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Where do Indian institutes stand -World ranking of education in India.

BY: Abhi | Category: Education | Post Date: 2009-09-13

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Education in any form is the backbone of a society and the means by which a nation progresses. India stands 111th in world literacy rankings with a rate of 59.50%, United States and United Kingdom share the 8th spot with 99% literacy rate.

With 110 countries ahead of India when it comes to literacy alone, it's almost wrong to expect India to feature in the list that is compiled by normal beings. Literacy, mind you, refers to only the ability to read and write. (To be able to read is a feat that even drivers and security guards can accomplish !). Education in any form is the backbone of a society and the means by which a nation progresses.

Indian Institute of Technologies (IIT) and Indian Institute of Managements (IIM) have many branches across India and are probably the two prestigious institutes that we are proud of. The former has produced outstanding personalities (residing abroad and in India) who are constantly making the nation proud. The IIT Delhi features in the world rankings and holds the 154th position. No Indian institute is found in the list of top 150 universities/institutes of the world. Following the IIT Delhi (154th), the next Indian is again an IIT, and this time IIT Mumbai (174th). Among the first 50 institutes United States simply dominates, as they go on to do in the rest of the list. United Kingdom perhaps is the second most featured country. Australia has a fair share of rankings too. Among the Asians, China and Singapore feature reasonably well.

The first time an Indian institute is found which is not an IIT, is exactly 100 spots behind IIT Bombay and that's University of Delhi (DU) at 274th. Standing tall but humble at 408th spot is University of Calcutta (CU). One of my friends is now under Drexel University studying engineering, the ranking of which is 338 the position, exactly 70 spots ahead of CU. A comparative intra-India study of education shows that Delhi, the capital is the best city in India in terms of education. This is proven from the international rankings itself, as it's already mentioned, IIT Delhi is the first institute of India that we find in the rankings, and University of Delhi is the one and only non-IIT Indian educational academia that features within the top 300. Also in Indian rankings of universities, be it medical, engineering, arts, mass communication, or anything Delhi is sure to be there amongst the top.

If we talk of Mass Communication, IIMC stands at 5th; if we talk of medical, AIIMS is always there and IIT Delhi goes without saying when it comes to technological campuses. After all's said and done, India is still considered as one of the major nations of the world in terms of overall progress, education and national resource. So, its time to be content and at the same time work harder and harder to make a better India, and also to make sure an Indian institute, some day, secures the top spot in international zone.

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India`s education
India`s position in education is undigestable..to develop the standard of education, Government have to implement practical education in first sight of elementary..this can be my suggestion...
Rajkeerthi 2010-01-19
Indian Education
Hey… nice article… quite an eye-opener. The Indian education scenario seems to be in doldrums . Until we take some positive steps to stop the drop-outs rates in the school and colleges, India will face dearth of graduates in coming future. Distance learing centres like Sikkim Manipal University etc can bridge this gap. Today, we need a strong workforce than ever.
Prakash bhargav 2009-09-17
India Entrance exam competition
Abhirup, very nice and informative article. I would also like highlight the fact that getting into a good institute in India is extremely difficult. For ex: AIIMS medical entrance exam attracts about 90000 students who compete for just 70 seats, with about 35 seats reserved for backward caste quota. Competition per seat in India far exceeds any other country.
Swati (author) 2009-09-13
Survival of the fittest
Swati and Abhirup, The reason Indians do so well in international stage is because only the best and the brightest survive. Author of this article is clearly a fairly good author and has a good prospect in his Journalism and Mass Communication field.
Akash Shah 2009-09-13

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