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What's in a Name?

BY: Brad Soul | Category: Religion | Post Date: 2008-10-27

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   Brad Soul
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The nation of Israel felt alone and disserted when the Midianites and Amalekites had persecuted them. The nation of Israel had sinned against God. Due to their stubbornness God allowed them to be oppressed and ran out of their land for seven years. Sin separates us from God but does not prevent him from hearing our cry. He first sent a prophet and spoke through him to bring conviction. He then called upon a man who didn't feel that the punishment of the nation's crime was necessarily fitting for him.

The man that God called was Gideon. Gideon was in an awkward situation. Not only had the nation turned from God but his own father's house had erected a false god to serve. They were living in caves because everything they would work for was taken away from them by the enemy. Gideon heard of God's power from stories handed down through ancestors, but had not seen this with his own eyes. Gideon was left alone with his thoughts of discouragement and despair. Though he may not have rebelled against God himself, he was most certainly reaping the consequence of these sins.

It seems so unfair that many have to suffer because of the sins of their mothers and fathers. The world we live in is not always kind and loving towards us. Some of you needed validation and encouragement from those you have loved, but instead received bitterness and neglect. Some needed to be covered with the blanket of compassion from those on whom you depend. Instead you are left with no comfort or reassurance of your very own identity. You have been exposed to the cold, unsympathetic world and had to learn to use what you had to get by. It is a miserable existence when one has buried potential with no one to show them it is there or how to use it.

God is faithful and just. He loves you and will not leave you alone. God saw the heart of Gideon and prepared a great future for him. He approached Gideon and called him a man of valor. He used Gideon to bring down his father's idols. He then used Gideon and 300 other men to defeat an army so large they could not be numbered. He did this by confusing the enemy while Gideon and the others simply praised God by declaring the sword of the Lord.

God is calling so many of you today by your real name. You may have thought your name was defeat, failure, mediocrity, incompetence, or fearful. However, if you listen closely, God has named you as one who is a success, courageous, brave, full of life, strength, and more than a conqueror. He sees you in the future because He is never confined to time. He was here to create it, and will certainly be here when He brings it to an end. He sees your future and even if you don't believe in yourself, He believes in you. He is calling you so that others will be brought to freedom based on your obedience. You cannot always run out of the situations you are in, but He will fight for you and will bring confusion to those who saw you as inadequate for anything worth while. I challenge you to declare that the sword of the Lord be released in your life.

If you feel defeated today, repent to God for your sins. Allow Him to purify you by getting rid of the things that are not good for you. He is calling you by your real name, will you answer?

What's in a name? What are you answering to? God has a special design for your life to build up the body of Christ. Discover the potential He is ready to activate within you today.

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