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What dreams like to allege | Different types of dreams

BY: M A Silong | Category: Others | Post Date: 2009-11-02

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   M A  Silong
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There are different kinds of dreams that keep on disturbing our minds. Some are dreams that we already experienced and some are dreams to be experienced.

Our dreams may have different meanings that they like to allege to us. Maybe they want to express a message, give you an idea about the future or even some kind of a reflection of your past. Whatever message our dreams would like to endow to us, it'll always have a meaning.

The following are different types of dreams that we may have experienced before:

Warning dreams are dreams that like to warn us about something in the future. These kinds of dreams are usually expressing negative thoughts that wants us to prepare about something. But then, it is up to us if we understand it or not and if we believe in this dream or not. Warning dreams would usually scare us but then it gives us a warning at the same time. Sometimes, it turns out to be a nightmare.

Inspirational dreams are very helpful for problematic, stressed out and a person who lost hope. These kinds of dreams usually give us a clue what to do with our problems and sometimes it gives us some kind of an inspiration to continue life.

Dreams like these usually happen to most people who lost someone or something. For example, you lost a relative. And because their soul wants to communicate with you, they speak to you through a dream that will last for maybe months or weeks because an ordinary dream only lasts for hours. This dream again is called Visitation Dreams.

Precognitive dreams are dreams with usually rich information. These dreams are usually similar with Warning dreams. Their only difference are, Precognitive dreams are not usually expressing a negative thought. At times, they express something that is going to happen in the near future. For example, you dreamt that your grandmother is coming in your house the next day. And when you woke up, your mother told you that she really is coming! Precognitive aren't usual dreams but they can be easily identified. Sometimes you'd feel that you're in a different dimension and the surrounding is so strange.

Dreams are like a different part of our life. It's considered to be our second life. Most dreams want to tell us something important that we should know and some are just keep on playing and entertaining our minds. But what's important is, dreams contribute a lot of help in turning dull night into entertaining ones.

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Full time author
Once you finish your school (and college), based on the portfolio of your writings here, any magazine should hire you. Its good that you are concentrating on studies for now.
Jessica 2009-11-10
Yes that`s right. Like me, I haven`t written anything for over a week. I`m just too busy in school. Especially you, you`re also too busy at your work. How I wish I can be a full-time writer!
Melea 2009-11-10
Very nice
Dear Melea, your articles have gotten better and better over time. I always love reading your articles. You look so innocent and beautiful. Remember what I said earlier - I want you to be in top 5 authors in coming months. I also like to write on this website and wish that I had additional time to participate even more.
Jessica 2009-11-09

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