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Which shoe is right for me?

BY: Deena David | Category: Shopping | Post Date: 2010-01-28

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   Deena David
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What to do when buying shoes

Before trying any shoe, it is important to measure your feet correctly. You should try the pair of shoes and stand up, it will be even better if you can walk with the shoes before buying it. Shape of the shoe must match the shape of your feet; women's physiology differs more than men's, so ladies should be more careful when choosing their footwear.

Remember that your feet are not always the same, so try different footwear, especially at evenings. Always choose a number higher than the real size of your feet, in order to have freedom of movement for your toes in your shoes. It will help to prevent pain and also leg deformation. Ask seller's competent advice if you have any doubts.

Shoe lining and its use

Lining can be made in several ways and can help solve many problems such as flat feet, excessive sweating, burning soles and cold feet. A good insulation in the footwear can have many benefits. It helps treat most problems associated with flat feet. Anti-slip sealers are most important because it can help moving the foot while wearing high heels and orthopedic supports. Lining also helps to cool the feet and it is pleasant to the skin. The lining of soft leather latex in combination with active additives containing carbon eliminates odors.

Durability depends on the frequency of wearing the shoes and how they are cared for. Often use several pairs of shoes and exchange them consequently, especially on rainy days. After wearing your shoes, put shoes in boxes and use the appropriate measure to support the shoe especially for those shoes models that are closed models. Unregulated and textured surfaces have the specific properties of natural skin. Leather shoes are more prone to fading color due to excessive perspiration or when in contact with water. Leather sole shoes are to be repaired from time to time because only genuine 100% leather offers real protection against water.

How to choose footwear

Each cloth you are choosing to wear requires different shoes. So you may purchase several shoes to match your dress. Type of use is determined by the material, design, manufacturing methods and care.

Indoor shoes - These are for use in the short term and most times within covered facilities wear usually lower quality leather shoes with cut and pasted sole. These footwear have reduced wear and tear and last longer.

Street shoes - you can wear them all year round. They are intended for street or for indoors use. They have thicker sole and are more durable than indoor shoes, with different materials and patterns.

Sport Shoes - are intended for sports, with appropriate designs to the type of sport practiced and should be used only for the type of sporting activity for which they were bought.

Outdoor Footwear - Those shoes are used for hiking and for longer distance, outdoors and are more sustainable and solid soles. These are more durable, expensive and made to last tough conditions.

Children shoes - are shoes with special requirements, depending on the needs of growing feet to best fit in width and length. It is best to choose a size 10 -15 mm more the child's foot. Toe protectors in children's footwear should be round to have ease for toes. As children's feet grow very quickly, make sure you frequently check their shoes. Children's feet are also easily damaged because their bones are fragile and inadequate shoes can damage their foot for life.

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