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Who are the Maoists in India and what do they want?

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Politics | Post Date: 2009-10-15

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   David Prakash Kumar
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Maoists are a group of people who may not have any political affiliation to any party, but who follow the principles of Mao. These are the people who have risen out of the tribal belt in India. The tribal belt consists of various hilly regions in the East and the Western regions of India. The people living in these areas are the tribal population. Due to various factors including the geographical location, there is not much development of various facilities in these areas. This has led to decreased development of the infrastructure.

The people of these areas who are disgruntled with the efforts or the lack of efforts made by successive governments to develop the lad and people of these areas, have taken to arms. They try to terrorize the government officials through killing sprees. They have made the police men their enemies and have frequent ambushes and encounters to kill as mnay police men as possible.

The Maoists also try to kill the various landlords and distribute their wealth to the poor people of the land and also the landless farmers. The initial reason for the formation of the Maoist groups was to maintain social equality and social justice. They took to arms to achieve this. There are very few instances of the Maoists trying to kill civilians. This has changed in recent times where many civilians who are against the Maoist movement are branded as police informers and are killed.

The demands of Maoists:

1. Development:

The Maoists want the development of their people. The government has various reservations for the tribal people in education and also jobs, but the Maoists declare that this is not enough. The Maoists also demand for improvement in the infrastructure and other development of their area.

2. Social justice:

The Maoists are basically communists and they follow the principle of Socialism. They accuse the governments of trying to make the rich people richer and the poor people poorer through various policies. The Maoists demand that these policies should change and the government should follow a policy where the wealth is removed from the rich and distributed to the poor people.

3. Social equality:

Most of the tribal people are looked down upon by the general population. This is another reason for the Maoists taking to arms. They demand for social equality where they are given equal rights in the community and the society.

These are the primary demands of the Maoist groups present in India. Though the government is trying to improve the living conditions of these tribal people, there is a long way to go to make their life better. The government should try to improve health care facilities, educational facilities and also provide adequate job opportunities to these people.

In recent times, the Maoists have been branded as naxalites and the government is trying to make them surrender. The Maoists have also renewed their struggle against the government by trying to kill and bring life to a standstill in the areas that are under their control. This has made the situation more alarming and there have been an increase in the number of incidences of violence and arson.

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