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Where has my childhood gone - Best stress busters

BY: Bharat | Category: Self Improvement | Post Date: 2008-10-14

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Thinking like a child is the ultimate stress buster, it helps you to observe things in a simple way. A tension free life is good for your health, mind and body.

I am a guy in my mid 30's and sometimes lately I have been missing my childhood. Once we become adults and especially when we start working we seem to be so much occupied in our day-today activities that apart from just one or 2 tiny laughs a day we have otherwise become working robots. In this fast paced society all of us have become busy and stressful. We no longer crack jokes or enjoy those stupid things which use to make us laugh like crazy. Always putting on a fake smile on face, while there are 10 things going behind the brain is not truly living life.

Following are the best stress busters I think will be helpful.

1. Take things slowly:
We often crave for fast results - need promotion now, make quick money, impress people fast, honking the car and even get that red light on the signal turn green fast. Slow down .. count from 1 to 10 slowly and take a deep breath. Don't be a loser in life but just relax a bit and go slow. Enjoy moments in your life like the way you did in your childhood. Stress is something which fuels itself.

2. Be yourself - Remove your Goodie-good mask - You cannot make everyone happy:
I do not mean you start acting weird or unkind to others, be courteous but be yourself. Making minor adjustments is fine but do not try to change yourself to make everyone happy. The fact is no one can make everyone happy, there will be people who will always hate you, be jealous of you or talk behind your back. Remove the extra stress of a mask that you wear all the time. do not over think what others think about you.

3. Money is important - Happiness and well being are really MOST important:
Easier than said, but yes the fact of the matter is we stress too much about earning money and raising our status among friends and relatives. Trust me, being an average guy is just fine. Talk with your spouse and convey your feelings that both of you need to start taking finances less seriously and enjoy life, entertainment does not mean always spending money. Infact going to a nearby park and talking a walk in fresh air is an excellent stress buster. Playing cards with your friends or spending time with your children is equally interesting.

4. Believe in God:
If you don't believe in god, I still suggest try to visit your nearby church or temple. You don't have to be a hard core religious person, just go to the nearby place of worship like a common man. The act of praying is an ultimate gives the stress relief, gives an outlet to express your feelings, lower blood pressure and even gives you self confidence. So if you are one of those people who find going to church boring (like I was), make a change for good and trust me there is nothing shameful about going to a temple or church.

5. Sometimes, think like a child:
Try to enjoy smaller things in life, try to remember those small things you use to like. When was the last time when you had an ice-cream and enjoyed like a child.

6. Do you keep thinking about bad things that happened in the past:
Well, you need to move on. Past memories are like spider webs, more you play with them more you get strangled in them. Just avoid thinking about your unpleasant past.

7. Forgive Someone:
To give up grudge against someone has many health benefits and is a great stress buster.

8. Sleep well:
Yes take a good night sleep and take a hot shower in the morning. If you cannot do it on weekdays then do it on the weekends.

9. Music - that you like:
Listen to music like a child, if you do not like modern music, find your old cassettes or CD's or may be use internet to download the ones you like. Get all your favourite songs assorted in a CD (or more). Music can be quite therapeutic. Avoid listening to a depressing song.

10. Take a Vacation:
You so not have to go for a Euro trip but just explore cheaper options. There are a lot of websites that offer last minute discount packages at throw away prices.


11. Start Yoga and Meditation

12. Lighten Your Workload

13. Get a massage.

14. Workout / exercise are a great energy booster.

15. Practice deep breathing.

16. Have a stress free s*x in a romantic ambiance. If you cannot do it at home, book a room at the hotel and just do it.

17. Use Visualization If an anxiety attack suddenly comes on, picture a simple image such as a tranquil ocean.

18. Do social work: You won't believe but the feeling of helping others can have amazing results on yourself.

By simplifying your life by taking your own childhood example, you will be able to enjoy life much better.

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