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What is great about being a dad?

BY: chitracs | Category: Men | Post Date: 2008-10-09

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When a girl becomes pregnant, all the family members take care of her and help her to get ready to become a mother. She gets help and advice from the people around her. But, nobody bothers about the boy who is going to become a father. It is really a great thing to become a dad. When a bachelor gets married, there is a sweet change in his life and when a person becomes a dad, he becomes more responsible, sensitive and sentimental, as he has to take care of a family. The dad should be given equal importance in pregnancy and childhood.

The dad feels that he loves his wife and child, and being loved by them. The pleasure and proud the dad gets on seeing the innocent smile of the child can not be expressed in words. The wife rewards his husband by giving birth to a child. The child at any stage, fills the heart of the dad with immense joy after tiresome work at office. The girls used to take care of other children before marriage and after marriage also. But, a boy cares about the behavior of the child only if becomes a dad. To watch the progress and activities of the child at every stage is a peculiar experience for the father. When the child starts to smile at the dad on seeing, and showing reaction for his words make the mood of the dad very pleasant. When the child calls him as -Daddy-, he gets the feeling of having climbed the top of mountain and achieved something great in life.

A complete transformation takes place in the life style of a person who becomes a dad. He enjoys the company of the child very much and playing with the child relieves him of all worries. He also becomes a child and starts to play with the kid. The dad wants to reach home early after finishing work at office, to see the face of the child. The mini creature, the replica of himself makes him content in life.

Shall we see what are the things, the dad should be careful about, while bringing up the child? The dad should not thrust his feelings and make the child to act to his tune. The child is an independent human being, with his own feelings. The father should not force, at any stage, to do certain things by compulsion. This will create a bad impression about the dad in the mind of the child. Of course, the parents are the first persons responsible for the future of the child but they can teach and guide the child but should not exert more pressure on anything. If the child acts in a different way, the parents should bother about the result only but not about each and every step the child takes. They should leave the child freely.

The dad should not all the time talk about the money he is going to spend for the future of the child and the sufferings undergone by him to bring up the child. These are all common in the life of everybody and it is the duty of the parents to bring up the child. Whether a girl or a boy, the role model for any child is a father. So, the dad should be very careful in leading a decent life, with clean behaviors. The dad should learn to tackle the child in a cool way, in tough situations. The dad should develop the qualities of patience and listening in dealing with the child. The child should get the confidence on dad that he will provide whatever he needs and help him whenever he gets trouble. The child may wake up at midnight and starts crying or playing but the dad should not get bored of these habits. When the child grows, there will be a correct time table in the life of the child. Every father and mother should cross this stage, very patiently.

Some persons after becoming dad, feel shy and keep away from the child. All the other family members should pull him towards the child and make him enjoy the pleasures of being with the child. The dad should learn to tune himself to the rhythm of the child. Whether the child is a boy or girl, the parents should equip the child to face the challenges in the world. The dad should not forget to take care of his life partner. He should consult her, in all decision making issues, about the child. The dad should show love, affection and care to his wife and child, in whatever way, suitable for him. Best wishes for leading a wonderful life of being a dad.

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