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Who are Best friends: How do you know they are your friends

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Relationships | Post Date: 2010-01-28

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   David Prakash Kumar
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When do you feel you have a good friend? When you can look for your friend anytime without trouble then you might feel so! When you can seek advice on any problem or you do not feel the need to expose your feelings, then you might think that you have a good friend. I would love to tell you what I think about the planet's inhabitants, their friends and how many percent of them keep in touch with those of childhood. Very few would be the answer because as people grow, their friends also change. There are a few people though, who are in touch with their friends from school too. These are the friends who are lifelong friends. These friends did not select each other, but they were selected by nature and circumstances to be friends. These bonds are much closer than all other bonds.

Friendship is not how people select friends based on their profession or district where they live, the car they drive or how much money they have in their pocket. It is a feature on how to be surrounded by the wonderful people that are dear to you to keep them all together. It happens naturally without any special need to make the friendship to occur.

How are friends different?

Friends are different from the other people we interact with due to the fact that we have much in common with them - how we think, the same affinity, the same moral principles, the same tastes and lifestyle. There are times though, when friends complement each other and they have been attracted because they were opposite poles and were attracted to each other.

Counting your friends:

There is a numerical rule on friends, but still, experience in life teaches us that best friends are as many as the fingers of one hand. If you are very lucky you may count the fingers of both hands, but this is very rare. Rule quality prevails here. These few friends with whom you have an unconditional relationship are there for you, support you in all moments of your life and to tell you the truth, even if sometimes it hurts, but you must accept the sincerity. On the other hand, if they call at any time of day or night you jump in to help or are ready to listen and you bear the moments of lament. This is a mutual thing that happens between friends. As in any relationship, you must always remember that you can not only receive everything but have to give something - selfishness is not what to look for in a relationship of friendship.

Selecting friends:
Selection of friends is not made, but happens without your knowledge. It is a process that occurs over a period of time, and not an event that occurs one fine day!. Among your friends, watch out for those ‘friends' who are possessive, those who think they are always right, those that do not like to be criticized (even if they know that you are right), the selfish or malicious ones. If you find these 'symptoms'' are present in someone in your group, in time, you can -downgrade'' him or her to the rank of 'was a friend''. Do not create dependency which is very pathetic, surround yourself by honest, positive people.

Someone said that there are times when -you ... are your best friend''. Maybe that's true, but how many bottles of champagne can you drink alone? Friends will be friends, and nothing is more beautiful than the thought that after 10 or 20 years you will be able to reminiscence over a long coffee, on a beach, surrounded by loved ones, most dear friends, of the most important events in your life.

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