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Why do Indian students fly abroad for higher studies?

BY: books_freek | Category: Education | Post Date: 2008-09-22

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Have you ever thought why students from India, wish to pursue their higher studies abroad? Spending thrice the amount only for accommodation (education), away from families and home! Is it only about having fun or for a change in background? Well the answer is different.

The standard of our education system has proved to be a failure; unlike other system this system forms the base of entire country. However few schools and colleges (undergraduate) have helped the students in development of skills and have arranged practical application for their concepts. But however this is unnoticed in the postgraduate level. Students are spoon-fed and de-moralized and face other problems as the classes fully follow the conventional school teaching. Lecturers fail to make the classes interesting, beside too much of rules and regulations follow much mental harassment to the students.

As our conventional teaching system continues, students are not given the privilege or the freedom to speak. Their problems go unheard and the hectic and uninteresting classroom with more of rules pressurizes the students, which leads discontinuation of course. Besides fresh undergraduates many housewives and other people after working, quit their job to join colleges for their full-time post-graduate course who hold other responsibilities apart from the studies. The full day schedule and the tough rules (attendance must in all class, punctuality etc) makes balancing dual roles in life difficult.

On the contrary students abroad are given the freedom to attend classes they want, which helps them earn through part time jobs. We also find different age groups of students (working, fresher, married, single) in class, allowing them to concentrate in other part of their lives as well. Thus the Indian students who join universities abroad get the opportunity to study and fund their own education or other expenses, which they are unable to in our country and hence dependent on their parents.

The other important factor to be considered is technology. Except for few colleges like IIM's, symbiosis (Pune), the other colleges lack in technology.
On an interview with a student [MBA] in a college Chennai - she said she has hardly used the computer in her college nor has been provided any internet connection in the campus, besides mobile phones are banned we cannot attend any emergencies! The teachers do not entertain students questioning and pressurize them to sponsor for college events. Classes are taken with slides and ohp's which was prepared 5 to 7 yrs back. Students gain no exposure compared to colleges abroad. She says she is upset that she couldn't get the opportunity to fly abroad because of orthodox parents.

Today almost all students prefer to study abroad, those who get opportunity enroll in good b-schools etc [few cities] while the rest choose to work and study in correspondence, because to them all it means is to hold a degree. But there is definitely some additional advantage studying a full-time but due to such problems students are happy studying in correspondence, as they are able to earn while studying. As the three-fourth of the students refrains from joining our universities for their PG, the standard seems to have come down. Peace of mind is lost, carrying home memories of a hectic and stressful day regretting they would have also joined their friends and flew abroad.

Thus the government before issuing the visa to our students should check on why these students prefer to fly abroad. The 70% of students answer because of the low standards, low exposure, spoon-feeding and lack of enthusiasm. Shouldn't the government check on the improvement of these institutes and bring up the youth of our country with the right attitude?

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About Author / Additional Info: I have written this article by talking to students studying here as well as other countries. I had gathered enough information before writing this.

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nice article
ya ur article reflects the perfect reasons about our education system in oou country. the government should take necessary steps to improve our systems by appointing some well knowledged persons who can handle the classes enthusiastically...........
salai balaji.s.n 2009-06-09

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