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Why Are Backlinks Influential For A Website?

BY: James Hicks | Category: Writing | Post Date: 2009-11-13

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   James Hicks
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I can safely conclude that those of you who know about how search engines work and achieving top rankings will see eye to eye with me when I say that backlinks are so very important in getting that all important 1st page position. Even better if you can build them for free and with minimal effort!.

For those of you new to websites and SEO then a backlink is essentially another link from a different website that links back to your site,some call them inbound links. For example, you write some content and post it on the internet and there is a link in it to your site, that is a backlink! Or if another website owner puts a link on there website to you then that's a backlink.

Most people would not have too many problems getting incoming linking but its important to get your link juice from relevant websites. An example would be if you site is about making dolls, get links from other making dolls sites, this is paramount as the search engines love relevant sites that link to each other. So every inbound link that comes from a relevant site will be regarded as higher quality than if you had linked from a site about a different suject. Relevant backlinks do a lot more to boost up your search engine rankings.

Assuming that you will put in the work required you can make good position for most key phrases, clearly there are some key phrases with extremely high competition already but there are plenty that you can rank well for. It's really a case of who has the most backlinks, so if you want to beat another site, put together more backlinks then they have and provided that your content is relevant to your target key word or phrase it's probable you would beat them.

Pretty simple really. It's most important to be consistent, Google especially gets excited when it sees links appearing often to your site, Google will love your site and for that reason will give you better exposure. If you make a few links and then pause Google often gets dis-heartened and will drop your rankings and nobody wants that!

It can be a real pain contacting website owners to ask them to link back to your site and it can also be a long and arduous process to get your content into the relevant places, I know because I've done it! The ideal solution is to have an automated system in place where we can do the work just once then get on with our lives whilst our links are being built for us right?. Or even better would be to have our backlinks built for us on Auto-Pilot so we don't have to do anything!

Over the last 6 months I've been using a tool that has automated by backlink building for me and it has developed me hundreds of free backlinks which has gotten my rankings very high! Which has resulted in plenty of sales through my websites

Link building will for sure have a very positive effect on your internet dealings so I highly endorse them to you!

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About Author / Additional Info: If you want to learn about my stealthy weapon for constructing then see my blog post and video www.WhoIsJamesHicks.com Article written by James Hicks

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