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What to do when you have fleas in your house because of pets

BY: David Prakash Kumar | Category: Animals and Pets | Post Date: 2009-10-07

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   David Prakash Kumar
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Many people love pets and they keep them in their houses. There are some people who have many pets in their houses. Many others hate the thought of having any kind of pets in their house. The people who have pets in their houses have many advantages and disadvantages because of the pets.

One of the disadvantages of having pets in the house can be the presence of fleas in the house. The fleas can multiply many times and can become many in number in just a few days and then it becomes difficult to control them. This makes it very important to control them as early as possible.

The first sign of fleas

The first sign of fleas in the house is when your pets start scratching themselves more than usual. Pets are the first line of infection usually because they have either fur or hair on their body where the fleas cling and then they live on the blood of the pets. The pets may scratch more than usual and if you do not take proper preventive action at that time, then there will be an infestation that can affect the whole house.

Removing the fleas

The fleas may start falling off your pets and then start climbing on furniture and also on the humans in the house. Combing the hair of the pets with a special flea comb can first control the fleas. The flea combs can catch most of the fleas between their teeth. You should be ready to dispose off the fleas by throwing them in soap water that will kill them.

Repeat the process till your pet starts getting restless. The whole process has to be repeated at least twice every week till all the fleas are dead. Repeating the process for two weeks will also ensure that the eggs that were present will also hatch and these fleas can also be killed.

Clothes and furniture's:

All the clothes in the house have to be either treated with some form of chemicals or they can be dried in the hot sun if you live in the tropics. The furniture covers should also be removed if there are flea infestations in them. This will prevent them from multiplying again.


Foggers can be used to kill and control the fleas, but the fogging has to be done to every room in the house as the fleas can multiply even if there are very few live ones. The fogging chemicals may be flammable and the people should be careful when using them. Remove the pets and children from the house before fogging.


There are many method of preventing fleas from entering the house. One is to keep the pets away from the house. If you do have to let them inside the house, make sure that you notice them carefully and prevent the fleas from multiplying in the pets as soon as you discover their presence.

These are the most important methods of preventing and also treating the fleas from multiplying inside the house.

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About Author / Additional Info: I am a physiotherapist and also a freelance writer. I have been writing for many blogs and websites and also take up freelance assignments. Comments are welcome at prakashdavid@rediffmail.com

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Your Flea Article.....
Very good article! I work in rescue and this is exactly what I do to keep down the flea population, as far as bathing. But i will have to start using the flea comb. I have been wondering what does it to to help with the fleas. (Why its called a flea comb)
Chaya 2009-11-03

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