009-11-21

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